What Nqf Level Is A Postgraduate Diploma

What Nqf Level Is A Postgraduate Diploma – The Diploma in Media Management (PGDip in Media Management, commonly known as PDMM) is an accelerated one-year (or 2-year – online) full-time program recognized at qualification level (NQF Standard 8) by the South African Qualifications Authority ( SAQA). The program is offered by the Sol Plaatje Institute for Media Leadership at Rhodes University.

Launched in 2004, PDMM provides an insider’s view of how successful and sustainable media organizations operate in the rapidly changing and disruptive environments that mark today’s media landscape. The program develops the strategic knowledge, understanding and professional skills of media managers and leaders required for application in media organizations in the public, business and social sectors in a sustainable and ethical ‘age of participation and journalism’. It focuses on people management, media markets and media audiences, the role and place of digital technology and social media in the media industry and what it all means not just for the industry but for our global world. The program also focuses on outcomes-based learning and fast-tracking graduates into mid-level media management positions, providing them with a platform to leverage their employability and applied knowledge in the African and international media industry.

What Nqf Level Is A Postgraduate Diploma

What Nqf Level Is A Postgraduate Diploma

Full Undergraduate Program: Applicants must have successfully completed a recognized undergraduate degree. Experienced media professionals with a degree in journalism or mass communication studies will also be considered.

Rpl For Honours, Btech Qualifications And Postgraduate Diplomas

Online/Distance Graduate Program: Undergraduate degree in any discipline. Students will be considered for admission on the basis of Evidence of Prior Learning (RPL) provided that these students have been working in the media profession for at least five years and hold a degree and/or advanced qualification (eg Diploma in Journalism). or Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Communications).

Individuals applying for the part-time program who wish to be considered for RPL must send their applications before 31 October 2022.

More information: See details on the website of the Sol Plaatje Institute for Media Leadership (/spi) at Rhodes University. Or contact Sibo Mbengashe, Course Administrative Coordinator, s.mbengashe@; telephone 046-6038851.

Note: The spread of COVID-19 has led to the declaration of a state of emergency and announced restrictions that have a significant impact on the academic work of the University. SPI, Rhodes University has launched alternative teaching methods that include blended learning, with learning content available to all students online and offline. Online is intended to include documents based on interactive and preloaded flash drives that are sent to students/courses in a timely manner. So you’ve always dreamed of pursuing a career as an actor and now you’re looking for options to study theater music and dance, but maybe…

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We all know that pursuing a career in the entertainment industry is all about the skills you have and the level of talent you show in the audition room, right? Isn’t it about how well you can sing, dance and act? So, who really cares about a “letter” or degree in musical theater?

Well… this argument is not as simple as one might expect. The truth is, there really isn’t an easy, cut and dry answer, as it will depend a lot on your personal goals for the future! The real question you need to ask yourself is what do you want to achieve in the future outside of the audition room or off the stage.

Think about it for a moment: Do you just want to do it forever or do you want to explore other career options in the future? Have you ever thought about sailing? How about learning more one day? Can you see yourself ever expanding your training as a teacher or tutor? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

What Nqf Level Is A Postgraduate Diploma

But first, let’s be clear that when you walk into the audition room hoping to land your dream role – the medical board usually doesn’t care about the level of qualifications you’ve achieved, and the directors, producers and choreographers will probably never ask. to view your degree or certificate. What is important to them is whether you have the right education and industry preparation from a legal institution, as well as the skills and abilities to deliver exceptional performance!

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THAT’S WHY… it’s important to remember that you are a growing human being with many interests and talents – you may want to diversify your skills and career path in the future.

For this reason, there are important elements to consider when considering formal certification as opposed to simple vocational training. 1) Do you think you want to travel one day?

Immigration is a very complex process, so we won’t go into all the rules here, but what you need to know is that many EU and OECD countries prefer skilled migrants, and many countries use a points-based (or priority) system. . immigration applications.

This means that candidates must meet certain criteria to earn points. The more points you have, the more likely you are to be accepted. Points are awarded based on various criteria including age, language skills, income and – you guessed it – educational qualifications! One way to make sure you get those valuable points is to make sure you have an official and recognized university degree.

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2) Would you like to be able to expand into other areas of the entertainment industry in the future?

As a thriving individual with diverse skills and talents, you may want to branch out into other creative (or corporate) fields at some point in your life. Leadership, management, research and other desirable positions often require formal university-level qualifications even in the arts.

International work abroad opportunities are also available with a law degree and many graduates may find that they can work abroad and gain additional skills, which they can then use at home or on further travel.

What Nqf Level Is A Postgraduate Diploma

There are several famous singers, dancers and actors who have carved out successful careers as professional actors and have since branched out into various other roles such as event organizers, directors, directors, etc. Application requirements for such positions in the arts usually require an official certificate.

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3) Do you like mental stimulation? Have you ever wanted to study further or pursue a career in academia?

Do you like academic studies? No matter how good your education is, if you don’t have a recognized degree/certificate with the relevant credits – you probably won’t get any recognition for your education at academic level and will need to start your studies. – even if this means repeating much of the work you’ve already covered.

If, however, you have a recognized qualification, you may receive recognition of credits you have already completed (in the same subject) and be able to progress to the next level of the NQF without starting from scratch. .

In other words, the NQF standards work in a progressive way which means you cannot simply ‘skip’ a stage. So if you successfully complete an NQF Level 6 Diploma – chances are you will be able to obtain the necessary RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) to progress.

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Up to an NQF Level 7 Diploma or Advanced Diploma BUT… if you don’t have a recognized qualification (regardless of your education) you will probably need to complete Levels 5 and 6 first before progressing to any of the other qualifications.

Earning an accredited degree after completing your education enables you to pursue university degrees if you ever decide to.

One-to-one lessons are essential to develop each student’s unique skills and abilities and this requires a low student/teacher ratio – unlike large institutions where hundreds of students sit in large lecture halls while a teacher gives a talk. .

What Nqf Level Is A Postgraduate Diploma

In addition, ensuring that students gain real-world performance/production experience requires hiring, contracting and paying for theater space, designers, costumes and arranging contracts, performance rights and royalties. professional directors, choreographers, music directors, etc.

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In these cases, you should ask yourself: if the duration of the course is the same, it does not make sense to get the best possible result and enroll in an institution that offers quality art education and offers an accredited diploma. in art – the same price as a non?

It sounds spontaneous. You’re already paying for your education, so you might as well get a law degree at the end of it! Not so much?

How can you find a legitimate institution that will grant you an accredited musical theater degree?

The institution should be able to provide you with the correct enrollment certificate number or you can go to the Department of Education website to see if the college is listed there.

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Make sure the foundation is too