What Gets Wetter The More It Dries

What Gets Wetter The More It Dries – What goes up the stairs without moving? I can run, but I can’t walk. Wherever I go, thoughts follow me. what i am Can you solve the clever puzzles on the left???

Q: The drier the wetter? A: The towel question. A: Carpet Q. I can run, but I can’t walk. Wherever I go, thoughts follow me. what I am A. Nose

What Gets Wetter The More It Dries

What Gets Wetter The More It Dries

Q: What is something that travels all over the world but stays in one corner? Seal! Q: I have a hole at the top and bottom, left and right and in the middle. But I’m still holding water. what I am A: Simple question: I have no weight, but you can see me. Put me in the bucket and I’ll make it easy for you. what I am A. Rupa

What Gets Wetter The More It Dries (explained)

Riddle This Riddle A statement, question or sentence with a double meaning. A puzzle can also be described as a puzzle to be solved. The riddle can be as difficult or as simple as you and the person you tell. The answer may be right in front of your nose, or even in the puzzle itself, or it may be increasingly difficult to understand. It all depends on how open you are to the possibilities!

The way to start is to start from the end! Choose an answer. For example: think about your answer on the chair. Write down everything you can think of about the answer you chose for Mr Shenton’s example – chair brain legs, chair, bottom, cloth, table, square, sit down, pull in, get up,

3. Articles or web searches. Choose three key words from the brainstorming list and call them your thesis. Find surprising and new synonyms. Pay attention to words and phrases that hold promise. Mr. Shenton’s example – Synonyms leg – limb, nail, support chair – chair, slat, chair bottom, lowest part, base, tail Find the answer to the puzzle chair – head, rocket, steering Synonyms are the same or similar words. meaning

7 Find me this… 4. Think like an object. Try to describe the world with your answer. What do you see? what do you hear What do you smell and feel? what do you do What do you like? Chair – sits all day, sits, goes in and out, supports the lower body with legs, slides under the table, his rocket, overtime – extra challenge!!! Use figurative language. Try a few numbers below for your answer. Metaphor: A figure of speech that describes two things that are similar. Example: “I am a passport to adventure.” (Answer: book) Comparison: compare “not” or “like”. (Answer: water) Onomatopoeia: Words whose sound conveys their meaning. Example: “We’re busy, busy, busy.” (Answer: bee) Homophone: A word that is pronounced the same as another word but has a different meaning. Example: “What is black and white? (Answer: Newspaper – read aloud/red.)

Riddles & Answers

8 Puzzle It… Now start putting your keywords and steps into your puzzle! Not a very good puzzle for Mr. Shention… I stand all day, but I never get tired. I support everyone from royalty to underdogs. Some of my friends left the rocket. what I am

Find it for me… Submit your completed puzzles to Mr. Shenton and he will reward his favorites! Use Google to find more puzzles – they’re great brain teasers!

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What Gets Wetter The More It Dries