What Jeans Are In Style Fall 2022

What Jeans Are In Style Fall 2022 – We took a short break from discussing fall 2022 fashion trends at the end of last week, but I’m back today with probably the most asked about wardrobe category: denim trends for the fall of -2022.

This may be the most polarizing topic we discuss in this community! 😂 After all, every woman has a unique body and a unique set of lifestyle needs, so no one denim silhouette is perfect for everyone all the time.

What Jeans Are In Style Fall 2022

What Jeans Are In Style Fall 2022

Women also differ in how much they value being on trend. Some of us like to try new things and enjoy being on the cutting edge of the latest styles and silhouettes. Others work hard to find the denim styles that work best for their body and lifestyle, and stick with them regardless of what the trend reports say.

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The good news is that almost everything goes now. You can look fashionable in almost any denim silhouette as long as you style them with other modern pieces and wear them with confidence. And of course, good fit and proportion are essential to any stylish ensemble.

You can look fashionable in almost any denim silhouette as long as you style them with other modern pieces and wear them with confidence.

All that to say, these fall trend posts are simply meant to be informative. It’s up to you to decide if you want to wear them…or not.

These are the 5 fashion forward and trendiest denim silhouettes for the fall 2022 season. You don’t need all of these styles in your closet, but hopefully you’ll find one or two to you love

The Best Jeans Trends To Wear In 2022

Flares are probably my favorite of the denim trends for fall 2022. This is a throwback style of the 70s and the fit is straight through the hips and thighs and flares from the knee to the ankle. Leg openings are typically wider than 20″. (Not sure what that is? This post breaks down key denim measurements.)

Mid-rise and high-rise seem the most current in my eyes, but I’m sure low styles will soon follow. Right now we’re seeing all lengths on fire, from the traditional floor graze style to the newest ankle and ankle lengths. Raw lay-ups and traditional finished lay-ups are equally popular, but the raw lay-up is trendier.

Because wider leg openings make your legs look shorter, flares look best with a stacked or wedge heel. Platform sandals, clogs and western-style boots are current shoe trends that look great with flares.

What Jeans Are In Style Fall 2022

If you want to wear sneakers or flats with a flare, I recommend a cropped or ankle-length style because it’s slimming to show some skin at the ankle (usually the smallest part of a woman’s leg).

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Flares and bootcut jeans are similar, but flares are a bit more dramatic and edgy, while bootcut jeans are more streamlined and classic.

Bootcut jeans are tight through the hips and thighs and flare from the knee to the hem, but not as wide as flares. Leg openings are typically 17-20″ wide. Like flares, we’re seeing full-length bootcut jeans as well as cropped and ankle-length styles.

As for shoes, I usually wear full-length bootcut jeans with a heel, but you don’t have to. Low heels are a trend this fall (hallelujah!), so if they have a pointed toe or a thin, square foot, this can work too.

Washes range from dark to light, with the medium wash being the most versatile, but a sleek dark wash bootcut is always a classic look. I’m seeing a lot of raw hem bootcut jeans right now, which makes it easy to trim to the length you want, but you can definitely wear the finished hem if you prefer.

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This is my answer to those struggling to shed their skinny jeans. Less of a trendy style and more of a classic that’s having a moment right now, skinny straight leg jeans are a great way to update your look without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

The fit is exactly as it sounds – straight and slim from hip to hem; and straight leg jeans can be cropped, ankle length or full length. The pitches are medium or high and the colors run the gamut. The raw hem keeps skinny straight leg jeans looking modern and adds texture to your outfit, but you can also wear a regular hem with a seam.

Shoes can be a little tricky with skinny, straight jeans. It depends a lot on the length. A streamlined boot with a higher shaft works well under cropped and ankle-length styles, or you can wear it with sneakers, clogs, loafers or sandals. Typically, you don’t want the jeans to bunch up over the shoe, and it’s okay to show some ankle.

What Jeans Are In Style Fall 2022

I had to borrow a photo for this style because it’s not one I’m wearing. The relaxed straight is a throwback style of the 90s, and probably the trendiest of these fall 2022 denim trends.

Fall 2022 Trend: Denim Nostalgia

You will also see these called loose fit, slouchy straight, dad jeans, baggy straight… there is no correct term. The fit is relaxed on the leg, up to the hem, and they can be cropped or long enough to lie on the floor.

Washes are mostly medium or light, but washed blacks (these have a slightly faded look) and ecru (off white) are also big right now. They may or may not have boredom.

As for the footwear companions, it is trendy to wear relaxed straight leg jeans with retro sneakers or Converse high tops and also with the chunky dad sandals (as shown above). I also see them worn a lot with chunky lug sole boots and lace up styles like Doc Martens. A more sophisticated way to wear this denim silhouette is with a slim square boot.

We’ll be seeing more and more of these slouchy jeans as the season progresses, but probably more on the younger set. That said, you can join this trend and not look like your teenage daughter. It’s all about choosing the jeans carefully and styling them in a more refined way.

Denim Trends For Fall 2022

Spanx wide leg crop pants c/o (M) // white shirt (S) // denim jacket (S) // Seychelles heels c/o (8) // Tory Burch hobo

Wide-leg jeans are another classic silhouette that’s having a moment right now, and this style is a little more refined than some of the other denim trends on this list. Obviously I’m not wearing jeans in the photo above, but that’s the silhouette I’m talking about here. The fit is full from the hip to the ankle and can be crop, ankle or full length.

I think this style looks best with a platform or heel, but sneakers or loafers can work if you get the proportions of the outfit right. The key is to define the waist. You do this by layering your top, wearing a shorter, tight fitting top or adding a fitted blazer or jacket.

What Jeans Are In Style Fall 2022

You can find wide leg jeans in any denim color, but they look especially sophisticated in a dark wash, saturated black or indigo. This style can definitely make you look wider than you are and are something of an acquired taste.

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I’m not normally a big fan of this look on me personally because of my body type, but I actually quite like the pair I’m wearing above! They may look better with a tighter face.

I’m sure you’ll notice that skinny jeans are NOT on this list. That doesn’t mean you won’t see them in stores (retailers carry what sells, and many women are reluctant to abandon styles they’ve become familiar with). But skinny jeans are definitely on the downward slope of the trend spectrum.

This means for me that I will not buy new ones, but I will keep some to put in boots this winter.

If you are not ready to give up your skinny jeans, keep wearing them. To stay current, try to match them with more up-to-date styles of tops and footwear.

The Hottest Denim Trends Of 2022

But just remember that we all had to get used to skinny jeans back then. Sometimes it takes a while for our eyes to adjust to new trends, and what looks flattering on you today may change as newer denim silhouettes become more mainstream.

For example, I used to take out crop flares. I thought they looked ridiculous on everyone. (I’m sure some of you still do.) Well, now I love them!

So yeah… Take this list of fall 2022 denim trends with a grain of salt, but don’t write them off just because you don’t like them at first. Part of staying current and not stuck in one style is being open to trying new things.

What Jeans Are In Style Fall 2022

It also doesn’t mean we all have to jump on every trend that comes down the pike, so be selective and wear what looks best on you.

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At the end of the day, be true to yourself and wear what you love. The most important thing is