What Iud Is Best For Me Quiz

What Iud Is Best For Me Quiz – Controlling our fertility is one of the greatest victories of modern gynecology. However, there are so many options now that it is almost unhealthy because it can be confusing to know which birth control pill is best! I am always asked what I recommend and the short answer depends a lot on your own desires. .

As a general rule, I think gadgets are great and can be a great choice for almost all women. There are different versions available and they are likely to change over time. Now here are some important facts to help you choose what suits you!

What Iud Is Best For Me Quiz

What Iud Is Best For Me Quiz

Both IUDs and IUSs are placed by a doctor or nurse at a GP surgery, sexual health clinic or family planning clinic. They can also be inserted by a gynecologist in the hospital during other procedures.

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Before inserting your IUD, you should examine the inside of your vagina for the position and size of your uterus. You may be tested for pre-existing infections such as STIs and for pregnancy.

The appointment takes about 20-30 minutes and the IUD should take no more than 5 minutes:

Installing an IUD can be uncomfortable, but you can use a local anesthetic to help. Discuss this with your doctor or nurse first.

You may have cramps through menstruation, but painkillers can reduce cramps. You may also bleed a few days after the IUD is inserted.

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Once the IUD is fitted, it will be checked by a doctor after 3-6 weeks to make sure everything is fine. Tell your doctor if you have any problems after the initial examination or if you would like to remove the IUD.

They can be easily removed by a doctor or nurse when you decide you no longer want the device or you want to get pregnant.

Some people notice the threads during sex, but the threads can be cut off so they are off the beaten path.

What Iud Is Best For Me Quiz

The IUD or IUS can usually be fitted within 4 weeks after birth (vaginal or surgical). You will need to use an alternative method of birth control from 3 weeks (21 days) after birth until IUD / US.

Intrauterine Device (iud)

In some cases, an IUD / US can be fitted within 48 hours of birth. It is safe to use an IUD / US when you are breastfeeding and it will not affect your milk supply.

Many women today are very concerned about the side effects of long-acting oral contraceptives. If you want to avoid hormones, a copper IUD is a great option, the most reliable form of contraception.

Because it has no hormones, it will not benefit your period. Some women, especially if you have been on hormonal contraceptives for years and therefore do not know what your natural cycle is like, may find that their periods are getting heavier. You may also experience side effects during your cycle, but most women find that these effects improve after the first 6 months of use.

IUDs are more than 99% effective If 100 women use IUDs in less than one year, they will get pregnant unplanned.

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IUDs made of plastic and copper. Copper alters the cervical mucus, making it harder for sperm to reach the egg and survive. It can also stop the fertilized egg from being able to implant.

Once the IUD is removed, a woman can become pregnant immediately as it should not have a long-term effect on her fertility.

IUS is something that we gynecologists recommend almost every day. The main benefit is that they usually make menstruation lighter, shorter and less painful. Some women will not menstruate at all, especially if they have been using it for a while.

What Iud Is Best For Me Quiz

Some women have irregular bleeding that is not harmful but can be problematic – it is worth seeking advice if this happens.

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IUS is more than 99% effective if 100 women use it less than one year will have unplanned pregnancies.

IUS releases low levels of progesterone, which hydrates the cervix and prevents sperm from reaching the egg. It also thins the lining of the uterus so that the fertilized egg cannot stick and grow.

Because the lining of the uterus does not grow and thicken every month, you do not need menstruation to shed and fill the lining.

IUS has the lowest hormone levels of all hormonal contraceptives. These hormones focus on the uterus rather than the general effect around your entire body. This may mean fewer side effects than other birth control pills, such as bloating or weight gain.

How Do I Decide Between The Copper And Hormonal Iuds?

Fertility returns to normal after taking IUS. It may take a while to get back on track and to be regular, especially if they stop while the sensor is in place. If your period is irregular again within 6 months of trying to conceive, you should see your doctor for further discussion.

As mentioned above, the way Mirena works, it keeps the lining of the uterus thin so there is no need for menstruation. This can have the added benefit of protecting the uterus from uterine cancer, which can occur when the lining of the uterus becomes very thick.

Mirena IUS is licensed for contraception, menstruation (severe period) and as part of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It protects against endometrial cancer when combined with HRT. Can be used for 4-5 years.

What Iud Is Best For Me Quiz

Jaydess IUS is licensed for contraception only. It is smaller than the Mirena with a lower dose. It can be used for up to 3 years.

Sharp Abdominal Pain

This can be great for lower menstrual cramps and relieve stress before menstruation. It can also be used to protect women taking HRT from endometrial cancer. Intrauterine devices, or IUDs, are not a new contraceptive option, but their popularity is growing. 8% of women aged 15-49 in the United States choose an IUD to take care of their uterus. And in recent years there has been an interesting and healthy growth in iodine consumption. According to Athena Insight and Planned Parenthood, the demand for IUDs has increased significantly since November 2016.

Many people say that the IUD is the most effective form of contraception on the market today, and post-study studies think it is safe for women of all ages to have children. The 2015 study also showed that women health care providers use more IUDs than other forms of contraception. (We will have what they have!)

The IUD is a small (really expensive) T-shaped device that takes about five minutes to insert inside your uterus. There are two types of IUDs: hormonal and copper (non-hormonal). And FYI: Pregnancy is defined as the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall. So the fear of IUD abortion is not a problem because pregnancy never happens.

Mirena, Skyla, Liletta, and Kyleena are not just good names for your new puppy – they are the four hormone IUD brands available today. (Please also tell us if you name your dog after Jude because it’s great.)

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Disrupts your cycle, but most women will not experience any changes in ovulation. Studies show that in the first year, about 45% of the menstrual cycle is ovulation for women using Mirena, 45-75% for women using Liletta, 88% for women using Kyleena and 97% for women using Skyla (two ends). The latter is lower than both .. dose).

Another IUD option is the copper IUD (brand name: Paragard). The copper IUD prevents pregnancy by releasing copper ions into your cervix – there are no hormones here. Copper makes your uterus an ideal hostile environment for sperm for up to 10 years.

Now that you know the different types of IUDs and how they work, let’s discuss everything from impact to cost so you can make the most precise decision for yourself.

What Iud Is Best For Me Quiz

You may be wondering why Jude is not always a favorite fan. There was a huge controversy – calling it the Jude version of “Serial” – in the ’80s, which gave them a very bad representation. All of this involves the release of the Dalcon Shield, a faulty IUD that allows bacteria to enter the uterus, causing inflammation, infection and infertility. Not good.

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The incident shattered US confidence in the Jews for many years to come. Meanwhile, the whole world is coming forward. China, France and Scandinavia continue to use safe and effective IUDs (Funny fact: 25% of Scandinavian women rely on IUDs!)

We now have almost 30 years of science to support the fact that IUDs are safe and effective. Now that does not mean there is no risk (we will get into it later), but all IUDs recommended by doctors today are FDA approved.

Although IUDs are perfectly safe and effective, they are not a magical and risk-free answer to birth control (although they may seem) – they list side effects. The effect is mainly related to its effect on your period.