What High School District Am I In

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Until now, if you wanted to know a city’s high school graduation rate compared to other states or regions, you had to rely on state averages from the federal government.

What High School District Am I In

What High School District Am I In

Since we’re obsessed with high school reform here, I’ve collected district-level statistics from around the country and compiled them for others who are as curious as we are.

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The state mandated a uniform method of calculating high school graduation rates for the class of 2011. Since then, the statewide rate has risen from 79 percent to 81 percent in 2013. From 69 percent in Oregon to nearly 90 percent in Iowa. But when only state-level numbers are released, it’s an incomplete picture because low performers are masked as average.

So this map. It also comes with a warning. These rates are for all students as of 2013, as some states have not yet reported their numbers for 2014. The state information does not always match the city maps, and of course, I am missing some cities. The data does not record charter schools or private schools. Different states have different graduation requirements. And as NPR did a great job of explaining earlier this month, the reported graduation rate may be questionable.

However, the numbers tell an interesting story. At a glance, you can see some regional patterns: just look at how low graduation rates are in the South, and there are huge differences along state lines, such as high graduation rates in Texas and low graduation rates in New Mexico. Some states are generally consistent in their achievements (Wisconsin) or lack thereof (Nevada), while others vary greatly among counties. In Colorado, for example, high graduation rates are surrounded by poor neighborhoods.

Over the summer, I’ll be exploring regional and state trends and branching out into some of the harder-to-see areas. Keep checking back and leave a comment or tweet us anything you think I should see: @sarahbutro or @.

Ojai Unified School District

*Graduation rates are not available for some districts, but we include everything we can find.

Update: We were initially missing data from Pennsylvania, which said it would only report individual school graduation rates, and Oklahoma, which is awaiting approval from its board of education to release data for all districts. We got as much as we could from both states and added it.

If you need more detailed information from any state **, their high school graduation rate file can be found here:

What High School District Am I In

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