What Gs Level Is A Bachelor Degree

What Gs Level Is A Bachelor Degree – To continue my series on US federal archaeologists, I will take a look at “GS” and what it means to federal archaeologists. The General Schedule (GS) is the pay system used by the federal government for most federal archaeologists and most federal employees. There are other pay scales, such as the senior executive and executive scale of high-ranking federal employees, but almost all archaeologists in the federal government are in the GS.

The general table has 15 scores from GS-1 (lowest) to GS-15 (highest). Each government agency determines the grade of each job based on the level of difficulty, responsibility and qualifications required. OPM states that,

What Gs Level Is A Bachelor Degree

What Gs Level Is A Bachelor Degree

Individuals with a high school diploma and no additional experience are normally eligible for GS-2 positions; those with a bachelor’s degree for GS-5 positions and those with a master’s degree for GS-9 positions.

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So when you see an ad for a federal job that says GS-blah, you know they’re talking about the pay grade and a bit more (I’ll get to that).

Each grade has 10 step rates (Steps 1 to 10) each worth approximately 3% of the employee’s salary. Steps are essentially incremental salary increases based on performance and length of service. It is usually started from the first step of each degree.

It usually takes 18 years to go from Step 1 to Step 10 in a single GS grade, assuming you stay in that single grade. However, employees can move up based on outstanding performance reviews, albeit only once per year.

GS scores not only indicate salary levels, but also levels of responsibility for the work performed. There are even guidelines outlining the responsibilities associated with 1,193 archaeologists and the various GS grades.

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“Regardless of specialization, positions in this series, at full performance levels (GS-9 and above), are characterized by the ability to apply professional knowledge and skills to solve problems generally related to the non-routine stages of archaeological work. This series also includes positions at lower levels (GS-5 and GS-7) involve performing tasks vestigial in a trainee or developing skills when the following factors are present: the actual objective of the business is to prepare employees for professional work with full rights at a higher level; there is a line of promotion to full professional positions in the organization; the duties assigned are of such a diverse nature that they constitute important elements of preparation for full professional work in archaeology; assigned tasks include or require the study of new developments in the technical literature in archeology and related professional fields; the staff possess qualifications corresponding to professional scientific or technical training equivalent to those represented by graduation from an accredited college or university; and the supervision exercised over the positions is directed in part to the career development of the employees.”

Basically, GS-9 positions and above are considered full-fledged professionals, which is why those below are considered training positions. The implications of this can be seen in the distribution of GS scores in both 0193 and 0102 modes (see my last post on the difference between these two SS Tech Archeologists 0193 and 0102 and where the data below comes from). For example, for 0193 positions, most archaeologists are GS-9 or higher (ie professional positions).

Interestingly, there has been a decrease in GS-9 and below functionality since 1998 and an increase in GS-11 and GS-12 functionality. There may have been a slight flicker in N/A jobs in the late 2000s due to various changes in pay scales during that time.

What Gs Level Is A Bachelor Degree

For archeology-based 0102 jobs we see a very different picture, as most positions are GS-5 or GS-7. There are few employees in the upper and lower classes, but generally these two classes, between 70-80%, dominate 10,102 positions.

Gs Pay Scale

Over the past few years, there has been a percentage change between the GS-5 and GS-7 grades. A welcome development because it means more seasonal employees in archeology for the federal government are getting higher wages.

Archaeologists’ co-dissemination shows a strong concentration in GS grades 5, 7, 9, 11, and 12, with the highest current concentration in GS-11. Nearly a quarter of all archeology jobs are below the GS-11 grade.

What does all this mean if you’re looking for a job? Well, for GS-7 and below, the jobs have started, so apply according to your skills. Also, don’t just limit your search to 0193 jobs, most training jobs are originally named 0102 Social Science Aid or Technician. . Transcript of the presentation:

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What Gs Level Is A Bachelor Degree

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8 Federal Salary Plan and General Advancement (GS) Grades 1-15 o Per grade 10 steps o Varies by geography o Annual cost of living increase (COLA) o In-grade negotiation for one step up Other pay scales o Information technology, engineering, and so on. o Contact the agency for more details

9 General Program (GS) Grade Standards Education Qualification GS-54 Academic years beyond high school leading to a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree GS-7 Bachelor’s degree with one of the following: standing rank (upper third of class) 3.0 or higher GPA; GPA of 3.5 or higher in Honor Society membership GS-9Master (or equivalent) GS-11 PhD or JD GS-5 and GS-7 considered “entry level” Source: opm.gov/qualifications/ SEC-II/s2 – e5.asp

Pick 10 for 2011 Starting Salaries CityGS-5GS-7GS-9 Atlanta $32, $722, $40, $534 $49,581 Chicago $34, $316 $42, $508 $51,995 Dallas $33, $101 $41,002 $54 , $3 3 $3 5 New York City , 500 San Francisco $37, 073 $45, 923 $56, 172 Washington, D.C. $34, 075 42, 209 $51, 630 Source: http:// opm.gov/oca/11tables/indexGS.asp

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11 Selected in 2011 Starting Salaries CityGS-5GS-7GS-9GS-11 Atlanta $32,722 $40,534 $49,581 $59,987 Chicago $34,316 $42 $508 $51,995 $62,909 $15 , $909, $15, $909 , 681 NYC $35, $309 43, $738 $53, $500 64, 729 San Francisco $37, $45,073, $923 $56, $172 67 , 963 Washington, D.C. $34,075 $42 1,2 6 $3 Source opm.gov/oca/11tables/indexGS.asp Potential career advancement over 2-3 years

12 Where the jobs are: By location, only 16% in the Washington, DC metro area plus 50,000 jobs overseas!

13 Where the Jobs Are: By Occupation # Business and Accounting Staff 12,802 Legal 11,064 Medicine and Public Health 11,005 Biology/Natural Resources 7,614 Social Sciences/Liberal Arts 4,254 Engineering and Architecture 3,696 Education 1,527 Technology Information 1,522 In 2009, approximately 103,631 people were employed in the Federal Government at the entry level (GS-5, GS-6, GS-7, GS-8, GS-9) in the following occupations: Source : fedscope .opm.gov

What Gs Level Is A Bachelor Degree

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