What Fm Station Are The Yankees On

What Fm Station Are The Yankees On – Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that John Sterling will return as the radio voice of the New York Yankees in 2022.

According to reports, WFAN officials will offer Sterling this offseason for fewer games next season…he’ll still carry a heavy load, but probably not all 162.

What Fm Station Are The Yankees On

What Fm Station Are The Yankees On

Marchand reported that WFAN said “Sterling tried to reduce his playing load for a while. Former head of programming Mark Chernoff used to have the same meeting every year, but Sterling never attended.”

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But when Marchand was asked about playing fewer games next year, Sterling, who has been the Yankees’ main player since 1989, said: “That’s great.”

“John is the voice of the New York Yankees, and that won’t change in 2022. Soon we’ll all be sitting at his favorite restaurant in New Jersey and planning the game for next season when he and Suzanne (Waldman) return to The Bronx. behind the WFAN pickups.

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Sterling’s season ended on a negative note by calling Giancarlo Stanton’s outburst in the Yankees’ 6-2 loss to the Boston Red Sox in the American League Wild Card Game. According to Brendan Kuti of Advance Media:

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Stanton hammered a Nathan Evoldi slider into deep left field. Stanton knocked it out of the box easily, looking like a home run.

“Fore, that’s it! Deep left! That’s high! It is too far ! Let’s go! Out of the stadium! A Stantonian home run! said Sterling.

The ball landed on the MGM Resorts sign in the middle of the Green Monster. Because Stanton didn’t run hard, it ended up being a single instead of a double.

What Fm Station Are The Yankees On

It should be noted that the wild card game was the only one Sterling and Waldman called personally this year, according to Marchand. The pair broadcast every other game on the road from a radio booth at Yankee Stadium, including nearby Citi Field. But Sterling told Marchand he hopes to be back on the road in 2022.

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We may receive compensation if you purchase a product or create an account through a link on our site. The New York Yankees Radio Network is an Audrey-owned radio network that broadcasts New York Yankees baseball games on 52 stations in 14 states. .

The network’s flagship station is WFAN, which succeeded sister station WCBS as flagship in 2014; WCBS has aired Yankees programming since the network’s inception in 2002, while WFAN has been the flagship station of Yankees rival New York Mets since the station’s inception. (In a rare move, WFAN aired the Yankees’ dual day/night schedule to the Baltimore Orioles live on August 28, 2011, so WCBS could stick to its usual news format for live, continuing coverage. of Hurricane Ayer.

) broadcasts under the full on-air name WFAN Yankees Radio Network Drive by Jeep, with the Chrysler LLC subsidiary continuing sponsorship of the network while the games are broadcast from the “Duck Duck Go Broadcast Booth”.

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YES Network provides technical support for every broadcast and the XM Satellite Radio Network feed for every home game the Yankees play under their contract. A separate Spanish-language show airs on WADO in New York at 1280 AM.

The Yankees created their own radio network in 2002 when WCBS outbid longtime Yankees home WABC for the rights.

Since 2005, John Sterling (play-by-play) and Suzanne Waldman (color commentary) have served on the Yankees Radio Network broadcast team. Waldman is the first and one of the few women to hold a full-time position on a major league team and was the beats reporter for the Yankees for the YES Network before moving into the broadcast booth. Waldman was also one of the original personalities of WFAN when it launched in 1987, where she served as a studio host for various teams (including the New York Knicks, for whom she hosted the pre-game show) and also served as a station reporter for the Yankees.

What Fm Station Are The Yankees On

Sterling joined the Yankees in 1989 (or more accurately joined; he had worked for the Yankees in the 1970s) after calling games for Turner Sports the previous decade and has been on the microphone for every Yankees game since, never missing a match. During his 25 years as a Yankees play-by-play man. Before Yankee shows moved from WABC to WCBS, Sterling worked with Jay Johnstone, Joe Angel and Michael Kay. He is widely known (and perhaps infamous) for his home runs that include his player’s nicknames or catchphrases and chants such as “Ballgame over! Yankees win! Theeeee Yankees win!” After the Yankees victory. Sterling would often raise “the” for dramatic wins and say “the Yankees win” in a more enthusiastic voice. (If the team loses, Sterling is more moderate with “ball game over, (opposing team) wins”.)

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The network uses an instrumental version of “Here Come the Yankees” as its theme song, and highlights from previous games are dubbed over it for game ops.

For the Yankees Radio Network’s inaugural season, the team continued a longstanding tradition carried on by WABC, WINS and other flagship Yankee stations of having a two-person booth where the two broadcasters would share playing duties by play during matches. Because 2002 was the first season of YES Network and Michael Kay was named the team’s new lead voice on television, the Yankees decided to replace him with longtime ESPN SportsCter anchor Charlie Steiner, who was no stranger to calling baseball on the radio. (being ESPN Radio’s primary baseball voice for the past four seasons) or for New York Sports (covering New York sports on radio for nearly a decade and serving as the voice of New Jersey football teams Eagles and New York Jets). The two worked together for three seasons, with perhaps their most notable call being Steiner’s 2003 American League Championship Series winning home run against Aaron Boone.

The Sterling-Steiner partnership lasted until the end of the 2004 season, their final game being Game 7 of that year’s American League Championship Series in which the Yankees lost to become the first team in Major League Baseball history to lead by 3. -0. After that season, Steiner was to become the Yes Network studio host for Yankee games, replacing Suzanne Waldman in the broadcast booth, as well as New Jersey Nets coverage, which began after Fred Hickman’s departure. Yes to ESPN. However, that didn’t happen as Steiner opted to head west and replace the fired Los Angeles Dodgers Radio Network’s Ross Porter.

The show begins with the pre-game show, which begins approximately forty minutes before the first pitch and lasts approximately twenty-five minutes. It is sponsored by the BMW New York dealership network and the show is aptly named the “Nissan New York Yankees Pregame Program”. Sterling begins the show by introducing himself, Waldman, and his producer, taking the manager to the show. This episode of the show features Waldman interviewing Yankees manager Aaron Boone. Sterling Diamond follows with notes, broadcasting news from across the league. The starting point function is as follows, with Waldman usually talking to a member of the opposing team.

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In the opposite half of the fifth inning, a reporter from one of the New York newspapers joins the broadcast booth and offers insight into the team’s activities. For many years, the reporter was a beats editor for the New York Daily News and the half-run was known as Daily News Fifth. Since 2014, the round five segment has been called the tee time and a reporter from the New York Post joins the stand.

For the final inning, depending on how long the game is, Sterling will announce the game himself so Waldman can begin his post-game duties. After the match, Waldman will select a player for his “Star of the Game” interview and enter the clubhouse. Since 2014, a Star of the Game segment has been shown after every game; He was only featured if the Yankees won the game. Whether the Yankees win or not, after the Finals (and subsequent proceedings), Sterling returns from one final commercial break with the totals and winning and losing pitchers and closes the show.

After another commercial break, the post-game show begins with Swae Murthy hosting. The program begins with a recap of the game, interspersed with highlights where necessary. Features a drive of the game, home run or extra base hit that scores multiple runs, the best defensive play in the game, and the game sponsored by Audi.

What Fm Station Are The Yankees On