What If God Was One Of Us

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Poem about ‘friendship’ Worksheet: Revise the first condition Focus on listening, reading, speaking and vocabulary skills. The game is included to practice conditioning.

What If God Was One Of Us

What If God Was One Of Us

Focus on “first conditional” and “phrasal verbs”. Grammar + Listening + U2 Song Speaking + Key On + Teacher’s Notes.

Chord: One Of Us

Song: “Smile” by Chaplin (Nate King Cole version). Conditional type 1. YouTube links + key. Upper primary or lower secondary.

Sting – Until (Conditions II + A Good Valentine’s Day Song on Kay – Music for Kate and Leopold)

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What if God is one of us Joan Osborne Poem: Conditional Beautiful poem very useful for teaching second conditional Joan Osborne Level: Intermediate Age: 10-14 Downloads: 40 Copyright 4/20/2009 lud59 this publication or redistribution of any part of the document without permission of the copyright owner is prohibited. Check out more worksheets by lud59

What If God Was One Of Us?

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John Osborne is an idiot as evidenced by his song “One of Us” or as you might call it “What If God Was One of Us”. This song came out in 1995 and was written by Eric Bazlian, a member of the band “The Hooters”, who is of course from Basel, and actually went to the same high school that my brother and I went to. It was the final year. Girl, not that anyone cares. This is critical of their lyrics as well as John Osborne’s decision to perform the song. But since he had ultimate creative control, I’ll leave all comments to Eric, except maybe a few. Finally, even though I’m a militant atheist, I’m setting aside the whole “God doesn’t exist” argument just to show that I’m neutral. And yes, I realize I’m about fourteen years late with this. Well, let’s rip some new ass, shall we? We’ll go song by song.

The name in Judaism, “He” bears Jehovah, based on the Tetragrammaton, IHVH. In Christianity, He, Lord, God, Jehovah, Light, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Lord of Hosts, Ancient of Days, Father, El Shaddai, etc. And of course in Islam, it belongs to everyone. Favorite name – Allah. Even though people (except Muslims) don’t say this crap out loud most of the time, it’s still there. Do your research, Osborne. Oh, and if God

What If God Was One Of Us

It has a name and it had to be assigned, I think everyone agrees it will be “Larry”.

Joan Osborne Quote: “what If God Was One Of Us, Just A Slob Like One Of

Now this song contrasts with most of the rest of the song. If God “was” one of us, there wouldn’t be much glory for Him, would there? Along the same line of thinking, you

Call him by his name to his face, because that’s the polite thing to do, unless you want to call him Sir, or Sergeant, or Your Excellency, or The Artist Formerly Known as Jehovah. Otherwise, call him Larry. For example, the following vignette:

I believe I just answered that. “Do you have any gum?” This question will be answered. Of course, this song is not without its difficulties. The main criticism goes like this: John (and Eric), you talked about God’s name and whether or not you would use it. What does that have to do with any question you would ask him other than “How do you spell your name?” or “What’s that stupid name Larry?” Otherwise, any non-anonymous questions you might ask are beyond the scope of these tunes. Get with the program, John (Eric).

These lyrics are fine and I don’t have a problem with them, except they are pointless. Are they saying “Yes, God is great, but…”? Or do they say, “Yes, God is great”? It’s hard to be satirical in a song. Or in a blog post. Watch

God Loves Each One Of Us As If There Were Only One Of Us To Love

I’ll skip the chorus for the second verse for now, because the chorus is the one I’m most concerned with.

It is obvious that John (or Eric) is not familiar with the model of the gray-bearded old man of God. To answer the question, it would probably look like Ian McKellen as Gandalf the White. See below.

And would you like to see if seeing means you have to believe in things like heaven and Jesus and the saints and all the prophets (*)

What If God Was One Of Us

Here, I’m not sure what Joan is doing. Does believing in “things like heaven and Jesus and the saints” make one Catholic? Is she asking if you have to be Catholic, would you like to see the face of God? This is a rather intolerant view of religion and Christianity. I guess that means you have to believe in God yourself. And that’s why this is a bad question. Because if you

One Of Us

Look at his face, so he exists, as well as “things like heaven and Jesus…and saints”, at least whatever their equivalent religion is in this scenario. So you don’t just see his face

You believe in these things. It’s not really a trade. I say, if you show me God, I will believe, but not until you show me. Don’t try to convert me to Catholicism first, because I know that trick. That’s how I became a Scientologist. And I’m already a Jew!

Two problems with this sentence. First, if God “were” one of us, He would not be God. You see, the definition of God, or God, is the Supreme Being, the creator of the universe and humanity, all that exists, exists, or will exist, or is something for. Even Jesus, the fictional man who came closest in Christianity to being a god other than God himself, was certainly not “one of us.” In fact, it is precisely for this reason that he is

He wasn’t “one of us” if we crucified his ass. This is the fundamental problem of this poem. You can do the same with changing the noun and looking at the problem with the “what if ___ ‘had’ ___” construction. For example, if I replace “God” with “sugar” and “one of us” with “Splenda,” you get “What if the sugar is Splenda?” The problem is obvious. If sugar is Splenda, then it’s Splenda, and there’s nothing more to say about it. You can’t even call sugar sugar anymore, because sugar is by definition Splenda. But, of course, sugar is not Splenda. Splenda is sweeter and has fewer calories. This problem invalidates the whole song, it’s so blatantly obvious. The question “What if God is one of us” simply does not make sense to ask. This is just stupid.

What If God Was One Of Us?

The other problem with this sentence is the big, obvious “was”. This sentence is in the subjunctive mood, so “were” would follow “if.” “What if God

One of us?” I’m not saying everyone’s grammar has to be perfect, and slang is common in songwriting, but it’s just an ignorant mistake that’s repeated endlessly. Sing to John again. It has to be recorded, and then, of course, he killed himself by destroying the recording again.

You assume I’m a jerk. For me, this assumption is correct. I’m a slob, and I only make it rain because society demands it. But not all people who listen to this song are slobs. I’m sure a lot of very neat, very organized people have heard this song, and they’ll be offended that you’re lumping all people together as slobs. Very sloppy, John. Very loose indeed.

What If God Was One Of Us

The stranger on the bus is trying to get home trying to get home.

One Of Us

First, if most people in this country own cars, then God probably drives around in his ’92 Honda Civic. Second, it just begs the question. If this guy was a god and a human, he could just teleport, right?

So, if God is one of us, why does he go to heaven? By “one of us” I mean living people living in things like houses, not concepts like heaven. So, if God were one of us, he would.