What Qvc Host Died On The Air

What Qvc Host Died On The Air – Dan Wheeler has more hours in front of the camera than David Letterman and Jay Leno combined – more than 11,000 hours in his career. Most of these items have been collected over the past 29 years on QVC, the number one online store in the world.

During his time on QVC, Wheeler interviewed all of his childhood heroes — people like Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio and George Foreman — and hundreds of others from the worlds of sports, entertainment, business and politics. He has traveled the world, visiting historical sites and tasting different foods than most foodies would imagine.

What Qvc Host Died On The Air

What Qvc Host Died On The Air

And the foundation of this journey was established here during my college (now university) years in Springfield, Missouri. Wheeler got his first taste of live broadcasting in 1974 as a sophomore on a campus radio station.

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“I remember working at KECC and realizing that radio is a wonderful way to reach people with a message,” he said after a book tour in the Ozarks. “When students on campus said they heard my presentation, I was happy that I was able to connect with so many people through the microphone.”

He played baseball, loved music, and learned to combine these interests with humor on his popular evening radio show.

“The work environment is amazing to me and I really enjoy working there. So I remember thinking – I love this and I seem to have a knack for it, so how do I want to live my life!

Wheeler graduated in 1977 with a double major in communications and biblical studies and majored in communications. important that year.

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Danny stayed in Springfield after graduation and got his first professional job as a sports announcer at the former KMTC-TV, appearing over the years for KDEB, KSFX and now KOZL .

He told the students that they should take opportunities, move and follow their goals wherever they go. He had seven jobs from Springfield to Chicago and Minnesota before landing a gig with the new QVC network.

“I have been praying for three years, thinking that this is the direction of our family’s migration to the East,” he told the students. “Now I look back and I’m happy that I spent 29 years in the biggest business in the world.

What Qvc Host Died On The Air

Dan Wheeler and QVC started the new year in 2015 with a focus on fitness. // Image: QVC (click to enlarge)

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QVC is now available in 110 million homes. On the air, however, Wheeler says he talks to one person at a time. “Our goal is to communicate as if we were talking to the neighbor over the back wall.”

Dan sold over $4 billion (yes, that’s a B) worth of products during his years with QVC from sports memorabilia to books and music, home electronics to crafts.

Since returning to his radio days, career highlights have included releasing new albums for artists including Hall & Oats, Alabama, Michael McDonald and Willie Nelson.

Still, of the hundreds of people he’s met, “the three most memorable are Joe DiMaggio (sports memorabilia), Charlton Heston (Bible on DVD) and Bob Hope (Christmas album),” Wheeler said.

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Most of his efforts are broadcast from a mega-studio in West Chester, Pennsylvania, but Dan is known for his remote broadcasts from around the world.

“QVC introduced the world at the dawn of the new millennium on January 1, 2000, and I am honored to host from Gisborne, New Zealand, the first city of light,” said Wheeler. “It’s 18 hours before New York. John Tesch and I are on a beach overlooking the Indian Ocean with hundreds of thousands of people.

That same year, he spent three weeks in Sydney, Australia, hosting QVC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics.

What Qvc Host Died On The Air

Life is good for the Wheelers. As Danny points out, he and his wife Betty live in a beautiful home and raise a wonderful family. They have two beautiful daughters, a great son-in-law and an amazing granddaughter.

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However, their world was rocked in 2012 when Bette was diagnosed with stage IV endometrial cancer, Danny writes in his book.

For the next three years, Dan juggles his career as a fun-loving, good-natured QVC TV host and takes care of his wife, Beth, as she fights for her life, split up. he in the book.

“Our main thing was turned down, but to the right in an instant,” he wrote. “Although those three years are the hardest of our lives, they are the most important because we don’t waste time thinking about trivial things.”

In his book, he tells personal stories like how chemotherapy turned chemo into “days.” It tells the story of Betty’s great power of love, which affects everyone she touches – like a whirlwind of love.

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This love has spread to the offices of clinics, hospitals and chemotherapy rooms, positively affecting the lives of medical staff, family and friends. “She became every doctor’s favorite patient and helped nurses rediscover why they got into their profession,” Wheeler said.

“In October 2015, after a long run of ideas, he decided to stop treatment. Betty went to heaven at her home on October 30, 2015,” he wrote.

Dan Wheeler (right) with Jeff and Kirstin (Wheeler) Hauser, their three children, and Kelsey Wheeler. // (click to enlarge)

What Qvc Host Died On The Air

Classmate Kay Compton Logsdon was seriously injured. “If you want a book to remind you how to love life, this is it,” he said after reading an early copy.

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“Yes, it tells the story of the cancer journey, from diagnosis to death; But it’s so full of well-done moments that you can’t help but think, “That’s what we do,” says Logsdon, host of The Food Channel.

The death of his beloved wife and the process of writing this book forced Dan to rethink his priorities.

Fearless Faith is a business founded by Dan Wheeler and his friends Terry Steen ’77 (left) and Brian Roland ’73. // (click to enlarge)

In 2016, he teamed up with his old college friend, Terry Steen, and another friend, Brian Roland, to form Fearless Faith Ministries. “The FFM is a non-profit organization created by three friends who seek to pray, encourage and encourage people to live bold lives of faith in God,” they said.

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With more than 23,000 people following them on Facebook, Fearless Faith presents a three-minute daily devotional that alternates between three of what they call “Morning Inspiration bowl.”

Dan Wheeler returned to the Ozarks in early December 2018—for the first time since the mid-1990s—at the invitation of another friend, Karen Best, who serves as mayor of Branson, Missouri, a live entertainment mecca. Midwest.

Dan Wheeler, President Carol Taylor and Branson Mayor Karen Best at University Christmas 2018. // Photo by Paul K. Logsdon (click to enlarge)

What Qvc Host Died On The Air

Best has booked a full week of activities, including a parade, a book signing party and promotional appearances. “His first night in town, we went and enjoyed the 35th

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Annual Christmas concert where Danny met President Carol Taylor and reunited with some old friends,” Best said.

“It was like coming home,” Wheeler said. “My mind is filled with wonderful memories of walking across campus and knowing that my whole life was ahead of me. It was where many of my ideas and dreams were born.”

Steve Grant is an Emmy Award-winning reporter and anchor at KY3 News, NBC’s top-rated affiliate. He fondly remembers Wheeler from classes in the mid-1970s.

Dan Wheeler and NBC’s Steve Grant moments before KY3 goes live. // Photo by Paul K. Logsdon (click to enlarge)

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“We knew then that Danny was a natural for television,” Grant said. “He’s got what we in the business call ‘star power.’ Danny is a testament to the strength and relevance of the Public Relations and Communications Department.”

Back on campus, Wheeler shared words of wisdom with a joint business and communications class. He used the students to show how to create a story, how to put the product in the mind of the listener, and then test them to carry it out.

Business Professor Elizabeth Fletcher (right) welcomes Dan Wheeler to class. Many students were able to stay for more pictures and conversations. // Photo by: Kay Logsdon (click to enlarge)

What Qvc Host Died On The Air

“It’s fun talking to the students – they’re absorbing what I’m saying and taking notes. I was very impressed with their willingness to learn. A truly special place to receive an excellent education in a rich Christian environment.

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Before leaving town, Dan wrote his