What Fast Food Is Open Right Now

What Fast Food Is Open Right Now – Breakfast is the only time you can find a quick, healthy, and simply satisfying meal…

. If you’re not in the kitchen or just run out of time to prepare something at home, it’s not hard to find a cup of coffee and a surprisingly light breakfast if you know where to look. Current federal health guidelines say the best breakfast is in the 375 calorie range, full of fiber, protein and healthy fats.

What Fast Food Is Open Right Now

What Fast Food Is Open Right Now

While counting calories isn’t the only way to identify a healthy breakfast, you might be surprised to find that some of the best fast food options fall into this category — and often provide essential protein or fiber. first. something in the A.M. But even those with the best intentions can find themselves in a place where there aren’t many options for a hot breakfast.

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Stefani Sassos, MS, RD, CDN, a registered dietitian at the Good Housekeeping Institute Nutrition Lab, knows how important it is to get the most out of every breakfast you eat. Sassos says that making your own breakfast at home is best because you control all the ingredients and the preparation process. But with a long day ahead of you — whether it’s work, travel, or an upcoming workout — comfort is key, and finding time to eat in the A.M. is crucial. Choosing a breakfast that contains a balanced amount of protein and fiber will help you feel fuller and fuller for longer.

As breakfast has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of your favorites may have changed or disappeared completely, either temporarily or permanently. Finding breakfast foods high in protein, fiber, or nutritious breakfast options can be difficult with such limited resources.

We’ve done the work for you, breaking down the menus and breakfast orders at 10 of the country’s fast food chains:

From these restaurants in your area, getting these fast food breakfast options can help you avoid the excess calories, saturated fat, sodium, or sugar that may be hidden in your options other you can. When in doubt, check out this list, which is full of nutritionist-approved tips and tricks. Happy to eat

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The availability of items and food may differ from region to region, and it is best to check directly with the retailer about breakfast – for example, McDonald’s has dropped its all-day breakfast option for most of the day. the place. Some drive-thrus may overlap between breakfast and lunch or regular meals, and we welcome suggestions if your location operates this way.

It’s common for a reason – McD fans love hot eggs on steamed English muffins. But the simple breakfast sandwich comes with 17g of protein, a boon for any breakfast lover, and can be customized to your liking using the McDonald’s ordering app. While 770 mg of sodium is really high, Sassos says this sandwich is the best meal option among McDonald’s breakfast sandwich options.

Nutrition Lab Pro Tip: If you’re hoping to cut back on saturated fat and eliminate more than 200 mg of sodium, ask for the McMuffin without the cheese. In addition, you will be about 250 calories for those who monitor.

What Fast Food Is Open Right Now

Before you look into one of these nutritional supplements, consider that this oatmeal contains 4g of fiber (making it a good source) and 6g of plant-based protein, plus good amounts of iron and potassium. “Oatmeal is sweetened with brown sugar to begin with, so don’t add any extra sweetener,” says Sassos.

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Nutrition Lab Pro Tip: If you want half the sugar here, order the oatmeal without the cranberry/raisin mix. You will still enjoy the sweetness of the chopped apples and brown sugar.

There are burrito options at Taco Bell that include bacon or sausage, but you can get just as much protein (without the added salt!) Build your own burrito using the chain’s app – if 30 The cheese sauce is only calories, you can leave it out if you prefer the recipe without cheese.

Nutrition Lab Pro Tip: Instead of doubling up on extra cheese, consider ordering a few packets of Taco Bell salsa, which has only 50 mg of sodium (no calories!). If you’re hitting up your local Taco Bell between breakfast and lunch, Sassos recommends jumping on the “al fresco” soft taco — packed with fresh ingredients and containing half the calories of this breakfast staple. this.

Panera’s delicious breakfast sandwiches made with fresh eggs are packed with protein and fiber. A bag of sprouted rice is packed with 5 g of fiber, and the white skin is the source of 19 g of protein. The creamy avocado is an added bonus. If you order this sandwich regularly, try substituting scrambled eggs for the egg whites every now and then.

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Nutrition Lab Pro Tip: Sassos is a fan of Panera’s Cool Food Meals Line, which features foods focused on fighting climate change. These foods have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional American food and are often healthier choices, so they’re good for you and the planet.

Steel Rolled Oats are more nutritious than you might think because they are the least processed of all the options on the market (this bowl of Cool Food Meal offers just 9g of fiber). These whole grains are sweetened with fresh fruit, but the cinnamon crunch here makes up for most of the sugar.

Nutrition Lab Pro Tip: Ask for half the usual amount of cinnamon here to reduce the sugar count; in any case add extra sugar before tasting as it should be sweet on its own.

What Fast Food Is Open Right Now

At under 300 calories, the 17g of protein and 5g of fiber in this quick breakfast is impressive. Multigrain bread is a good food choice for other bread items in the diet due to its low carbohydrate content. You can adjust the ingredients to swap cheese or add meat if you find yourself eating it regularly; but go for bacon because it offers the most flavor with the least nutritional resistance.

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Nutrition Lab Pro Tip: If you’re a vegetarian, don’t skip the Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich. It contains more calories and fat than meat, egg and cheese wraps.

If you’re looking for a bakery instead of a full breakfast, avoid the chain’s line of donuts and muffins, which clock in at 600 calories and 34g of added sugar. A Dunkin’ croissant manages to offer 6g of protein and a manageable 5g of added sugar. Do you have a sweet tooth? Order a Munchkin Old Fashioned Donut Holes or two, which contain 7g or less of added sugar and pair well with any coffee order you can think of.

It’s nutritionally dense on this list, but a classic egg and cheese breakfast sandwich (12g of protein!) is the safest choice if you’re in the car. Biscuit sandwiches are higher in sodium, so stick to croissant sandwiches if possible. Skip the sides like a smoothie or brownie to keep extra sugar and sodium at bay; Black coffee is best here.

With almost 30g of protein in one sandwich, what’s not to like? The sodium count of this breakfast sandwich is high, says Sassos, but you can reduce it by adjusting your order to other options at CFA. If you go to the chain for breakfast, you can shake up your habit with a cup of Greek Yogurt Parfait if you like.

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Nutrition Lab Pro Tip: Since the calories in this sandwich are under 300, feel free to add a cup of fruit on the side (the extra fiber is great!).

This delicious bagel is served with cream cheese, but you can order egg substitutes like eggs. Although the parfait may be lower in calories, the serving size is not the same as a bagel – and the added sugar does not justify the increase in fiber in this variation of the bagel. Packed with 3 grams of fiber, it is considered a good source of fiber.

If you’re stuck with a breakfast sandwich at Wendy’s, the bacon-swiss version is one of the few offerings under 1,000 mg of sodium. This option also has the least saturated fat of any breakfast sandwich on the menu. If you’re open to it, try omitting the cheese to reduce calories and get more saturated fat.

What Fast Food Is Open Right Now

The nutrition information is for the flat bread option – but substituting 9 whole grains will immediately reduce calories, carbs and sodium. What makes breakfast at Subway so exciting is that you have access to all the veggies and toppings you make for lunch and dinner. Feel free to throw in some spinach for extra protein and fiber… and really

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Vegetables to fill your heart! Just avoid adding ready-made sauces