What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2022

What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2022 – APRIL officially ended on January 28, 2022. The group started in 2015 and was on hiatus for almost two years. Since its disbandment, several members have left DSP Media, such as Chaevon, Ie, and Chaekiung. Additionally, Naeun is expected to leave DPS Media and sign with Namoo Players.

The girl group has reportedly disbanded after the group was hit with harassment allegations from former member Hyunjoo. He claims that during his time in the group he was abused a lot and that he even tried to kill himself. DSP Media and APRIL have denied the claims, and legal action has been taken against Hyunjoo.

What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2022

What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2022

However, the police dropped charges against Hyunjoo. According to authorities, the charges were dropped because there was no intent to defame the girl group and there was evidence that Hyunjoo was abused by APRIL. Therefore, none of the posts made by Hyunjoo or related parties can be considered fake.

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NU’EST disbanded on March 14, 2022, a day before their 10th anniversary as a group. They started in 2012 and haven’t released new music in almost a year.

The group decided to disband after their contracts with PLDIS Entertainment expired. Ren, JR and Aaron leave the company, while Baekho and Minhyun decide to renew their contracts. As a final farewell to fans and to celebrate their 10th anniversary, NU’EST released the compilation album “Needle & Bubble”.

The TRCNG was officially disbanded on March 16, 2022. They started in 2017 and have been inactive for over three years.

The start of TRCNG may have been due to the debts the members invested in the company. In November 2019, TRCNG members Wooieon and Taeseon filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment for child abuse, assault, money laundering and violation of the Child Protection Act. In response, the parents of the remaining members filed a lawsuit against Wooieon, Taeseon and their parents with false information.

K Pop Group Hot Issue Disbands Days Before Completing A Year

Hot Issue disbanded on April 22, 2022. They debuted in April 2021 and lasted less than a year before disbanding. They were unemployed for four months before they broke up. They were disbanded six days before their first birthday.

No specific reason was given for their removal. However, their company, S2 Entertainment, claimed that after a long discussion with their artists about direction and development, they decided to disband the group. Amid the pandemic this year, several K-pop groups decided to disband after their contracts expired. As 2022 approaches, girl groups that started in 2015 and 2016 are already considering whether to renew their contracts or end them.

In the K-pop industry, the term “7-year curse/curse” began in 2009 following the Fair Trade Commission Act that limits the expiration of exclusive contracts to seven years. After that period, the agency and its artist will decide whether they want to extend or terminate the contract.

What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2022

Now that the industry will say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022, K-pop fans are focusing on the girl groups that started in 2015-2016. as they announce their seventh year.

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Here are the groups of girls who disbanded or renewed their contracts before the 2022 contract renewal period: 1. FRIEND

GFriend started in 2015 under Source Music, but before their seventh year, the members decided to disband on May 22 of this year.

Since then, Eunha, SinB, and Umji have relaunched as a three-member girl group after transferring to Big Planet Made Entertainment.

Loveliz debuted on November 17, 2014 under Woollim Entertainment. Seven years after the first game, the team has not renewed their contracts and will be disbanded on November 16.

Kpop Group 100% Announces Disbandment After 9 Years

In 2015, CLC was introduced by Cube Entertainment. Before their seventh year, Elkie decided to break her contract with the corporation.

Although there is no confirmation yet, CLC and now Kep1er’s Yujin revealed their possible breakup during an appearance on Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’.

April also started in 2015 within DSP media. In February, the group faced a major harassment controversy against Lee Hyunjoo, a former member.

What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2022

Between the termination and the legal process, eyes are on which members will spend or continue to promote within the company.

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Girl group DIA also started in 2015 and is now in its seventh year. In 2016, original member Seunghee left the group, followed by Eunjin in 2018 and Jenni in 2019.

This group also gets attention on what will happen to the group since it has been a year since the group returned.

TVICE will once again mark their seventh year since debut in 2022. Although some doubt that TVICE will ever disband due to their current popularity and worldwide support, there are netizens who are adamant that any of the members are planning to part ways with JIP Entertainment.

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Although Brave Girls debuted in 2011, the remaining four members debuted in 2016. Before their seventh year, K-pop fans have no doubt that the quartet will extend their contract with Brave Entertainment.

In particular, the Brave Girls are facing the problem of disbanding in 2020, but as “Rollin” has increased this year, they have avoided this problem and are working diligently as a four-member group.

Hwasa, who is a member of MAMAMOO, extended his contract until June 17, 2023, and Solar and Moonbyul until June 17, 2024. Vheein transferred to Ravi’s agency, L1VE Label. However, MAMAMOO confirmed that they will continue their activities with Wheein until December 2023.

What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2022

OH MI GIRL’s contract was supposed to expire within a year, but the contract was extended until April 20, 2025, with an early renewal with five of the current seven, Binny, Seunghee, Arina, IooA, and Hyojung. The other two members, Jiho and Mimi, are expected to renew their contracts without controversy among fans Here are 5 disbanded k-pop bands and the reason for their disbandment! Take a look at:

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The K-pop industry has seen several successful groups come and go over the years. Sometimes the end of the contract is a reason for termination, and sometimes a completely different reason. Check out these 5 pop groups and why they broke up.

The news of the group’s disbandment shocked fans in 2021, as the group was doing well in the industry and because their agency was still releasing the group’s content. However, the news was confirmed when the girls wrote heartfelt letters to fans. The girls decided to raise 5 instead, according to Zoom TV.

The news of MissA disbanding shocked many as they were a popular group. According to a report by Zoom TV, fans have been speculating a lot about the reasons for this. Two of the 4 members, Jia and Min, had their contracts expire in November 2016. There wasn’t much to do with only two members, so the group officially disbanded in December 2017.

This girl group had 4 members. They debuted in 2009 under IG Entertainment. They were a popular group. Minzy left the group after her contract expired in April 2016, according to Spindita. Their group decided to disband in November. They released their last single, Goodbye, on January 21, 2017.

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This girl group debuted in 2016 with their EP Chrysalis. However, 11 members were fired in late January 2017 as they returned to their agencies, according to Spinditi’s report. They chose themselves and released their last single, ‘Down Under’ as a way to say goodbye to their fans.

This 4-member group started out under the name Starship Entertainment in 2010. According to Zoom TV, they disbanded in 2017 after releasing their latest single, Lonely. Each member sent a personal farewell letter to their fans. It seems like every day a new K-Pop group starts and new music is discovered. Unfortunately, sometimes fans have to face the sad reality of disbanding their favorite teams.

K-Pop disbanding can happen for many reasons, including the expiration of an artist’s contract, internal problems within the company, or scandals that can greatly affect the group.

What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2022

Additionally, it is noted that there are 14 teams that have been disbanded in 2021. Let’s see who they are.

Nu’est: The K Pop Group Will Officially Disband In March

The 12-girl group disbanded in April 2021 due to contract expiration. It was a popular K-Pop girl group project from the survival show “Produce 48” that started in 2018, and each member continued to pursue other opportunities.

GFriend was a six-member girl group that debuted in 2015 and disbanded in May 2021. They broke up as their contract was coming to an end after a successful 6-year career as a popular artist in the K-Pop industry.

Lovelies was an eight-member girl group that debuted in 2014. They disbanded in November 2021 after all the members decided not to renew their contracts with Woollim Entertainment, except for member Baby Soul (who is currently promoting using his name Lee SuJeong).

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