What Offices Are In The Empire State Building

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The Empire State Building celebrated its 85th birthday this year. The Art Deco skyscraper is an icon of the New York City skyline and, as the term suggests, it was the city’s first tower. It houses one of the most famous observatories in the world. If you were to put it next to that, the building and the spear would extend beyond the width of the Pentagon. With its decadent view, it’s easy to miss the Empire State Building in its most basic form: an office building. Despite its age in a technologically advanced century, the Empire State Building still has it all, despite competition from Hudson Yards or the World Trade Center.

What Offices Are In The Empire State Building

What Offices Are In The Empire State Building

Case in point: Shutterstock, a global licensing company with 1.4 million customers in 150 countries, moved its global headquarters to the Empire State Building in 2014, says Razia Ferdousi-Meyer, Shutterstock’s head of global facilities and operations. Many factors came into play, not least the building’s central location for employee traffic. It doesn’t hurt that Shutterstock CEO John Oringer is friendly with the builders, who have given the company unequivocal permission to boast the co-working space for the company born this century.

Empire State Building Tries To Grab More Visitors In Top Us Tourist Mecca

Of course, Shutterstock has also contributed to making the empire building work for them. Architecture firm The Studios was brought in to redesign the 79,000 square meters on the 20th and 21st floors into something more meaningful than just its exterior. For the update, Shutterstock analyzed 50,000,000 hours over seven months to determine the number and composition of conference rooms needed to accommodate its growing team. Anyone who works in a collaborative corporate culture knows that creating an adequate meeting space can be a challenge. Shutterstock is locked in its New York office.

In the Empire State building, Shutterstock has created its own unique complex: one compound with two solid connecting stairs and one compound with access to its office balcony. The stairs speak for themselves, but the two balconies offer a rare amenity for his workers: outdoor Wi-Fi. While no one was enjoying the terraces on a recent visit, Ferdowsi-Meyer said they were not being used. The office sometimes hosts happy hours there, and on other occasions it is sometimes used as a venue for office meditation sessions.

That is, when meditation classes are often separated from their good yoga studio. Despite the Empire State Building in New York City, the office space looks more typical of a Silicon Valley tech company. The valley. For starters, Shutterstock hires a personal chef every day to prepare lunch for employees — menus that are of course gluten-free, vegetarian, or served free in the office cafeteria for those with food allergies. Snacks like fresh fruit and yogurt are always on hand, as is coffee.

Employees at Shutterstock work an average of nine to 10 hours, so the agency provides a sense of well-being for employees who may struggle to fit into their work schedule. Ogaoga and meditation classes are taught regularly in the evenings and praise masses can be booked every Friday at 15 minute intervals. An 8-bit themed game room has a ping pong table and a themed room off the lounge has video games.

Empire State Building Dedicated

It takes a keen eye to spot the updated office design, playroom and all, the Art Deco look of the Empire State Building’s interior. For all the things Shutterstock could change, there were things it couldn’t. The original Art Deco railings, which contained the radiators, were to remain. Instead of hiding this design, it was modeled after the decorative screen that illuminates the middle level of the office. The original panels announce the heights of the lifts. A post office built in the 1930s still serves letters on the first floor.

For this computer, the age of homebase C is not as old. With some innovation and good design, the site has grown to match Shutterstock’s entrepreneurial spirit. “Honestly, I wake up every day and I can’t believe I’m working in the Empire State Building,” Ferdowsi-Meyer said. The Empire State Building Observatory is our biggest project to date. The ambitious, three-phase redesign transformed the building’s queuing experience into a carefully choreographed journey, seamlessly connecting our digital elements to the building’s extensive history and current relevance in pop culture.

As a key contributor to the best team, including exhibition designers Thinc Design and Antfood Creative Sound Studio, we created digital elements for over 40 unique performances in the permanent exhibition. We have ensured that all content and communications are carefully translated into nine languages ​​to ensure the diversity of the approximately four million people we welcome each year.

What Offices Are In The Empire State Building

Inspired by the photography of Lewis Hayne, the Architectural Gallery presents a historically accurate, life-size video work that surrounds visitors on four walls and the ceiling. The tape features 30 different actors, as the building’s construction flies over hot rivets and steel beams at breakneck speed. Set to a unique 50-piece orchestral score commissioned by the Empire State Building, the world’s most famous architectural exhibition celebrates the building’s leading role in pop culture every decade since the 1930s.

Empire State Building Goes Public: Here Are Its Tenants

The Kong exhibit welcomes visitors to an office inside the 1930s Empire State Building, where a tenacious King Kong clings to the edge of the structure, peering down at the audience and firing two jets as he climbs. Visitors can touch it and hear it squeak and chirp while the lights flicker and turn on. Designed for selfie moments, the display caters to the target audience of social media sharing.

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Tour LinkedIn’s New York office where employees enjoy free meals and a speech at the Empire State Building.

The Empire State Building’s History Offers Hope For Today

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In many ways, LinkedIn has become an integral part of everyone’s career, connecting more than 500 million people in more than 200 countries seeking new opportunities.

But what about the more than 10,000 people who work at the company, which Microsoft bought for $26 billion in 2016?

What Offices Are In The Empire State Building

Last summer we decided to visit LinkedIn’s Manhattan office located in the Empire State Building in downtown New York.

Empire State Building Spire Restoration Nears Completion In Midtown

Arriving at our office on a rainy Friday morning in October, we took one of the building’s famous Art Deco elevators to the 25th floor. Although LinkedIn is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, the company has 30 offices around the world. A total of 700 employees work in the Empire State Building.

We welcome travelers in a colorful reception with LinkedIn books and a cafeteria for employees and guests.

The company first moved into the Empire State Building in 2011. Since then, the building consists of floors 24, 25, 26 and 28 half, 22, 23, half floors. Design studio IA interior architects worked on the 24th, 26th and 28th floors.

A few minutes after our arrival, we were greeted by Lindsay Kniffin, Corporate Communications Manager, Katie Campofelis, Workplace Manager, and Nawal Fakhoury, Training and Experience Manager.

Will Office Buildings Ever Be The Same? Empire State Offers Clues

One of our first stops was the office cinema where employees could watch movies or battle FIFA tournaments.

We left the theater and passed a high-tech vending machine. Employees can access all kinds of work-related devices, keyboards, and chargers with their LinkedIn employee badge.

Then we went to the kitchen. LinkedIn employees enjoy free breakfast and lunch every day. The company also offers self-service such as pop-up poké bars and candy stations.

What Offices Are In The Empire State Building

We visited

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