What Nhl Team Should I Root For

What Nhl Team Should I Root For – But if you’re a new hockey fan, you might want to root for an NHL team to take that support to the next level.

If you live in an NHL city, choosing which team to root for can be easy. But if you’re not in the hockey market — or don’t care about rooting for the home team — it can be tough.

What Nhl Team Should I Root For

What Nhl Team Should I Root For

Anaheim Ducks uniforms were extremely popular in the 1990s thanks to the team’s unique eggplant and jade color scheme. [Image: Andrew Gardekis/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

What Hockey Team Should I Cheer For? A Guide To Picking Your Nhl Team

Founded by Disney in response to the popularity of the Mighty Ducks movie franchise, The Ducks play second fiddle to the Los Angeles Kings in the region.

They’re coming off a rebuild with a talented crop of young players, but they could still be years away from legitimate Stanley Cup contention.

The 2018 season may end for the Arizona Coyotes at Gila River Arena, their home in Glendale, Arizona since 2021-2022 since 2003. [Image: Wikimedia Commons]

The Coyotes, who moved to Southwest from Winnipeg in 1996, are flirting with a more than decade-long streak at this point, which has been matched by just one postseason appearance since 2012.

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2021-2022 should be the last season at Gila River Arena in 2018, meaning the team is essentially a free agent after this season.

Bobby Orr created thousands of new Boston Bruins fans with his impressive skills and skating and led the team to two championships in the 1970s. [Image: Aaron Fruitman/Wikimedia Commons]

All-Time Greatest: Johnny Butzik (1957-78), Bobby Orr (1966-76), Phil Esposito (1967-75), Raymond Burke (1979-00), Cam Neely (1987-96), Joe Thornton (1997-1997) ) 05), Zdeno Chara (2006–20)

What Nhl Team Should I Root For

The Bruins are arguably the NHL’s most classic team, with the legendary B logo and hockey-mad New England support.

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Orr created a generation of hockey fans with his smooth skating and incredible skills, while Neely carried the torch with his rough and tumble play.

Today’s stars like Chara, Bergeron and Marchand have helped bring Boston back to the forefront, winning the Cup in 2011 and helping Boston reach the Stanley Cup Finals in 2013 and 2019.

Jake Eichel became the latest Buffalo Sabers star to leave Western New York when he was traded to the Vegas Golden Knights on November 4, 2021. [Image: Lisa Ganska/Wikimedia Commons]

All-time greats: Gilbert Perrault (1971-87), Phil Housley (1982-90), Dave Andrechuk (1982-93), Alex Mogilny (1989-95), Pat LaFontaine (1991-97), Dominik Hasek (1992-1992) ) 01)

Meet The Leadership Team

The Sabers have had a few misses — Hasek led them to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1999 and they reached the Eastern Conference Finals in 2006 and 2007 — but had the longest playoff drought in sports and only changed captains and star center Jack. Eichel rebuilt.

All-time greats: Al McInnis (1981-94), Lenny McDonald (1982-89), Joe Nieuwendyk (1986-95), Theo Fleury (1988-98), Jarome Iginla (1995-12), Miika Kiprusoff (2003-2003) ). 13), Mark Giordano (2006-21)

The Flames have always played less than the traditional Edmonton Oilers. The Flames have only reached the top of the mountain once, in 1989, yet enter the fray every year with qualified and star-studded lineups.

What Nhl Team Should I Root For

For some reason, recent playoff success has been hard to come by, as Calgary hasn’t advanced past the second round since 2004 when they made it to 7 games in the Cup.

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Rod Brind’Amour helped the Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup as a player in 2006 and hopes to win the trophy as Carolina’s coach. [Image: Wikimedia Commons]

You should support them if: you want your sport to be a little fun or you’re an idiot.

The Hurricanes have had a remarkable run under coach Rod Brind’Amour, led by his beefy roster and creative marketing team that leans toward his quirks.

Carolina, who moved from Hartford in 1997 and has worn a legendary Hartford Whalers jersey at least one night every season since 2018-19, called himself a “talking bunch” in 2019 in response to complaints from now-disgraced hockey commentator Don Cherry. Participated in an arena-wide “Storm Surge” where they created elaborate celebrations after a home win.

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Duncan Keith won the Conn Smith Trophy as playoff MVP when Chicago won its last championship in 2015. [Image: Lisa Ganska/Wikimedia Commons]

All-time greats: Bobby Hall (1957-72), Glenn Hall (1957-67), Stan Mikita (1958-80), Tony Esposito (1969-84), Doug Wilson (1977-91), Duncan Keith (2006-21) , Marian Hossa (2009-2017)

You should support them if: You love blue blood and are not afraid to protect your eyes sometimes.

What Nhl Team Should I Root For

Before that dynasty, however, they were one of the NHL’s most inconsistent teams, to the point of blacking out on local television. Chicago went 49 years between championships and won just once in 72 years.

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They now turn to rebuilding as they try to deal with the sexual abuse cover-up scandal that marred their 2010 title run.

Joe Sakic was the first Colorado Avalanche player to win the Stanley Cup and hoped to build a championship team for the Rockies as the team’s general manager. [Image: Håkan Dahlström/Flickr, CC BY 2.0]

Quebec City took the NHL by storm from the moment it moved west, winning the Cup twice, reaching the Western Conference Finals six times in seven years and forming the fiercest rivalry in league history with the Detroit Red Wings. .

Colorado returns as the preseason favorite for a bowl after making the playoffs in each of the last three seasons.

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Columbus Blue Jackets fire the cannon after a field goal at Nationwide Arena. [Image: Wikimedia Commons]

The Blue Jackets’ league-wide recognition comes from the cannon that the team fires after each home goal at Arena Nationwide.

It took almost two decades for Columbus to reach the playoff round — its first postseason series win over the dominant Tampa Bay Lightning — and 2020-21. Coach John Tortorella did not renew his contract for the 2016 season.

What Nhl Team Should I Root For

The Stars moved from Minnesota in 1993 and immediately became one of the league’s most dominant teams, becoming the first Sun Belt team to win a bowl in 1999 and reach the bowl final in 2000.

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Dallas has had some good years, not great ones — especially with the 2020 playoff bubble turning into the Stanley Cup Final after hosting that year’s Winter Classic — but it hasn’t been able to top it in the new century.

All-time greats: Ted Lindsay (1944-57), Gordie Howe (1946-71), Terry Sawchuk (1949-64), Alex DelVecchio (1950-74), Steve Yzerman (1983-06), Nick Lidstrom (1991-1991) ) 12), Sergey Fyodorov (1990–03), Brendan Shanahan (1996–06), Pavel Datsyuk (2001–16), Henrik Zetterberg (2002–18)

Throwing an octopus on the ice in reference to when it took only eight wins to win the Stanley Cup has arguably the greatest playoff tradition.

Not only do they have a winning club, but with Yzerman named the team’s general manager, it can’t be too far off.

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Wayne Gretzky helped build Edmonton into a city of Canadian champions, winning four championships in five years with the Oilers. [Photo: Richard Bartlaga/Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0]

All-time greats: Wayne Gretzky (1979-88), Mark Messier (1979-91), Jarry Curry (1980-90), Paul Coffey (1980-87), Glenn Anderson (1980-91), Grant Fears (1981-1981) 91), Ryan Smith (1994-07)

The Oilers organization is still clinging to five championships won in seven years while trying to revive Edmonton’s name as Canada’s City of Champions.

What Nhl Team Should I Root For

McDavid and Draisaitl are a true 1-2 punch as two of the best players in the league, but the Oilers have struggled to attract enough talent to even be a title contender.

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The Florida Panthers have struggled to gain attention in South Florida since moving to Sunrise in 1998, but they are on the rise. [Image: Ines Hegedas-Garcia/Flickr, CC BY 2.0]

Star players: Center Alexander Barkov, forward Jonathan Huberdeau, forward Sam Bennett, forward Sam Reinhart, defense Aaron Ekblad, goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky

All-time greats: John VanBiesbroek (1993-98), Scott Melanby (1993-01), Pavel Bure (1999-02), Roberto Luongo (2000-06, 2014-19), Olli Jokinen (2000-09)

The Panthers have long been one of the most serious organizations in the NHL. Outside of their famous year of rat racing to the Cup Final, Florida has largely floundered and threatened to relocate.

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Still, the Panthers have one of the best young cores in the NHL and are poised to make it big.

Dustin Brown and the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup twice in 2012 and 2014. [Image: Wikimedia Commons]

All-time greats: Marcel Dion (1975-87), Luc Robitaille (1986-94, 2003-06), Wayne Gretzky (1988-96), Rob Blake (1989-01, 2006-08), Jeff Carter (2012-20)

What Nhl Team Should I Root For

The Kings may be on the decline in Southern California sports, but they’re still the premier hockey game in town thanks to a run in the mid-2010s that included two championships and a trip to the Western Conference Finals in 2013.

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The Kings have been notable for their splash since bringing Wayne Gretzky to the United States in 1988 and bringing the NHL from the Dark Ages to the mainstream — especially the big names that flooded the home arena of the Big West Forum, Los Angeles. To get a glimpse of the “Big One”.

Mikko Koivu was the captain of the Minnesota Wild for 10 years