What Oils Are Good For Hair Growth

What Oils Are Good For Hair Growth – When digging around the internet for ways to get long, thick hair, you’ll find tips on castor oil for hair growth. The hair oil is not new in the slightest (castor oil is a centuries-old hair treatment and long-time favorite Jamaican beauty remedy), and it is one of the ingredients that have cemented its status as a staple in many hairstyle routines. It makes sense: applying castor oil is easy, affordable, accessible and surprisingly beneficial for your hair and scalp.

That is, even the best products and ingredients have their limitations. (Spoiler alert!) While castor oil may not be the hair growth miracle you’re looking for, it still has its place and deserves a place in your hair regimen. We asked dermatologists, trichologists, hair stylists, and even ophthalmologists and lash specialists to get all the best tips and insights to find out the best ways to use castor oil and find out if it can really help you grow long hair. Want to know what we learned? Scroll through.

What Oils Are Good For Hair Growth

What Oils Are Good For Hair Growth

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Castor oil is a vegetable oil pressed from castor beans and has been around for centuries. You may have seen yellow or black versions on Amazon or at your local Ulta, but it’s usually colorless. Jamaican black castor oil is one of the most popular variations (and a favorite of licensed esthetician and hair expert Nascha Burrell). It has a thick consistency because it is boiled with ash which gives it a warm, roasted aroma. Castor oil is packed with vitamin E, fatty acids and minerals, says NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, and is naturally emollient, making it an ideal ingredient for ultra-hydrating conditioners and masks.

It’s a super popular option for treating irritated scalps, excess oil and dandruff, and “not only is castor oil anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, it also helps the skin retain moisture,” says Michelle. Blazer, Bosslamed Trichologist.

The good news: If you’re looking to add shine, flyaways and style to your hair, castor oil is an affordable treatment, says hairstylist Courtney Foster. Those

Although there are many stories about castor oil and hair growth, there are no studies or scientific proof that prove that castor oil actually makes your hair grow. I know, I know – the truth hurts.

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But while there is no definitive evidence directly linking castor oil and hair growth, all hope is not lost. Hear me out: Castor oil’s ricinoleic acid helps lock in moisture and promotes a clean and healthy scalp—all essential for hair growth. So if the goal is to make your hair very long, you have no reason to

It is important to remember that no matter what products or treatments you use, hair growth does not happen overnight. Hair only grows half an inch each month, as previously explained by Patricia Williams, hairstylist and brand educator at Cream of Nature, in a Cosmo article. And that growth only happens if your hair is already in a healthy state with minimal split ends and damage.

So how often should you use castor oil to reap the full benefits? “There’s no standard for how often you should use castor oil, but I recommend once or twice a week for at least three months because that’s usually when new hair comes in,” says Blazer. And hey, if you still don’t see a noticeable difference after three months, at least you’ll have hydrated, shiny-as-hell hair.

What Oils Are Good For Hair Growth

As long as you use caution (i.e. you don’t get it directly in your eyes), castor oil is safe to use on your eyebrows and eyelashes. Again, there is no guarantee that castor oil will make your hair grow faster, but It can work as an excellent eyelash conditioning serum. “Castor oil moisturizes your eyelashes, making them thicker and shinier,” Ilyse Haberman, an ophthalmologist at NYU Langone Health, explained in a previous Cosmo article. “It can help prevent eyelash breakage, And it can lead to healthy growth.”

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One thing to keep in mind: Dermatologist Lily Talakoub, founder of Derm to Door, says castor oil is known to clog pores. “The skin around your browbones and browbones can be thin and clogged, and using castor oil can aggravate blackheads, blackheads, and acne,” she explains. It applies to all skin types, not just oily or acne-prone people, so it’s best to approach with caution (and it’s never a bad idea to do a patch test on your neck or see your dermatologist before trying it on your face).

Pp. anger. Make sure you get the stuff off with a patch test (just like you do with your eyebrows and eyelashes) and don’t be afraid to have your dermatologist run it—especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Dr. Talakoob emphasizes being extra careful with castor oil in your hair (again, it’s known to clog pores) and before bed.

There is no right or wrong way to apply castor oil to your hair – some people like to leave it on overnight while others like to massage it into their scalp. The best option for you depends entirely on your hair type and concerns. As a reminder, Jamaican black castor oil is on the thicker side, so it’s best for anyone with thick or coarse hair, while regular cold-pressed castor oil is great for finer hair types.

Bural likes to use castor oil for scalp massages, but don’t forget the ends too. Burrell suggests working the product through the hair strands and the scalp for 5-10 minutes. You can try sitting under a steamer for 20-30 minutes to help the oil penetrate your scalp, and leave it until your next wash day.

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Burrell says to dilute castor oil with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil for best results. As previously shared with Cosmo, trichologist Bridget Hill also loves mixing castor oil with olive oil (another carrier oil) as a hair treatment, and the combination works great for an intensely moisturizing pre-mousse on dry hair.

You can also try mixing a few drops of castor oil into your conditioner at least 30 minutes before washing and spreading it through damp hair (hairstyle and texture expert Jasmine “Jacy” Santiago previously shared

Coat your hair with castor oil and rub it on a shower cap before going to bed. When you wake up, comb your hair gently and follow with shampoo and conditioner. Note: Some people opt for double shampoos to fully wash out the castor oil.

What Oils Are Good For Hair Growth

Combine castor oil with olive, grape seed, coconut and vitamin E oils in an applicator bottle for a gentle and antioxidant-rich scalp treatment. Check out this tutorial to see how to do it.

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Before bed, lightly dip a clean spoolie brush or Q-tip in castor oil (a small amount will do) and carefully swipe the product along your lashline without getting any product in your eye. Wash off the product in the morning.

Bonus tip: As celebrity lash extension expert Dionne Phillips of D’Lashes explained earlier, castor oil works great for removing lash extensions.

. Use the same technique as above to simultaneously treat your own lashes and loosen the glue to remove the extensions.

Although there is no scientific data on castor oil and hair growth, this cost-friendly oil can do wonders for your hair and scalp, which is essential for healthy, long hair. Remember to be careful of everyday behaviors that can often cause hair loss and breakage, such as wearing super-tight hairstyles (think: braids and tight ponytails), brushing too hard and using high-heat styles. Because even castor oil can only do so much.

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There are many essential oils that a person can use to promote hair health. These oils are ingredients in various products, including specialty shampoos and conditioners.

What Oils Are Good For Hair Growth

While more research is needed, there is some evidence to suggest that essential oils can help hair grow healthy and strong. Examples include:

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Bergamot essential oil has been found to help heal wounds and reduce inflammation. This helps in hair growth and promotes a healthy scalp.

Plants. According to one study, when jojoba