What Qb Has The Most Rushing Tds

What Qb Has The Most Rushing Tds – Kyler Murray and Cam Newton have both rushed for double-digit touchdowns this season, a mark reached just five times by quarterbacks in the Super Bowl era prior to 2020. But they’re not alone:

Of rushing touchdowns this season by quarterbacks. With two weeks to play, NFL quarterbacks have rushed for 110 touchdowns in 224 games (or 448 team games). That’s an average of one every four games, or about 4 every 16 games. Which is … a lot. As recently as 1993, when there were 28 teams, NFL quarterbacks rushed for 28 touchdowns over the course of a season, or 1 per team’s 16 games. In 2009 and 2010, NFL quarterbacks rushed for 46 touchdowns, or 1.44 per team game. Three years ago, quarterbacks averaged “only” 63 touchdowns, or less than 2 per team game. This year, we can double that mark! The graph below shows quarterback rushing touchdowns per team game for every year since 1970, and 2020 through week 15. To call it a big seller would be a misnomer:

What Qb Has The Most Rushing Tds

What Qb Has The Most Rushing Tds

Touchdown runs more than 35 yards, but he is still an outlier. The two longest runs by a non-Jackson quarterback are by New York quarterbacks Sam Darnold (46 yards) and Daniel Jones (34 yards, not the 88-yard mark); Those are the only five touchdown runs by quarterbacks of 25+ yards so far this season.

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Instead, it was a 1-yard touchdown run that changed things. 35% of all rushing touchdowns come from just one yard, and 49% of all rushing touchdowns come from 1 or 2 yards. For Newton, he had 5 touchdowns from the 1-yard line and another 2 from the 2-yard line; In Buffalo, five of Allen’s 8 field goals came from within six feet. The graph below shows how many of the 110 touches come from each line.

As John Turney notes, quarterbacks caught 24% of all rushing touchdowns, which is also the highest mark ever; Which goes along with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčassuming that a quarterback’s rushing touchdowns are eagles running for touchdowns from other players rather than replacing passing touchdowns. Further proof of that theory is that passing touchdowns are also at an all time high right now (1.7 per game). For what it’s worth, quarterbacks have also caught 23.5% of all 1-yard touchdowns this season, which means they’re not getting a disproportionate number of 1-yard touchdowns (compared to all other rushing touchdowns).

Finally, here’s the length of each rushing TD, from shortest to longest (from left to right) for each quarter, sorted by number of QB rushing TDs (from top to bottom). He already holds the franchise record for rushing yards by a rookie quarterback (389), eclipsing the previous mark of 210 set by Dennis Shaw in 1970. He currently ranks 10th all-time and eighth since the AFL-NFL merger in rookie . yards, and has four starts in the 2018 campaign.

Counting his eight games this season, including the second half in the opener and three quarters at Houston before the injury, his 389 rushing yards in a season was on pace to finish with more than 580 rushing yards in his rookie season (583). .

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If he hits that number, it would put him third all-time for rookie rushing yards behind Robert Griffin III (815) and Cam Newton (706). And the two quarterbacks played in 15 and 16 games, respectively, in their rookie seasons.

Of course, Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson might have something to say about that, too. He currently leads Allen with 404 yards this season, but has played in 12 games.

Allen’s 135 yards in Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins were the most by an NFL quarterback since Colin Kaepernick’s 151 against the San Diego Chargers on Dec. 20, 2014, in a game in which Kaepernick had a 90-yard touchdown run. .

What Qb Has The Most Rushing Tds

Allen’s 135 yards are also the most by a rookie QB since the aforementioned Griffin III had 138 for Washington against Minnesota in 2012.

Josh Allen Now Trails Only O.j. Simpson, Thurman Thomas For Most Rushing Touchdowns In Bills History

The Bills’ signal-caller has a shot at the team’s all-time rushing mark by a quarterback, held by Tyrod Taylor. Taylor rushed for 580 yards in 2016 to set a franchise record.

“You have to put him in that category as a runner,” McCoy said of Allen. “Now I’m sure he’s going to get the attention that he can run. So they’re going to send different bursts, like they’re pressing, squeezing the pocket instead of rushing. I think they’re going to change it. ..It may not.. Be the next game, but when they see more tape and how tough he is… he’s quick wit.

48.6 – Josh Allen’s rushing yards per game average is currently the second-highest single-season average among rookie QBs in NFL history. Only RGIII has a higher average (54.3).

Behind Allen are Hall of Famer Steve Young (46.6) and former San Francisco QB in the 1960s, Billy Kilmer (46.3).

Most Rushing Touchdowns By A Qb In One Game

2004-2005 – Buffalo’s defense was top in terms of yards allowed. For the fourth straight game, the Bills held their opponent to less than 130 passing yards. Miami had just 115 net in last Sunday’s game. This is the first time the Bills defense has done so in four consecutive games since the 2004-2005 season. Buffalo is also the first NFL team to post a four-game winning streak since the New York Giants in 2009.

In fact, Buffalo has held seven of its last eight opponents since Week 5 to under 200 passing yards and six under 150, including the last four. The last team to allow fewer than 150 passing yards in four straight games was the 2014 Seahawks.

32 games – Entering Sunday’s game at Miami, Buffalo had the league’s fourth-longest two-point streak. The Bills went 32 games without scoring two points. On Sunday, Josh Allen got the ball to Zey Jones on a rush and reached the end zone to put Buffalo up by three early in the fourth quarter.

What Qb Has The Most Rushing Tds

3 streaks complete – Stephen Hauschka has put together another solid season, but Sunday wasn’t good enough to end his personal streak of three. His missed extra point at Miami was his first in a Buffalo tie in 45 attempts. The Bills have the second-longest streak in the league of consecutive games without a missed PAT (29).

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Hauschka also had the fourth-longest 50-yard punt streak, but that ended in the fourth when he went 55 yards.

The streak of consecutive kicks made in general (FG & XP) is probably the most difficult to witness. Hauschka has the second-longest hitting streak in the league at 61 games. It runs through October 22, 2017.

Fortunately, his hitting streak of 50 yards (27 games) and 40 yards (38 games) remained intact with his 32-yarder on Sunday. Those two streaks are second only to New Englander Stephen Gostkowski (47 and 35).

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What Qb Has The Most Rushing Tds

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