What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Ohio

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Ohio – CINCINNATI — A couple in St.

Those are just some of the Cincinnati-area residents who registered their exotic pets by the end of November under Ohio’s new law banning the sale of “endangered wildlife” and certain types of reptiles and snakes. The law, which is being challenged in a federal lawsuit filed last week by four animal owners, allows Ohioans to keep their animals if they obtain a permit and house the animals properly, mechanically engineer, provide proper animal care and have insurance against escapes. attacked. .

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Ohio

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Ohio

Registration is the first step. Future owners must apply for a permit before October 1, 2013, to keep animals before January 1, 2014.

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According to records obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, 121 people have registered 343 people.

Local leaders are afraid to advertise even though their animals are registered. Several people contacted for this story did not return calls or asked not to be named out of fear that someone might steal their pets and be targeted by the government.

“Most of the owners I’ve talked to think that Ohio is just going to take their pets from their cold hands,” said Damien Oxier, who registered 22 American hunters bred by Arrowhead Reptile. Rescue in the cities of Liberty and West Chester. “Most people don’t want to come out and hide their pets.”

Oxier said the Enquirer’s analysis shows that more people own outdoor pets than anyone else in the state, and some say they surrender them because they believe the law is too restrictive. Oxier says he has received many calls since Gov. John Kasich signed the law into law in June. Others asked Oxier to take their cages and find them new homes elsewhere.

Ohio Owner Of Exotic Animals Was Deep In Debt

Ohio’s law stems in part from the release of lions, tigers, bears and other animals in October 2011 when Terry Thompson opened their cages and killed himself. Police and animal control officers spent days chasing the animals. In the end, most — 49 animals — had to be destroyed. Thompson’s widow registered four leopards, two macaques and a grizzly bear.

“We need to know where these animals are,” said councilman Troy Balderson of Zanesville, who issued the ban on outdoor animals. “Three things went into this law — (to) protect the people of Ohio, to protect the small businesses that do this for a living and to protect the animals.”

No one knows how many wild animals are being held in Ohio, Balderson said. The government relies on landowners to come forward and comply with the law. Otherwise, a felony charge for the first offense and a felony charge for the second offense will be issued. Their animals will be taken away.

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Ohio

“Going underground is illegal,” he said of Oxier’s idea to involve some pet owners.

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Ohio’s animal law is the most recent in the U.S. Temples, research institutes and places like zoos and reservoirs with national approval are not included.

Only seven states — Alabama, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wisconsin — do not require licenses or permits, or have no federal laws governing exotic animals, according to the animal rights group Born Free USA, which started . He is in Sacramento, Calif.

Kentucky has a ban on exotic animals, but a 2005 law that created it in existing animals did not require registration or permits for them.

Adam Roberts, vice president of Born Free USA, said a lack of funding has forced Ohio for years to ban the purchase and ownership of exotic animals. The new law is a positive step, he says.

Ohio High Court Declines To Hear Tiger Ridge Case; State Retains Custody Of Exotic Animals

Wild animals are not people, Roberts said. While lions or tigers can tear a person apart, animals like monkeys are just as dangerous: About 90 percent of macaques are known to carry the herpes B virus, and they can become infected through bites or scratches.

“For anyone who thinks the requirements are tough, we say you don’t have to go far,” Roberts said. “At the end of the day, at least there’s something to protect the community.” Ohio’s wildlife law was passed in 2012. It prohibited landowners from buying, selling or breeding restricted species in Ohio.

Owners who have registered their outdoor animals – and have met the standards of care and protection in the law – can keep their animals for the rest of their lives. But they can not buy new or grow.

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Ohio

According to the law, some Ohioans were allowed to be grandparents, some Ohioans were not. The law does not ban all monkeys, so new owners can buy some species, including lemurs.

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Hyenas; gray wolf; the lion; tanks; jaguar; leopards, including clouded leopards, Sunda leopards, and snow leopards; cheetah; lynxes, including Canadian lynxes, Eurasian lynxes, and Iberian lynxes; Cougars, also known as pumas or mountain lions; color; servant; perhaps; an elephant; tanks; hippopotamus Buffalo Cape; the African wolf; Komodo dragons; cockroaches; canvas; crabs, except crabs; and gharials.

The following non-human species are prohibited in Ohio: Golden lions, black-eyed lions, golden chambered lions, cotton-heads, emperors, recumbent, black-clad, and Geoffroy’s tamarins; Southern and Northern Night Monkeys; Dusky monkeys and masked monkeys, Muriquis, Goeldi monkeys; white eyes, black beard, white nose, monk saki; bald and black head; black-armed, white-bellied, brown-headed, black spider monkey; the furry monkey; red, black and clothed monkeys.

Monkeys, monkeys, lemurs and squirrels are non-human carnivores. Service spider monkeys who have been trained by non-profit organizations are considered graduates.

The Department of Agriculture recommended that you check with local authorities to allow these varieties in your area. Indicates a way to close an interaction or cancel a message.

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But it is not a farm animal, no matter how much it wants to be. Young people grow into strong adults; Monkeys need a social environment and the kind of free roaming that cannot be done in a private home.

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Ohio

Legally, there are no federal laws governing the ownership of exotic animals. However, states and local councils decide whether you or your neighbor can keep things that – no matter how good – are dangerous.

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As Lisa Wathne, a captive wildlife expert at the Humane Society, explained to Tech Insider, the law is still complicated. The Humane Society is calling for national laws to ban the keeping of big cats, bears, monkeys and large venomous snakes as pets.

Some countries prohibit people from keeping these creatures as pets, while others require permits that are both easy and difficult to obtain. Others do not have nationwide restrictions.

Here is a current summary of additional regulations, affecting the welfare of intelligent animals but also the safety of their non-intelligent counterparts:

There have been some changes in recent years. The most important thing happened shortly after in 2011 in Ohio, when a man killed himself after releasing himself. The incident and subsequent clearing left a population of 18 tigers, 17 lions, 8 bears, three cougars, two wolves, one monkey and one macaque.

Cougar That Was Kept As Illegal Pet Removed From Nyc Home

Ohio later banned residents from keeping dangerous wild animals as pets without exception, although exhibitors could still take them.

But even in places where the law prohibits the ownership of exotic animals, people sometimes buy these creatures at auctions or from other people, according to Cathy Liss, president of the Animal Welfare Institute. Noah, left, and Layla visit their home at Stump Hill Farm. in Massillon, Ohio, in 2010. Tuesday is the deadline for private owners of exotic animals to apply for a state permit to keep their animals.

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Starting Jan. 1, Ohioans for the first time must have a state permit — or apply for a permit — to keep a variety of animals, from lions to snakes.

What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Ohio

The requirement is part of a state law passed last year following a 2011 incident in which a Zanesville man released more than 50 lions, tigers and other wildlife from his enclosure before killing himself.

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The law has placed a complete ban on the sale, purchase and breeding of all kinds of animals, including lions, leopards, bears, elephants, some monkeys, rhinos, crocodiles, alligators, anacondas and pythons over 12 feet in length and all dangerous things. . . snakes The new law includes tax exemptions for zoos, research facilities and circuses.

So far, seven permit applications have been completed and another 30 are being processed, according to Ohio Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Erica Hawkins. Applicants are self-employed