What Lures To Use For Bass After Rain

What Lures To Use For Bass After Rain – Rain, snowmelt, storms or sediment; There are many reasons why lake water becomes muddy. But if you use the right lures and colors, stained water won’t stop you from catching many bass!

Your number one choice for bass in muddy water is fairly large lures that produce sound and vibration. In terms of suitable attractive colors, blue, white and black are far superior to other colors in such situations.

What Lures To Use For Bass After Rain

What Lures To Use For Bass After Rain

These findings are based on extensive research and responses from hundreds of bass anglers we asked about the best lures and color choices for bass in muddy water. Read all their expert tips in this article!

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Because visibility in muddy water is low, bass have difficulty seeing clearly and rely more on their lateral line. Therefore, you should choose attractions:

If you are using lures that have one or all of the above mentioned characteristics, you are already on your way to catching muddy bass!

There is no doubt that crankbaits are the number one choice for most anglers when it comes to muddy water bass.

Not only are they slightly larger than other bass lures, but because they are often larger, they also cause more movement and vibration as they push a lot of water aside.

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Another big advantage of using crankbaits in muddy water is that they often come with rattles, making them a very noisy lure, perfect for largemouth bass in dirty conditions.

Spinnerbaits are another great lure for muddy water. They combine the characteristics of silhouettes and vibrations in the most perfect way.

This is why you should choose a pair of Colorado blades on your spinnerbait because they create the most vibration and move the most water as they go through them.

What Lures To Use For Bass After Rain

If you use extra large blades, you can retrieve your lure much more slowly while maintaining the same depth, further increasing your chances of hooking a bass in low visibility water.

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Thanks to their fairly advanced and versatile lures, spinnerbaits also have a great silhouette if you use the right colors.

Softbaits are a silent type of bass-killing lure, but their great power lies in two very important features:

Softbait fishing allows you to present your lure more slowly, which can be advantageous in bass waters, as bass sometimes need more time to find your lure.

Feel free to wait a few seconds after each twist. Largemouth bass will often take a soft “resting” bite on the bottom if you give them enough time to do so!

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We asked 100 bass anglers about their muddy water color preferences. Here is the surprising result:

These colors are definitely in contrast (black vs. white) and may seem a little strange at first glance. But when it comes to underwater lighting, visibility and silhouette, they actually make a lot of sense!

Starting from the clearest color in dark, dirty water, white just pops out and can be seen more than other colors in these conditions.

What Lures To Use For Bass After Rain

However, it is the weakest of the three colors suggested for muddy water, as its color intensity is somewhat weakened by the lack of light. It also has virtually no silhouette.

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On the other hand, both blue and black have very strong silhouettes. After all, one of the synonyms of the word “silhouette” is the word “black”.

Although the thought of using very bold colors in murky waters may go against our logic as savvy anglers, it is this feature that makes these lure colors so powerful in murky, muddy waters.

But if you only think of colors, these colors are not true solid shapes that can be produced in low light underwater.

Once you make this mental shift, using blue and black lure colors can become your best chance of catching largemouth bass in muddy water!

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Related Article: Check out this article if you want to know which fluorocarbon leaders are best for bass! Can bass see in muddy water?

Yes and no. This is quite a complicated question. It is suggested that bass and many other species of fish can see in muddy, murky water, but cannot see with their eyes alone.

Since their visual senses are somewhat diminished due to limited visibility in such conditions, they “see” more with their lateral line and taste receptors. The latter does not apply to lure fishing, as the bait you use does not smell or taste.

What Lures To Use For Bass After Rain

Instead, the main focus is on the fish’s lateral line, a line of organs running along each side of the fish.

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This sensory receptor system is an evolutionary masterpiece that allows fish to detect even the smallest vibrations, movements, and pressure gradients in the surrounding water.

Another research paper showed that if there is enough sunlight to reflect yellow, green and red wavelengths (red colors), bass eyes react more strongly.

If not, often in muddy water conditions, darker colors such as blues and blacks actually draw more attention to bass eyes because these colors create a more visible and concrete silhouette.

That is why it is so important to use vibrations and moving lures in combination with the colors blue and black!

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Once again, this depends on your choice of lure. If you use the right type of lures and colors for muddy water, the answer is a resounding yes!

Many times, I have caught very well in cloudy and muddy water compared to clear water. We are talking about completely different areas of fishing!

First, low light and dirty water mean more opportunities to hide from other predators and prey.

What Lures To Use For Bass After Rain

The entire body of water has the potential to hide places that wouldn’t otherwise exist, meaning bass move more freely than in clear water conditions.

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Because of this freedom, they will also be nurtured with more confidence. This is probably why the bass are biting like crazy in the rough water some days.

They seem unable to adequately identify whether or not your attraction is a true victim. But when it moves, feels and sounds like prey, they happily go.

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Water can become muddy and cloudy for a number of reasons. The most obvious are rain and snowmelt. That’s why most places tend to get muddy after winter.

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Heavy rain and snow flowing into a water system, all kinds of organic and inorganic materials and materials (dust, dirt, earth, sand, etc.) are washed away.

Increased movement of the water system, caused by strong currents e.g. Rivers drain into a lake, further enhancing the muddy or murky effect.

A third reason is the sedimentation of the lake. If its structure is quite soft and e.g. Silt, clay or sand, any up or down currents or changes will cause such a lake to become extremely muddy or cloudy.

What Lures To Use For Bass After Rain

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What is specimen fishing? (The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide) ← Previous Nighttime Bass Fishing: The Best Lures and Methods Next →When I first started bass fishing, whenever rain was in the forecast, I would decide to fish another day. What we didn’t know at the time was that we were missing out on incredible fishing opportunities.

Sure, heavy rain brings unique challenges and makes passage difficult, but it can activate the fish and make for some great days of fishing.

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However, if you want to be successful in rain fishing, you need to understand what are the best lures to throw and what are the key areas to target to ensure you have the most fun possible.

In this article, I’ll share the best bass fishing to use when it’s raining, the key areas you should target, and some tips and tricks to help you catch more fish in the rain.

Before we talk about the best

What Lures To Use For Bass After Rain