What Ever Happened To Baby Jane 1991

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The psychological relationship between two once famous sisters is filled with dependency, jealousy and hatred in this classic, haunting drama.

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane 1991

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane 1991

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What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

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I bought this movie because the two actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford have amazing performances in this movie. They are “old school” stars. On the one hand, they play the role of the good sisters, and on the other hand, they play the role of the evil, crazy sisters.

In addition, there is an amazing performance that keeps the question open until the last minutes of the film: “What happened to baby Jane.” If you want to know that and want to watch a great noir movie again, you can rent or buy it on Prime.

Her craziness as a former child star who can’t deal with aging and her sister’s success is indescribable.

The Shuttered Room (1967)

Bringing together scandal-ridden Hollywood icons Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, this Oscar-nominated classic is as entertaining as it is original.

1917: Child Jane Hudson (Julie Allred) was a famous child actress who toured successfully in various plays opposite her father Ray Hudson (Dave Willock). However, fame went to the head of the ambitious child, so not only the father but also the mother of Cora Hudson (Anne Barton) and the sister of Jane Blanche (Gina Gillespie) had to endure the destruction all kinds of wickedness of that boy. But the mother comforted young Blanche and predicted a more successful future for her.

1935: Blanche is already a famous Hollywood star, while the fame of the star’s only child, Baby Jane, has faded.

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane 1991

But Blanche has signed a gag contract with the studio. This means that world star Blanche can only make a movie if Jane is allowed to do it too. But Jane had no talent, and her films ended up in archives rather than cinemas.

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Ending Explained Does Blanche Die?

Nurse Blanche was seriously injured and left in a wheelchair in an accident involving baby Jane who was drunk.

1962: Blanche (Joan Crawford) gets a glimpse of past glory on TV when she shows a photo of herself from a 1930s movie.

He lives with baby Jane (Bette Davis), who has been taking care of disabled women for years – more or less.

Sometimes the housekeeper Elvara (Maddy Norman) comes to clean the house because Baby Jane is overwhelmed by everything. Over the years, he has shown extreme mental abnormalities and is actually a member of a mental institution, but Blanche hesitates because who else should torture him like a drunken sister.

The Black Box Club: ‘whatever Happened To Baby Jane?’

Yes, Blanche also likes to act like a spoiled child, she is especially good in the role of the victim, and Baby Jane can boast of being a trickster.

His true loss leads him to believe that he is ready for a long-term comeback. What could be more obvious than starting with an old project that was successful 45 years ago.

“You can lose everything in your life, but never lose your talent”, as my father beautifully put it. So he digs up the old, sweet songs of his year “I Wrote a Letter to My Father” and hires singer Edwin Flagg (Victor Bueno), who has to modernize the whole thing. While she was downstairs rehearsing to sing as a child star in her 60s, her sister was sent to eat dead budgerigars or mice. Tragedy is unstoppable…

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane 1991

It Ever Happened To Baby Jane was made into a film by Robert Aldrich in 1962. At that time, the actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were a real match, and only through Aldridge’s efforts was she able to strip the parts both of which, Jack L. .Warner makes old boxes work.

Watch What Ever Happened To Baby Jane…? (1991)

The 1963 Oscar also had 5 nominations, and the film was also successful in the “Best Dressed” category.

Categorizing movies into genres is a bit difficult. On the one hand there is a lot of horror, on the other hand there is always a drama or a mind map. Two heroines in the history of movies were allowed to step on the gas, especially Bette Davis’ bright and extravagant image of baby Jane Hudson that is still being forgotten…

Unfortunately the German song is terrible and you have to turn up the volume to understand everything.

By 1962, when Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were brought back to life for this project, their heyday had passed. Two once famous sisters, one paralyzed (J. Crawford) and the other insane (B. Davis), now live in solitude somewhere in Hollywood. A paralytic is dependent on a madman, and naturally does not walk well.

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? ***** (1962, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford)

Aldridge adapted this Gothic drama with many scenes for these two great plays. Davis was dressed as a dirty mobster who looked like a witch. Crawford looks better, but also has annoying parts.

The film was a huge financial success at the time, but received mixed reviews – and for good reason. Because this story is totally unbelievable in many places. First of all, the paralyzed woman lives on the ground floor and cannot walk because there is no elevator. A rich woman should be able to solve this problem in a different way.

Disagreements aside, the film still has its visual and dramatic appeal—and most importantly, of course, two Hollywood legends.

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane 1991

The second cosplay is very convincing and expressive. Interestingly, these two characters are not actually dating in real life. They are good professionals, but behind-the-scenes conflicts are said to be frequent. They can handle that feeling very well in their characters…especially Bette Davis.

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Everything About The 60’s Horror Movie

The film is sometimes described as a horror film, and sometimes as a dark comedy or psychodrama. I think… somehow all the comments fit this movie.

Two different sisters live in a house. Both are former movie stars and are competing with each other. One has been in a wheelchair because of the accident, and the other is an alcoholic with an unstable mind. The two depend on each other, and former child star Jane (Davis) flirts with Blanche (Crawford). As Jane tries to get her career back on track, she seeks to escape her mental fears. Both projects proved difficult.

The pictures on the DVD are good. The second disc contains informative extras about the film and the two characters.

I’m going to deduct one star because the sound is quiet and sometimes awkward. You will get used to it and understand everything (after adding the sound), but a good soundtrack would be ideal. This is for movies only, the actors have a clear voice.

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (video 2020)

“What the hell is going on with the sound?…” Very good movie (5*****), very good picture (4****), but bad German sound (1* )! Without a doubt – with one of Bette Davis’ best hits, “The Corpse Lullaby”…! The picture is ok, unfortunately the German soundtrack is not good. Can there be good post performance, or is the treble killed mercilessly due to noise?

Let it slow down and let the mid-range waves rise! It’s true that the movie is a 1962 mono movie, but such a dull tone is not good at all. There are good examples – especially the Bette Davis movies. Are all editions of the Süddeutsche Zeitung so negative? Has anyone compared Warner Bros. offbeat special editions in the bag…? If this can be better, next time I will be happy to pay 5 more euros and leave the SZ version later, since the disc does not stay in the seat. If so, it is difficult to get them out again.

However, the film itself is something recommended for everyone who likes psychological melodrama. It’s moving, it’s funny until the last minute, and it’s brilliantly portrayed by two aging Hollywood heroes. The managing director is Robert Aldridge. I don’t think Alfred Hitchcock could have done better… nemesis, Ryan Murphy’s latest score

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane 1991