What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Georgia


Some states allow individuals to own a pet tiger if they meet state requirements for the care and housing of the tiger. Georgia is not one of those states. By law, wild or exotic animals, including tigers, are not allowed to be kept as pets in Georgia.

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Georgia

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Georgia

Only businesses that also have a USDA license can obtain a wildlife license to own a tiger in Georgia. The USDA’s position is that large feral cats and exotic cats are dangerous as pets.

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According to the USDA, most people do not have the knowledge or experience to handle or care for a tiger or any other exotic feline. Additionally, most people do not have the specialized equipment and knowledge needed to ensure a tiger’s welfare. Lack of experience can cause the tiger to suffer unnecessarily.

The fact is that tigers are not pets. They are wild animals that can attack and kill without warning. Regardless of how long a person owns a tiger, this animal remains a wild animal that can seriously injure the owner or another person.

If Georgia laws allow tigers to be pets, owners are responsible for any injury or damage caused by the tiger. The same applies to owners of dogs and other pets allowed in Georgia. If your dog bites or attacks another person, you could be held liable for that person’s damage and loss.

Some states have a one-bite rule for dog attacks. An owner is not generally liable for a dog bite if the dog has never attacked or bitten anyone prior to the incident.

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Georgia does not have a one-bite rule. However, there is a modified one-bite rule that applies in dog attack and dog bite cases.

In most cases, a dog owner is liable for damage caused when the dog bites or attacks another person, when the dog is allowed to roam free, when there is a city ordinance or law that prohibits dogs from being leashed or walked on the street leash required. A dog owner can be held liable even if the dog has never attacked or bitten another person if the owner breaks the leash law.

Dog owners can also be held liable for dog bites if the owner acted negligently. Liability for dog owners who have a dangerous dog is stricter. In order to declare a dog a dangerous dog, a canine control officer must investigate a complaint alleging that the dog meets the definition of a dangerous dog.

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Georgia

Animal bites can cause serious injury and complications, including infection. Therefore, if you are bitten by an animal, seek medical attention immediately. Animal attack injuries include, but are not limited to:

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Documenting animal bite injuries is essential for a claim for damages. Medical records are essential. Also, take photos of your injuries after the incident and during your recovery.

Report the injury to the pet owner and the Fulton County Animal Services office as soon as possible. You can also report the attack to your local animal services office or police department. A written record of the attack can be helpful in making claims.

Document your damages and financial losses caused by the attack. Financial losses related to an animal bite claim may include:

In addition, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. It can be helpful to keep a journal detailing your physical pain and emotional suffering. Pay attention to how the animal bite injuries have affected your daily life and your relationships with friends and family members.

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Contacting a personal injury attorney can also be very helpful. Animal bite laws in Georgia are complex. Proving that the animal’s owner or another party is responsible for your injuries can be difficult.

The attorney is investigating the incident to determine if the pet owner violated any local or state laws, such as being on a leash. Your attorney will also work with you to locate any witnesses to the attack. Witness testimony can help establish a case of negligence and liability against the landlord.

Other parties may be held liable for your claim for damages. Your attorney will search all potential defendants to increase your chances of getting full compensation for any damages. Finally, your attorney will handle all aspects of your animal bite injury claim so you can focus on your recovery.

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Georgia

For more information, please contact the law firm of Hasner Law P.C. at our nearest location to schedule a free consultation today. Sloths have become very popular in the United States. Some states allow residents to legally own sloths. Georgia is not one of those states.

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Georgia prohibits individuals from owning certain exotic species regulated under Georgian law, including sloths. These exotic animals don’t usually make very good pets, although they look cuddly and cute.

So if you own a sloth in Georgia, you are breaking the law. If the sloth injures someone, you may be liable for civil damages in addition to criminal penalties for owning a prohibited exotic animal as a pet.

Sloths are mostly not dangerous when left alone in their trees in the rainforest. However, they are wild animals. If you try to pet or hold a sloth, it may scratch or bite you.

Although sloths move extremely slowly, they have three to four inch claws that can do significant damage when threatened. They also have sharp teeth to defend themselves and are surprisingly strong.

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Sloths are about 2.5 feet long and weigh 10 to 17 pounds. They spend most of their time hanging upside down from trees in the rainforests of northern South America and Central America. They eat, sleep and give birth while hanging upside down.

Sloths sleep up to 15 hours a day, mostly during the day. They are not social animals and prefer to be left alone. Sloths have specialized diets and may require special care that may be difficult to obtain in the United States.

The law prohibits individuals from owning exotic animals for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons why owning an exotic pet is not a good idea are:

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Georgia

If you want to have a pet, you’re probably better off sticking with a pet like a dog or cat.

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Having a pet is a big responsibility. You should be ready to provide your pet with shelter, veterinary care, food, and comfort. You should also make sure that your pet does not run around freely.

Pets that are allowed to roam freely can injure people and other animals. Dogs that have never been aggressive or bitten may suddenly attack someone. If your dog attacks or bites another person, you may be held liable for the injuries and damage caused by the dog’s attack.

Always obey the animal welfare laws in your area and keep your dog on a leash when not confined to your property. If you have guests on your property, secure your dog to avoid injury. If your dog is disobedient, you might want to consider a dog training class.

If a dog bites you or your child, report the animal attack to the dog’s owner and to Fulton County Animal Control. Consult a doctor immediately for your injuries. It can also be helpful to document injuries with photos and videos.

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Contact a dog bite injury attorney as soon as possible for legal advice. A lawyer can help you take the necessary steps to recover compensation for your injuries and losses.

Georgian law makes dog owners liable for injuries and damages after a dog attack. Protect your rights by speaking to an attorney.

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What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Georgia

Under Georgia law, it is illegal to keep wild animals and certain exotic animals as pets in the Peach State. While you probably won’t be surprised that it’s illegal to keep a rhino or bat as a pet, you might not know that the species are welcome because other states in Georgia require pets to stay away. If you end up with an illegal pet, contact the emergency medical service that operates in the state. You must surrender your animal, but you may not face charges, which can include significant fines or even jail time. Whatever you do, don’t just drop the animal.

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The keywords in the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Prohibited Species List are “not commonly domesticated in Georgia.” In principle, if an animal is wild, it cannot be a pet. The list includes rodents such as capybara or prairie dog, all kinds of primates, birds of prey, dolphins