What Mmr Is Gc 1 In 2s

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Find out everything you need to know about Grand Champion 2 rankings in Rocket League (are MMR & Grand Champion 2 good?)

What Mmr Is Gc 1 In 2s

What Mmr Is Gc 1 In 2s

Major 2 is the middle position ranking between Major 1 and Major 3 in Rocket League. This is full of players who have firmly established themselves as Grand Champion players and have proven themselves to be masters of the game’s mechanics. While still offering creative and surprising ways to pressure the opponent and add value to their team.

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To become a Grand Champion II player in Rocket League, your MMR should be between around 1574 – 1704 MMR, depending on the game mode you play in gaming. Below you will find the range of Champion III players and their different MMR ratings depending on the game mode they are playing:

Grand Champion II is divided into four categories and makes up about 0.09% of all players at the Rocket League level.

Grand Champion II is a great status and shows your colleagues that you are one of the best players to honor the title. Including the rankings below, this puts Grand Champion II players first in 0.9% of all players. You may not be on the same level as professional players who make a living playing this game. That said, you could definitely be on one of the lower ranked teams, and if you’ve played against a pro, you don’t look completely out of place. You have full mastery over all aspects of this game and all you need to do is improve your team’s dynamics, chemistry and creativity.

To be a player who not only hits the Grand Champion rating in Rocket League, but a mainstay who always stays on the field. You must have played a lot of Rocket League. The transition from a low GC player to a medium/high GC player is quite wide so we can say that players should play at least 2500 – 2700 hours of Rocket League to have a chance to mix with the game . these elite players

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