What Mlb Teams Are In The Wild Card

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In the chaos of the MLB playoffs, every team – no matter how small – has a chance to win them all. Here are reasons why favorites and underdogs can advance, and why all but one will eventually fall.

What Mlb Teams Are In The Wild Card

What Mlb Teams Are In The Wild Card

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The beauty of a 162-game baseball season lies in its ups and downs. Each team writes its own story. However, the beauty of the postseason is that these stories end. They matter only in so far as they set the table for the drama to come. Last year’s champions Atlanta Braves have won fewer regular season games than any team they have beaten in the playoffs on their way to clinching the World Series. The 2001 Seattle Mariners won a record-breaking 116 regular season games, but lost in the ALCS in just five. Compared to say basketball, it is difficult to predict who will win the World Series. Just making it in October gives you a chance.

So, let’s examine the World Series prospects for all 12 teams in the 2022 MLB playoffs. Starting with the favorites and going down from there, based on FanGraphs playoff odds, we will predict one reason why each team wins and doesn’t win the World Series.

Why they’ll win: Watching Aaron Judge chase 62 home runs and the Mets and Braves fighting in NL East, the Astros quietly won. Led by Justin Verlander, who is back after nearly two years to 18 wins and 1.75 ERA this season, the Astros have one of the best pitching squads in baseball. On the other side of the ball, they are the only team in MLB with four players exceeding 4.5 fWAR. Houston may be the most complete team in the playoff field, but perhaps the Astros’ biggest advantage is geography and league compatibility: they don’t have to face the Dodgers, Mets or Braves until the World Series.

Why they’re going to lose: Yuli Gurriel’s production is down in 2022, Martín Maldonado has barely made anything, and Trey Mancini has struggled since arriving from Baltimore. Bullpen runs eight or nine pitchers, but has no pick options. Even that sounds like picking a nit. Houston has no glaring weaknesses. It’s not very revealing, but if the Astros lose, it’s probably because they didn’t cheat.

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Why they will win: I worry about Atlanta until Tuesday. In the second to last game of the season, rookie star midfielder Michael Harris II revealed the team’s first sacrifice.

. The Braves almost begged the baseball gods to end their season through an opponent sacrificing a front runner for third place. Now, the karmic balance has been leveled, and Atlanta can return to a superior offensive strategy: taking more home runs than any other team in the National League.

The first sacrificial jumpsuit of the season. 161. In the game. The Braves have almost become the first team to go an entire season without a wallet. Bitter moment. pic.twitter.com/BUYPNOLeEF— Bally Sports South (@BallySportsSO) Oct 4, 2022

What Mlb Teams Are In The Wild Card

Why they’ll lose: The Braves’ most pressing concern is the health of rookie pitcher Spencer Strider. He made the best start to the second half and it’s unclear when he’ll be back – but the extra days to recover from Atlanta’s first-round farewell would go a long way. On offense, at least in the case of the Braves, the advantage of making lots of home runs is the strike trend. Atlanta tracks the third-highest out-of-strike rate in the league and also has the third-highest inning rate. This approach may boom or fail – but at least we now know that this team can produce old run-schools.

Mlb Playoffs Begin As Legendary Teams Square Off In Wild Card Games

Why they’ll win: Because they’ve done it 111 times this season, setting a franchise record (106) set in 2019 and a draw in 2021. (2020 wasn’t a bad year: In the shortened season of the pandemic, L.A. set franchise records for win percentage and won the World Series.) The Dodgers under Dave Roberts have been an absolute buzz, and this year’s team may be the best yet. Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, and Trea Turner alone have amassed more offensive fWARs than more than half of their MLB teams. With all three in the top spot, the Dodgers roster is the best in baseball in almost every aspect, from overall runs to wRC+. It’s hard to imagine even the most dominant shooting staff slowing this group down fourfold over seven games.

Why they’ll lose: The stats resume is nearly perfect, but I can’t shake the feeling that these Dodgers have more questions than previous years. The bottom of the order has had its ups and downs, and the long-term lows for Max Muncy and Chris Taylor – plus whatever happened to Cody Bellinger – have left several holes in the series. With Kenley Jansen heading to Atlanta, Roberts faces unprecedented uncertainty at the back end of the bullfight. With Los Angeles’ early rotation leading the MLB with a 2.75 ERA across the staff, how well do we feel about 34-year-old Clayton Kershaw and the untested duo of Tyler Anderson and Tony Gonsolin Julio Urías? Neither of these issues is considered a cause for concern on its own, but together they can produce enough loopholes to harm Los Angeles in the short series’ container.

Why they’ll win: Now that the long-running chase for an AL home run record is over, Judges can relax without having to look at Roger Maris Jr. over his shoulder like a baseball version.

. Mike Trout can tell you how difficult it is for a player to sustain a team’s success in baseball, but if anyone can take over the short line, no. 99. As long as the referee is on the plate, every shot from any position is responsible for clearing the outside wall. Barry Bonds 62 home runs and offensive points not seen since Judge hit his MLB season; Imagine what he could do in a playoff series.

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Why they’re going to lose: For a time, the Yankees were so good that people were starting to wonder if they could beat MLB’s one-season winning streak. Instead, the initial momentum stalled; Since the All-Star break, the Yankees have played approximately .500 baseballs. Even the genius judge didn’t hide the team’s lackluster foul, and Gerrit Cole recorded his highest ERA since leaving Pittsburgh. The idea that the 2022 Yankees are giants has vanished, and they will need contributions up and down the roster to reclaim it.

Why they will win: The good news is that the Mets are the best team to play in the wilds. With the rising talent of Max Scherzer, Jacob deGrom and Edwin Díaz, this roster of shooting players fits any team. Just as an elite shutdown can shorten a game, Scherzer and deGrom can shorten a draw – which will be a boon for the Mets after a grueling season end.

Why they will lose: Bad news? The Mets are the best team to play in the wild rounds. While the rest of the top baseball skins rest, scout, and rank their rotations, the Mets will host the Padres for their best-of-three game set starting Friday. The Mets needed a win over the Braves last weekend to clinch NL East and avoid that fate. Instead, they were swept away. This result doesn’t brand the Mets as incompetent, but it does make their progress to the playoffs significantly more difficult. Instead of saying goodbye in the first round, they will face one of the best early rotations of the NL for a chance to face the Dodgers in the NLDS. New York were more than capable of winning the World Series, but letting the piece slip out of their hands made the climb much, much steeper.

What Mlb Teams Are In The Wild Card

Why they’ll win: The Padres’ front office has been the most aggressive in baseball over the last few years and has an elite early rotation to show it. Yu Darvish, Joe Musgrove, Mike Clevinger, and Blake Snell were all bought through trade, and this import group could carry the Padres in brackets. Snell in particular is struggling at the moment: He’s made 32 shots in his last four starts and allowed only 10 strokes and two strokes in 25 innings. The Padres’ journey from restructuring to competition has been uneven and has had its share of disappointments, but they are now in the playoffs and in a good position to run.

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Why they will lose: Juan Soto continues to be based at the elite level, but