What Organs Are On Your Left Side

What Organs Are On Your Left Side – When you donate a glass of blood, you lose about 3.5 trillion red blood cells, but your body replaces them quickly.

The spleen is located on the left side of the abdomen, below the ribs, and is often removed by traumaCredit: Getty – Attachment

What Organs Are On Your Left Side

What Organs Are On Your Left Side

The stomach (above) can be removed due to cancer or trauma. Surgeons can bypass the stomach and connect a feeding tube to the intestineCredit: Getty – Contributor

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Encased in a tissue-like capsule, it tears easily and allows blood to drain from the damaged spleen.

It is involved in the storage and processing of red blood cells and white blood cells and platelets.

When the stomach is removed, surgeons connect the esophagus (the esophagus) directly to the intestine. With a good recovery, people can eat a normal diet along with vitamins, says Adam Taylor, professor of anatomy at Lancaster University

The stomach performs four main functions: mechanical digestion by contracting to break down food, chemical digestion by secreting acid to aid in the chemical breakdown of food, and then digestion and secretion.

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In 2012, an English woman had to have her stomach removed after consuming a cocktail of liquid nitrogen.

The primary reproductive organs are the ovaries in males and the ovaries in females. In women, the uterus may also be removed, a hysterectomyCredit: Getty – Attachment

Removal of one or both is often caused by cancer, such as ovarian cancer, or in men, often as a result of violence, sports or traffic accidents.

What Organs Are On Your Left Side

The gut, or large intestine, is a six-foot-long tube that recycles water and prepares the soil by compressing wasteCredit: Getty – Attachment

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The colon is a tube about six feet long and has four names: ascending, transverse, descending, and sigmoid.

The presence of cancer or other diseases may lead to the need to remove part or all of the colon.

The gallbladder is located under the liver, below the rib cage. It determines the fat in the diet and helps the intestines absorb fatCredit: Getty – Supplement

The liver produces bile continuously to help break down fats, but when it is not needed for digestion, it is stored in the gallbladder.

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When the intestines sense fat, a hormone is released that causes the gallbladder to form and helps the intestines absorb the fat.

However, excess cholesterol in the gallbladder can form gallstones, which can block the small tubes that move the gallbladder.

The operation is called a cholecystectomy. Around 70,000 people in the UK have these procedures every year.

What Organs Are On Your Left Side

The appendix is ​​a small worm-like structure at the junction of the large and small intestines.

Stomach, Gallbladder And Pancreas

Originally thought to be a preservative, it is now thought to be a “safe home” for the good bacteria in your gut, allowing them to multiply when needed.

Due to the blind nature of the appendix, when intestinal contents enter, it can be difficult to escape and can therefore become inflamed. It is called appendicitis.

A word of warning, though: Just because you remove your joint doesn’t mean it can’t come back and hurt you again.

There are some cases where the base of the joint cannot be completely removed, resulting in a “stumpit”.

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Most people have two kidneys, but with dialysis, you can survive with just one, or even noneCredit: Getty – Attachment

Most people have two kidneys, but you can live with just one, or even none (with the help of dialysis).

The role of the kidneys is to filter the blood to maintain water and electrolyte balance, as well as acid-base balance.

What Organs Are On Your Left Side

It works like never before, using a variety of processes to keep the body’s essential proteins, cells, and nutrients intact.

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More importantly, it gets rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff by passing through the kidneys to pass it out as urine.

There are many reasons why people end up having one or both kidneys removed: hereditary conditions, drugs and alcohol, and even infections Adam Taylor

There are many reasons why people end up having one or both kidneys removed: hereditary conditions, drug and alcohol abuse, and even infection.

One uses a machine containing a dextrose solution to clean the blood, while the other uses a special catheter inserted into the abdomen to allow the dextrose solution to be manually pumped in and out.

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If a person is on dialysis, life expectancy depends on many factors, including the type of dialysis, gender, other medical conditions the person may have, and age.

Recent studies have shown that someone on dialysis in their 20s can live 16 to 18 years, and someone in their 60s can live five years.

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What Organs Are On Your Left Side

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English: Superficial projections of the major organs of the trunk using the vertebral column and rib cage as reference points for superficial anatomy. Transpilor Plain and McBurney’s Point are among the landmarks.

File: trunk.svg body overhead projections is a vector version of this file. If not, you should use this instead of the PNG file.

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The following raster images (.png format) have the most commonly used bodies, and text and lines can be added to almost any graphics editor. This is the easiest method, but it leaves no room for customizing which organs are displayed.

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In this way, body diagrams can be obtained by not gluing organs to one of the “simple” body shapes shown below. This method requires a graphics editor that can handle transparent shapes to avoid white squares around organs when sticking to body shapes. Images of the organs can be found on the project homepage. These were originally designed to fit a masculine silhouette/silhouette.

The following vector templates can be used for drawing images with Inkscape, for example. The method with the greatest potential.

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What Organs Are On Your Left Side

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This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect the original file information. A timestamp can be as accurate as a camera clock or completely wrong. In this post, I will introduce the anatomy of the abdomen. Abdominal X-rays and abdominal CT scans are common imaging tests performed in a variety of medical settings. I will first introduce the concepts, organs and structures related to the abdomen and then move on to some diagrams.

A famous organ in the abdomen is the stomach, but the stomach is only one stop on the food journey. Understanding the direction of food through the body can be helpful in understanding the stomach (which includes most of the pathway). Voila:

Different abdominal organs (image source). Here you can see the liver on the right side of the body (left side of the picture). The stomach and spleen are on the left side of the body (right side of the figure). The pancreas is located behind the stomach. The large and small intestines are also visible but not marked here.

Intestines (Image source). Here you can see that the large intestine (shown here in dark pink) forms a kind of frame around the small intestine (shown here in light pink). Food first passes through the small intestine, which in real life looks really “messy,” and then through the large intestine, which is attached to the “back wall of the body” and hangs in that frame. . .

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Intestine (Image source). Here, different parts of the small intestine are colored differently. The duodenum is the first part of the large intestine, consisting of the yellow and