What Qb Has Been Sacked The Most

What Qb Has Been Sacked The Most – Tom Brady is a leader in many statistical parameters and will be a leader in passing yards when he returns to the New England Patriots. But what we’re sure he doesn’t want is the record he passed last week, the most sacked quarterback of all time.

Brady was sacked three times Sunday against the Rams, an NFL-record 527 times in his career.

What Qb Has Been Sacked The Most

What Qb Has Been Sacked The Most

Tom Brady is another record. πŸ˜…Brady was sacked three times Sunday against the Rams, an NFL-record 527 career sacks. https://t.co/fUZiJmem9T

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Note, however, that having such a record is not necessarily a bad thing, as it is a testament to a quarterback’s longevity. All the heroes on the list are legendary quarterbacks, none more so than Tom Brady. We look at quarterbacks who have been sacked more than 500 times in their careers.

Tom Brady has now been sacked 527 times, three of which came in his last game against the Los Angeles Rams. He accomplished that feat in 304 games, meaning he was sacked less than twice. It goes to show the intelligence of Tom Brady’s game and also points to how he was fortunate to play behind better offensive lines than others.

He is now the most sacked QB in #NFL history at 527 times, passing Brett Favre at 525.

#TomBrady broke another record last weekend, becoming the most sacked QB in #NFL history with 527 times, passing Brett Favre at 525. Yet Brady hasn’t missed a game due to injury since 2008 🐐 https://t.co/PVUOoQ6xQA

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Brett Favre holds Tom Brady’s record. He was dismissed 525 times in 302 matches. The former Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings QB has long been the leader in this category, but he will soon fall to third place.

Pittsburgh Steelers passer Ben Roethlisberger will soon be second only to Tom Brady on this list. He has three fewer than Tom Brady and will be ahead of Brett Favre if he is sacked just twice in the next game. One of the most impressive things about his record is that he reached 524 sacks in just 236 games.

Ben Roethlisberger’s sack rate is none other than Denver Broncos legend John Elway. He was dismissed 516 times in just 234 matches. He is the last of four quarterbacks with more than 500 career sacks.

What Qb Has Been Sacked The Most

We see other quarterbacks still playing and catching, like Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger, who have already been sacked more than 400 times.

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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has already reached 473 sacks in 200 games. That’s a higher rate than Ben Roethlisberger, and if he plays like Tom Brady, he’s sure to top the list at some point.

Matt Ryan struck out 417 times in 208 games. While it’s still not as high a ratio as Aaron Rodgers’, the Atlanta Falcons signal-caller could hold the current record if he plays a few more years than Brady and Rodgers.

With the highest sacks per game ratio on this list, Russell Wilson might be the leader when all is said and done. The Seattle Seahawks have amassed 402 sacks in 147 games. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show you personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience comes from. To learn more or opt out, read our Cookie Policy. Please read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use effective December 20, 2019.

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Extension teams are flawed by design. Unless they are the Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL, they grind into existence at a massive disadvantage. These teams are often a mix of promising rookies, last-gasp veterans and prospects that other franchises don’t have room for.

A prototypical pro passer selected first overall in the 2002 draft, Carr was the crown jewel of the NFL’s return to Houston at the turn of the millennium. The Fresno State product has been considered a cornerstone of the Texans offense since the team emerged from the ether and existed that year.

But even with head coach Dom Capers having his franchise quarterback, there was no one to reliably keep him upright. This was the problem. Carr was an athletic model β€” he ran a 4.67-second 40 at the NFL Combine β€” but he wasn’t much of a scrambler. He came into the league averaging 0.5 yards per carry in college and used his racquet arm well in the clean pocket. As a rookie, his pockets were as clean as the dialogue in a David Mamet play.

What Qb Has Been Sacked The Most

Carr started behind an offensive line that included two rookies: a left guard who hadn’t started another game since 2002, a right tackle whose career ended in late 2003, and actually useful center Steve McKinney. The Texans hoped to use All-Pro left tackle after selecting Tony Boselli with the first pick of their expansion draft, but a shoulder injury prevented him from getting a chance to keep Carr from Groundhog Day-style sacks. Houston’s pocket shrank from the outside with the desperate consistency of a trash compactor.

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The good news is that the Texans won their first game, beating the Emmitt Smith-led Dallas Cowboys. The bad news is Carr only had six dropbacks in his professional career. Because he dropped the ball, his first official sack didn’t come until Michael Myers was introduced to the turf four plays later.

And the Cowboys did it five more times. Six, if we consider Peppy Zellner a rough passer call. Seven, if we count the time a double-team by Ebenezer Ekuban and Demetric Evans got to him but the play was negated by an illegal contact penalty. About 20 if we count the time the car received the ball in the split-second before the chest constricted like a crash test dummy.

Any pass downfield emboldened defensive coordinators. Houston’s Week 2 opponent, the Chargers, understood this and spent their week of pregame practices devising ways to punish Carr.

San Diego buried the rookie passer in what turned out to be the worst game of his 11-year career in an NPC blitz attack.

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The second game in Texans history was the lowest-rated snuff film. The Chargers harassed Carr with blitzes and found ways to sack him with a three-man rush. They sacked him nine times, in which he completed just six of 25 pass attempts. His net yards on the afternoon were 56 thanks to 27 rushing yards.

His next week was a little less stressful, though he didn’t have much success. The Colts sacked him just four times in the 23-3 loss. Then the flood started again. Seven sacks against the Eagles. Five against the bill. Eight against the Browns. The Texans were 1-5 in six games. Carr averaged 167 passing yards and 34 yards per game in sacks. His 39 sacks during the 2017 regular season tied for sixth in the NFL.

But then things got better. Carr was on pace for 104 sacks on the season, but a slow-set offensive line and a scheme built around mitigating that weakness helped minimize the damage and drop that number to 76. In the final 10 games of the season, Carr was sacked twice only 5 times. (That’s even scarier; no wooden statue of Ben Roethlisberger has been sacked four times since 2014.)

What Qb Has Been Sacked The Most

Randall Cunningham holds a spot on the single-season steals leaderboard, but no quarterback in league history has broken into the 70s in sack time. However, Cunningham’s reign at the top of the list after the 1986 season deserves special mention. The former MVP’s scrambling style made him vulnerable in the pocket (and the broken runs counted as sacks), leading to 72 sacks in one season, starting just five games and throwing just 209 passes. For comparison, Carr’s 76 sacks came while throwing 444 passes.

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Cunningham would still lead the league in sacks four times in his career, but that was always more a function of his dual-threat style than any real shortcomings up front. Carr, on the other hand, was a more traditional drop-back passer, not slaughtered as a terrific blocker. Things will get better