What Fccla Meeting Is Held In October

What Fccla Meeting Is Held In October – Two members of the Cats, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) currently serve in state-level leadership roles for their organizations. This October, FCCLA State Officer-Elect Kaelyn Bulich and FCCLA Junior Leader Madison Hallam attended the NYS Fall Planning Conference in Callicoon, New York. The pair learned about the roles and responsibilities of their state positions and participated in planning the FCCLA State Conference and the STAR Competition, which will be a student-run event.

Becoming an elected official is a two-year commitment for college student Kaelin. In planning for the fall, she spent the weekend meeting with other elected officials and interviewing for the state representative position she will take next year. As a public official, he will defend the NYS FCCLA and hold state meetings. During fall planning, he and other elected officials decided on topics for next year’s summer leadership conference and the 2021 New York State Conference, as well as shadowing current state officials and overseeing how to run the conference.

What Fccla Meeting Is Held In October

What Fccla Meeting Is Held In October

Madison, a freshman, joined other seniors in learning what it takes to become a statesman and do their jobs. She attended the NYS officers meeting and, preparing to become the next generation of FCCLA leaders, made a bracelet and plans to work with other junior leaders at the 2020 state conference.

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Catskill’s FCCLA chapter consists of 60 students in grades 7-12 who plan many events that benefit our local community, including baking 150 loaves of bread for families in need, a volunteer recognition party for the elderly, and a no-smoking event. . , giving away apples on Halloween and more! Registration is required to attend all sessions at the National Fall Conference. Badges will be checked upon meeting entry and meeting activities.

A special event of the 2022 National Fall Conference will be held at the Center for Science and Industry (COSI). Participating members will have access to the ground floor of the prestigious Columbus Museum of Science. Join us for a STEM-focused learning experience.

Reserve your spot on the FCCLA portal today! If you are registered for NFC, add it to your registration by selecting ‘+’ for new registration.

National Fall Conference t-shirts can be pre-ordered during registration on the FCCLA portal. A limited number will be available.

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Sparkle in Columbus with the FCCLA Incredible Rhinestone Lanyard for a limited pre-conference price of $15. A limited number will be available online for $20.

All proceeds from FCCLA Rhinestone Lanyards will support FCCLA’s Olympic Leadership Fund and support fellowships, chapter and individual grants, competitive event recognition, and support for areas of greatest need.

Members develop skills for life: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical education, and career preparation. Cats can and cats can! Four students from Catskill High School, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) participated in FCCLA’s 2021 Hybrid National Leadership Conference (HNLC) this summer in Nashville, TN. Lauren Liberty and Emma Brown attended in person, and Emily Allen and Rachel Marino attended virtually. Before the conference, Emily and Rachel competed in FCCLA’s virtual STAR competition and were recognized for finishing at HNLC!

What Fccla Meeting Is Held In October

“This year’s HNLC is one for the books! I got to share countless memories with my fellow NYS council members while becoming a greater leader through the many sessions presented during the conference,” said Emma Brown.

Awards, Trip To Nationals For Catskill Fccla

The theme of this year’s conference encouraged participants to go “beyond” and express their talents, skills, abilities, and personal career interests as their “me.” Despite the impact of COVID-19 on families, professions and communities across America, FCCLA can provide a sense of normalcy by offering members the opportunity to safely participate in meetings, such activities include professional development meetings for family and consumer science education and . Leadership workshops and career exploration for youth participants, as well as dynamic keynote speakers, breakout sessions, educational leadership roundtables, interactive expos, competitive events, and diversity panels focused on promoting greater inclusion, access, equity, and diversity.

“Being in Nashville,” said Lauren Liberty, “gave us the opportunity to network with others across the country. To share ideas to strengthen our state FCCLA and local FCCLA chapters.”

The tenacity, perseverance, and tenacity of our FCCLA members shone through as they participated in the Nationwide Student Awareness (STAR) program. As NYS’s top STAR event competitors, Emily Allen and Rachel Marino have nearly competed in the HNLC. Emily and Rachel compete in three categories: nutrition, health and wellness, and fashion design. The pair won gold medals in their STAR event category and received national recognition at this year’s HNLC.

Star events are competitive events where members are recognized for excellence and achievement in specific departments and projects, leadership skills, and career preparation. Students can participate in more than 30 STAR activities, all of which recognize participants who have demonstrated their ability to develop and implement knowledge, skills, family, career or community issues, research topics, and projects. to promote positive change.

Trio Of Four County Students Compete In Fccla National Leadership Conference

“Making the star event this year has been very rewarding not only for me, but also for my family,” explains Emily. “I think it taught me not only the basics, nutrition and health, but also important life skills like organization and communication. My project focused on my family’s nutrition and health and I was able to help. They, along with me, came up with ways to change our lives for the better. find. Sometimes this project is difficult and it forces me to leave my comfort zone. I think it is the best to finish this year’s exhibition.”

“During the fashion construction exhibition, I learned how to overcome obstacles and solve problems during construction. I used new techniques such as flat stitching on jeans and boning on corsets,” said Rachel.

Both youth and adults work together to manage the event and evaluate the participants. Star events aim to develop students’ knowledge and skills by enhancing classroom experiences and Career Path initiatives, providing students with the skills and industry insights they need to thrive in the 21st century.

What Fccla Meeting Is Held In October

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is an active and effective national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and solve personal, family, work and social problems through family and consumer education. FCCLA reaches more than 180,000 members and more than 5,000 family and consumer scientists in the United States and territories.

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