What Just Happened In House Of The Dragon

What Just Happened In House Of The Dragon – After half a season, House of the Dragon finally made its long-awaited time jump in Episode 6 to 129 AC – ten years after the wedding between Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (now Emma D’Arcy) and Lanor Valerion (now John Macmillan ). The jump in time means a new set of players and new characters; It also means learning a bunch of oddly spelled names over and over again.

Fortunately, Episode 5’s wedding deepened this new relationship. Rainier and Noor now have three children. Ser Harwyn “Breakbones” Strong (Ryan Corr), son of the Hand of the King and the man who came to Rhaenyra’s aid during the wedding brawl, is now the commander of the city watch, and is also a member of the household. Alicent Hightower (now Olivia Cooke) and King Viserys (Paddy Considine) still have three children, now all grown up. And Damon (Matt Smith) ended up with Lana Valerion (now Nana Blundell), with whom he danced at the wedding. They have two children.

What Just Happened In House Of The Dragon

What Just Happened In House Of The Dragon

So that’s eight kids and three power couples: Rhanira and Lynor (3), Alicent and Viserys (3), and Damon and Lina (2). These three families will represent the forces competing for control of the Iron Throne once Viserys kicks it, which somehow, after crashing a wedding and coughing up a decade as a night watchman in the cold, he still hasn’t.

House Of The Dragon’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained

But he will die soon, and when he dies, war will finally break out. (And we can get real fight scenes!)

The episode opens with the eldest princess Rhaenyra giving birth to her third child, Joffrey. After the birth, the maid tells Raniera that the queen, Alicent, wants to see the child, a request that angers the princess and heir to the Iron Throne. He decides to take the boy to Alicent himself and is soon accompanied by the worried Belnor, who seems to have been absent for most of his married life.

He is greeted by a worried-looking Alicent who tells him to relax – he won’t – and an enthusiastic Visser, who comments on how the baby has Lenore’s nose, a comment that the others in the room receive with grim looks.

Rhaenyra and Alicent are still at odds since the demon incident, when Rhaenyra lied to her friend about being with her uncle. This lie brought Alicent closer to Larris Strong (Matthew Needham), the second son of the Hand of the King, who first whispered to Alicent at court. The wedding also seems to have brought Raniera closer to Strong’s brother, Sir Harwyn, who bailed him out of minor trouble. As for the culprit, Sir Christon Cole (Fabian Frankel), it seems that Alicent’s distraction of his suicide in court brought him to Hightower’s team; Now he is his king’s bodyguard.

House Of The Dragon’ Episode 6 Recap

So things were rearranged in King’s Landing. Still, King Viserys seems oblivious to all this strife and rumor swirling around the palace: that Rhaenyra’s three children are Ser Harwyn’s illegitimate children, and not Prince Lanor’s descendants. (Like with Joffrey Baratheon’s hair

This more than obvious fact threatens to completely sever Rhaenyra’s bond with Alicent; Alicent sees Raniere’s choice of spouse as dishonorable and rebellious, which further complicates the line of succession. As if to symbolize this conflict, the children of the two women seem to have their fierce rivalry.

Alicent’s three children in order of birth: Aegon (m), Helena (f), Aymond (m). (In the books he also bears Daron (M), although we have yet to meet him in the series.)

What Just Happened In House Of The Dragon

Rhaenyra’s three children: Jacaerys Velaryon (M), Lucerys Velaryon (M), and Joffrey Velaryon (M). (Caution: Searching family trees online will drop major spoilers on your screen.)

House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Recap

Alicent tries to woo her eldest, Aegon, whose life is uncertain as long as Rhaenyra remains heir to the throne. Aegon is the eldest son of the king and therefore could compete for the throne after the king’s death. Alicent believes that Rneira will move against Aegon once that happens. Alicent, therefore, instigates a rivalry between Aegon and Jacris, Rhaenyra’s firstborn.

The conflict between the two families takes place in a symbolic way during training, managed by Cole (Team Hightower). Kol clearly favors the training of Alicent’s children, now that he has become Rhaenyra’s enemy. (Because she rejected his marriage proposal and because Cole is now a complete idiot.) Looking on is Ser Harwyn, the father of Rhaenyra’s children. He disagrees with Cole’s training and cheers for Jakeires. Aegon and Jacaerys flirt despite the size and age mismatch. Jakris holds his own, perhaps symbolizing the balance of power passed down to Rhaenyra’s children. So Aegon fights the dirt and gets the upper hand before Arwyn enters. Cole then implies that Harwin is doing it because he is the boy’s father, causing Harwin to defeat Cole, an insult given Cole’s status as a member of the Kingsguard. .

While Rainier gave birth to brunette boys “and Lenore”, Damon gave birth to all white girls with Lana and Valerion. The family lives far from the Seven Kingdoms; It is said that Damon has since withdrawn from royal life and has not taken any aggressive steps to claim the throne, as his brother is still alive.

Lina is pregnant again when the family is given permanent residence in Pentos. In return, the family will provide military support to stop the growing power of the Trinity (whom Damon previously fought at the Stepping Stones), who now seek to ally with Doran. Damon considers that option, wanting nothing to do with his past life in King’s Landing. Lina, on the other hand, wants to return home and develop the powers of her Valyron and Targaryen daughters.

With House Of The Dragon, Game Of Thrones Enters A New Age

Damon has been awake in his sad boyish feelings, often depressed and calling, for the past ten years. However, things change when their third child is born. As was the case with the former queen in the first episode, Lina cannot give birth. Instead of dying via C-section, and perhaps knowing that she is a female character in a series that will probably be brutalized, she orders her dragon to kill her and the unborn child. Daemon Clocks.

After his son’s attack on Cole, Lionel Strong (Gavin Spokes) tries to resign as a hand to the king. However, Viserys will have none of it, angering Alicent who also believes that Strong’s judgment is no longer biased. Instead, Viserys agrees that Strong will escort his son back home—and banish him from King’s Landing and Rhaenyra’s side. Alicent doesn’t think such a decision is far-fetched and trusts Larris, telling him that he wants his father to be able to return and take the Hand’s place.

Larris, now a complete joker, takes Alicent’s words as an order and proceeds to repair the shame of his own house.

What Just Happened In House Of The Dragon

Meanwhile, Ranira, feeling her reputation in jeopardy and her power waning, proposes that her eldest son marry Alicent’s eldest daughter, a union she hopes will unite the family and right her wrongs against Alicent. Viserys was delighted. Alicent does not. He knows that Rhaenyra’s children are not Valerian and sees the offer as exposing Rhaenyra’s weakness. Knowing that Alicent will reject the offer, Rhaenyra decides to leave King’s Landing for Dragonstone with Lenore and their children. He says an emotional goodbye to Mr. Harwin, before he leaves with his father to return to his castle.

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However, on their way home, Harvin and the Hand of the King follow the cloaked figures sent by Larris. The people set fire to Harvin’s rooms and killed him and Mkono.

Larris, having just killed his brother and father, asks for permission from Alicent, who is shocked to learn what happened. With The Strongs gone and Rhaenyra in retreat, the Hightowers can now strike.

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First, Alicent and Rynira now look like completely different people. The young queen, who wanted peace as a child, was angry and hurt. Meanwhile, her daughter’s rebellious past has hardened into a form of royal court politics, even as she continues to bear Harvin Strong’s children.

Damon, the corrupt former prince, settled down and even managed to have a few children of his own with Lina. Lenore, once a young and sensitive heroine, is now a stripped-down actress looking to shake things up any way she can. Elsewhere in the Red Keep, the next generation of eager Targaryen men seem as unfit for leadership as their predecessors.

What Just Happened In House Of The Dragon

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