What Kdrama Should I Watch On Netflix

What Kdrama Should I Watch On Netflix – 2022 is shaping up to be an incredibly strong year for dramas on Netflix. With our July update, we can confirm that the total number of hours watched for K-drama has surpassed 1 billion. We will continue to keep track of the most watched K-dramas on Netflix.

South Korea has excelled in zombie horror titles over the past decade, with some incredible releases such as Train to Busan, Rampant, Kingdom and Alive. Thanks to the aforementioned titles, that’s a no-brainer.

What Kdrama Should I Watch On Netflix

What Kdrama Should I Watch On Netflix

Netflix will become very popular among users. In fact, the series is so popular that a second season is on the way.

The Best K Dramas On Netflix

The best weekly k-drama on Netflix in 2022. The series is an adaptation of a beloved and popular webtoon novel.

A story about the ’90s is an easy way to capture the attention of many millennial subscribers. The series did very well in South Korea, which should come as no surprise to anyone, and managed to make the top ten in several Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

The release of the Korean adaptation of the worldwide phenomenon Money Heist has been long awaited. Although the series hasn’t seen the same level of popularity as its predecessor, it’s still a worthy adaptation and adds something new to the story with Korean charm.

, and many others, Song Kang is one of the most recognizable actors on Netflix. It’s no surprise that Love and the Weather Forecast is another popular series that often finds itself among the top dramas and romantic comedies.

The Best K Dramas On Netflix, According To A Korean Drama Superfan

Despite struggling to stay in the top ten, Tomorrow managed to earn millions of viewing hours. If you’re looking for some more alternatives to the K-drama lineup, then don’t sleep.

The latest weekly K-dramas remain stable with over 100,000,000 hours watched. With so many returning and new K-drama fans, shows like Our Blues are a testament to how high the quality of K-drama on Netflix is.

Romantic dramas are a dime a dozen in the K-drama world, however, and no matter how many Netflix subscribers one has. what made

What Kdrama Should I Watch On Netflix

The chemistry between actor Choi Woo Sik and actress Kim Da Mi was very special. The complex emotions of love and what it means to grow as a person.

K Dramas To Watch After

Netflix had a pretty strong lineup of K-drama content this spring, so with such attention split between multiple K-dramas, over 50 million views in 39 hours is still an impressive feat.

One of the most watched K-dramas on Netflix in 2022. With nearly 135 million hours watched, if it weren’t for the weekly dramas, the series would have been in second place, unless Nandi missed out on the top spot.

Than already said. The series took the world by storm, exploding into pop culture in ways no one could have predicted.

Fans still flock to watch the show months after the series was released, with many comparing it to other K-dramas released recently. After 2,263,910,000 hours of eye-watering viewing,

Top 10 Korean Dramas That Will Change Your Life For The Better

Far from being Netflix’s most successful series of all time. So it’s a good thing the series is coming back for a second season in the not-too-distant future…

What is your favorite K-drama series to watch on Netflix in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

Jacob joined What’s on Netflix in 2018 and serves as one of the lead writers for What’s on Netflix. Jacob covers everything from Netflix movies and TV shows, but specializes in covering anime and K-dramas. Lives in UK. Are you looking for a K-drama that is definitely worth your time and really satisfying? Here are 12 one-season K-dramas of different genres with fewer than 16 episodes that are also available on Netflix:

What Kdrama Should I Watch On Netflix

Cast: Lee Jung Jae as Seung Gi Hoon, Park Hye Soo as Cho San Woo, Oh Il Nam as Oh Yong Soo, Ho Yoon Jung as Kang Si Byuk, Jung Deok Soo as Hyo Sang Tae, Anupam Tripathi as Abdul Ali, Kim Han as Mi Neo Joo Ryeong

Best Thriller Korean Dramas On Netflix That Are Too Good To Miss

Plot: A survival series featuring a mysterious survival show in which players play a traditional children’s game with a casual twist, all participating players are struggling financially in life and 45.6 billion KRW. Competing to win prizes.

Plot: The comical love story of No Wei Oh, a detective with anger management issues who becomes involved with Lee Min Kyung, a deceptive woman whom he trusts.

Plot: A love story between a man named Park Jae-yeon and a woman named Yoo Na-bi who have different ideas about love. Park Jae Eun doesn’t want to date but wants to flirt, while Yoo Na Bi doesn’t believe in love but wants to be in a relationship.

Plot: A healing life story of Shim Deok-chul, a 70-year-old former postman who decides to follow his dream of learning ballet, and Lee Chi-rok, a 23-year-old dancer. .

The Penthouse Hangover: 5 Similar K Dramas You Should Watch

Cast: Jung Hee-in as Ahn Joon-ho, Kim Sung-kyun as Park Beom-gu, Go Gyu-hwan as Han Ho-yul, Sun-seok as Lim Ji-seob.

Plot: A Joon Ho is transferred to the Deserters Pursuit Team, whose mission is to capture deserters. The drama focuses on the life and struggles of every Korean who enlists in the army.

Cast: Song Kang as Cha Hyun Soo, Lee Jin Wook as Pyeong Sang Wook, Lee Se Young as Seo Yi Kyung, Lee Do Hyun as Lee Yoon Hyuk, Kim Nam Hee as Jung Jae Hyun, Go Min Se as Lee Yoon Yoo , Park Yoon Ji Soo as Gyu Young, Park Yoo Ri as Go Eun Jung

What Kdrama Should I Watch On Netflix

Plot: An apocalyptic horror series depicting the mysterious phenomenon of humans turning into monsters and the fascinating battle that apartment dwellers fight against these monsters.

Best K Drama Shows On Netflix [october 2022]

Plot: A meaningful story of Han Gyu-ro, a man with Asperger’s syndrome, uncle Choo Sang-gu, who becomes Gero’s guardian after his father’s death, and runs a business in which he sells the deceased’s estates. Set up. the people

Plot: A fantasy series that tells the story of Eun Young, a school nurse who can see human desires in the form of jelly, and Hong In Pyo, a Chinese language teacher with special energy. They work together to eliminate these monster jellies.

Cast: Hwang Jung Yeom as Wheel Joo, Yook Sung Ja as Han Kang Bi, Choi Won Young as Chief Gyui

Plot: A fantasy drama based on Bae Hye-soo’s webtoon series Twin Tops Bar. It features a mystical outdoor bar that helps and heals people in their dreams.

Why ‘nevertheless’ Is The Latest Must Watch Korean Drama On Netflix

Plot: Set in the Joseon era, the drama tells the tragic love story of a stage play writer, Kim Woo-jin, and the first Korean soprano.

Plot: A humorous love story between a man named Cha Jin Wook, the son of a wealthy family, and a nutritionist named Lee Yu Mi. One day, they were drunk, they had a one-night stand, and 3 years later they met again.

Cast: Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Mo Young/Kang Min Ho and Park Joo Hyun as Gong Sun Ji

What Kdrama Should I Watch On Netflix

Plot: A comedy fantasy series that tells the story of a man named Kang Min-ho who wakes up one day and teams up with Gong Sun-ji to solve crimes and uncover the secret of zombie existence. .

Five New K Dramas Coming To Netflix, Disney+ And More In July 2022

Enjoy watching! If you have other K-drama suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments section. While South Korea’s television and film industry has been around for more than half a century, the last two decades in particular have seen an incredible rise in global recognition. A historic win for Parasite at the 2020 Academy Awards and a Best Supporting Actress win for South Korean actress Yoo-Jung Yoon.

At the 2021 Academy Awards. More evidence? In 2021, the Netflix global hit was the K-drama Squid Game.

Can’t stop talking about it — and if you’re like us, you’ve been patiently waiting for season two while filling your Netflix queue with other Korean drama series.

Whether you’re looking for more K-dramas, or you’re already a fan looking for top-rated, easy-to-stream options, here are 27 of the best Korean dramas you can watch on Netflix right now. . Shows age like current hits

Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas To Binge Watch On Netflix

Not at all: We cover everything from Korean romantic comedies to superhero flicks, zombie horror shows, crime thrillers, historical fiction and more below. Pick a genre and settle in for a marathon, because we can guarantee you’ll find your latest binge.

This upcoming drama focuses.