What Nys Assembly District Am I In

What Nys Assembly District Am I In – Special master prepares New York congressional and state senate seats with new maps. In a draft filed with the court on Monday, Jonathan Servus significantly redraws districts in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. The National Senate will change even more.

The court-appointed expert has redrawn several closely watched New York congressional districts that currently include Rep. Nicole Mallotakis (R), Rep. Carolyn Maloney (R), Rep. Jerry Nadler (R) and an open seat. The First State nominated Senator Alessandra Biyagi (D) as a candidate for Congress.

What Nys Assembly District Am I In

What Nys Assembly District Am I In

In a court filing Monday, Special Master Jonathan Servus said his version of New York’s political boundaries would create eight competitive races statewide, as opposed to just three competitive races that would have used maps created by the Democratic-controlled state legislature. . The changes could have a major impact on the balance in the House of Representatives.

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Cervas also redrawn state Senate districts, which would have a big impact on who runs for and fills those seats. The redrawn political boundaries mark a major departure from the existing political lines drawn by the Republican-controlled state legislature in 2011.

In the 11th Congressional District, which covers parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn, Cervas eliminated a significant portion of incumbent Rep. Nydia Velazquez’s seat, which connects parts of Red Hook with Sunset Park and a swath of Southeast Brooklyn. He changed the boundaries. But he did remove the super-liberal Park Slope, which Albany lawmakers added to connect dark blue Brooklyn with the swing.

Cervas’ map increases the likelihood of re-election for Rep. Nicole Maliotakis (R-S.I.) in an expected rematch against Democrat Max Rose.

Cervas also heavily redistricted the third district in western Long Island, which state lawmakers redrawn more solidly blue this year to include parts of the Bronx and Westchester. This paved the way for the newly created district of Biaggi (D-Bronx/Westchester).

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But now Cervaso’s maps have ousted Biaggi’s Westchester residence from the congressional seat. Their maps place the entire Third Ward on Long Island, separating all parts of the Bronx and Westchester.

The Manhattan stripes are also engraved. District 12, now led by Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney, was expanded to include Midtown and both the Upper West and Upper East Sides, but will no longer include any part of Queens.

That could have a big impact on his primaries this year, which have attracted a number of challengers to his left, including Suraj Patel, who is running against him for the third time. In a tweet Monday, Maloney said she would run to continue to represent the newly created district, which is “consisting of the majority community … that I have represented for years.”

What Nys Assembly District Am I In

That race could also include Rep. Gerold Nadler, whose current seat, District 10, will now cover only lower Manhattan and much of Brooklyn, from Carroll Gardens to Borough Park. In a statement Monday, Nadler said he would run in District 12 if the draft maps “become permanent.”

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“While the partisan balance of the House, which is highly contested, is unlikely to tip in New York,” said Michael Lee, senior adviser to the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program and an expert on redistricting.

“There’s a lot of Democratic outrage because it has implications not just for New York, but potentially for the nation,” he said.

At the state Senate level, the new maps bring new turmoil to a campaign season that has already been bolstered by back-and-forth redistricting.

The maps created by Cervas dramatically carve out existing state Senate seats, which could threaten the incumbent in power across the city.

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Cervas’ analysis says the Albany lawmaker’s version of the Senate map created just six competitive districts. According to their new maps, there are now 15 competitive areas.

In cities, some existing neighborhoods are no longer recognizable. In western Queens, Senate District 12, led by Sen. Michael Gianaris, has been split into at least three new territories. In Brooklyn, Senate District 20, now represented by Senator Zellnor Myrie, formed a serpentine shape that stretched from Sunset Park to Brownsville. It has now become much more compact, spanning Prospect Park to cover parts of Park Slope and Crown Heights.

In Manhattan, Senator Brad Hoyleman’s District 27 seat was moved south to cover almost all of lower Manhattan. Their former area, which stretches from the East 20th to the Upper West Side, has been split into four new districts.

What Nys Assembly District Am I In

Hoyleman has already announced that he is considering running for one of the new congressional seats: District 10, which stretches from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

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The lines drawn by Cervas will determine the political boundaries for the next set of New York elected officials to be elected by voters in the Aug. 23 primary, the date the appeals court chose in its recent redistricting decision.

The panel of judges then said the Democratic-controlled Legislature drew congressional maps “with permissive partisan intent,” Chief Justice Janet Defiore wrote.

Starting this week, New Yorkers will hold separate primaries to choose candidates for all offices except for congressional and state Senate seats, including governor and members of the state assembly on June 28. Good governance groups have called on lawmakers to reschedule the primaries by Aug. 23, but they have yet to do so. Gov. Kathy Hochul said in early May that changing the June date would confuse voters.

Assembly districts, also drawn by state lawmakers in Albany, have faced numerous court challenges and remain in place. Just last week, Steuben County Superior Court Judge Patrick McAllister threw out a lawsuit challenging him at the last minute.

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New York’s once-in-a-decade redistricting process has been rocky from the start, when the state’s independent redistricting commission began drawing new political boundaries based on new population data from the 2020 Census.

In its first draft, the IRC split along partisan lines and issued two sets of dueling maps. The group ultimately failed to produce a final set of maps before 2022, when the legislature took over the process and drew its own political boundaries.

The Brennan Center’s Lee said New York is not alone in creating a Gerrymandered map. Many states do, and only four states — Arizona, California, Colorado and Michigan — have independent commissions designed to reduce partisan bias in drawing political maps, he said.

What Nys Assembly District Am I In

But in general, he said, it’s more common for GOP-controlled states to create and stick fake maps.

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“States where Republicans control the pen are a little more like the Wild West when it comes to gerrymandering, so they’re getting too far,” he said.

This could be avoided with a Voting Freedom Act that would ban partisan gerrymandering at the national level, as Lee has previously written. But in Congress, “Democrats couldn’t function,” he said.

After years of unclear and questionable deductions, Meyer reported taxable income from the Bed-Stuy Rowhouse he claimed as his residence.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission finally approved the plan at the site, where it had rejected proposals since 1983, but a judge halted the plan.

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All indoor pools in the city were closed Thursday to allow lifeguards to attend an hour-long ‘meet and greet’ at the Chelsea Recreation Center in Manhattan, the first such gathering in recent memory.

As the 10th anniversary of deadly Superstorm Sandy approaches, the city comptroller is looking into how much federal money various agencies have spent on recovery and resilience.

Department of Corrections Commissioner Louis Molina wants to keep people locked up in solitary confinement for longer periods of time — even though Rikers reformers want to end the practice altogether. The “Unity Map” was compiled by three civil rights legal groups — the Asian American Legal Defense Fund, the Center for Law and Social Justice and Latino Justice — and shows districts dedicated to preserving community political power. , organizers especially important considering the growth of the Asian population in the city according to last year’s census.

What Nys Assembly District Am I In

A coalition of New York civil groups is calling on Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state Legislature to adopt the “Unity Map” — a draft redistricting map developed by civil rights groups rather than one created by the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC).

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At a news conference Monday afternoon, organizers from several groups, including the Minkwon Community Action Center and the Chinese American Planning Council, criticized the redistricting commission’s process for drawing up their maps, culminating in a partisan dispute and two separate conflicts over the draft maps. is in separate sets. It will be sent to the state parliament before Monday.

“We are disappointed but not surprised by the impasse of the IRC,” said Liz Ouyang, coordinator of Asian Pacific Americans Voting and Organizing to Increase Civic Participation (APVOICE), a group of about 20 organizations that aim to increase Asian American representation. is to increase. civilian life.

“At that time, a 10-member so-called independent commission is established, which is also divided along party lines,” Ouyang said. “There were no additional freely elected commissioners