What Txt Member Do I Look Like

What Txt Member Do I Look Like – If you like K-pop, you’ve probably met TXT or heard one of their songs. Although they may still be considered young in the K-pop scene, these boys have released bop after bop that have captured the hearts of not only their generation, but even adults. It’s no wonder that TXT also enchants you!

TOMORROW X TOGETHER or TXT debuted in 2019 with CROWN under the agency that produced BTS Big Hit Music. The band’s opening was met with great anticipation, and the boys realized that while it was an advantage, it was also a challenge they had to face. During their debut period, TXT won several awards, including the Grand Slam, and won Rookie of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Melon Music Awards, Seoul Music Awards, Gaon Chart Music Awards, and Golden Disk Awards. Almost three years into their career, TXT has proven that they are artists who will continue to make waves in an industry that reaches the global music space.

What Txt Member Do I Look Like

What Txt Member Do I Look Like

The group consists of five different personalities brought together to create a new tomorrow under one dream. Unlike other groups, TXT does not have designated positions other than the leadership role, proving that the members are versatile. We can safely say that they can dance well in pure sync, sing in harmony and perform with such passion that shines through their impressive stage presence. Each of them has a unique and unrepeatable charm that makes the group’s chemistry shine even more.

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As we get more and more invested in this K-pop boy group, it’s time to meet the members that make up TXT: 1. Subin (Leader)

You may have seen TXT’s leader on various K-pop shows! Choi Subin or Subin was the former MC for KBS.

Her rendition of OH MY GIRL’s “Dolphin” with Aryn has been amazing ever since it went viral. His undeniable charisma attracts not only fans and viewers but also his fellow idols.

In addition to being the leader of his team, Subin is also the father of his hedgehog named Odi. It shows that he has a soft heart, like cotton candy. On stressful days, SOOBIN may enjoy ice cream as his coping mechanism, perhaps he wrote his own way in the same way. When he passed the audition, on his way home, thinking he had failed, he took five ice creams and ate them all by himself.

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Known as K-pop’s “4th Gen It Boy,” 22-year-old Choi Yeongjun gratefully accepted the title given to him by his fans. He trained for many years, making him the legendary “Big Hit” student among the members. This is evident in every performance that shows his versatility. There is no doubt that she is stunning as an idol, Eunjun has also made a cameo in the K-drama Live On and has several modeling gigs, including her New York Fashion Week debut.

Just to see how amazing this young man is, his appearance on Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month is a testament to his talent. While she’s on fire every time she takes the stage, her duality takes you back to the playful Yeongjun when she’s around the members. Oh, and one more thing: don’t forget to check her out on her personal Instagram account, @yawnzzn.

Known as the “energizer” of the group, Choi Beomgyu has incredible energy, making him perfect for variety shows. He likes to imitate his members and his favorite *victim* is Enjun

What Txt Member Do I Look Like

. TXT’s third member, Choi, has a memorable childhood in the Philippines: The trip to the country was his first time abroad, and his father bought him his first guitar.

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), but this contrasts with his bright personality. It genuinely cares about its members and can be considered a social butterfly. He can be very charming and funny, but the performer in him always makes sure that he gives his hundred percent in every performance.

On stage, the ever-enthusiastic Kang Taehyung can be seen hitting high notes and emotionally interpreting the songs he sings. This boy has an interest in performing magic tricks, which makes him suitable as a member of a very magical group. Before debuting as an idol, he was auditioned by many entertainment agencies, but he ended up in Big Hit Music, proving that he really should be in TXT. It’s good that he chose the agency because the lives of MOA (the name of TXT’s fandom) fans will never be the same without him in the group.

Taehyung also likes to spend time at the gym, which makes him not only an inspiration, but an inspiration.~ No matter how bright his eyes are, deep down you can see that there is sweetness and sincerity in everything this idol does.

19-year-old Kai Kamal Huning, or Huningkai, from Hawaii was definitely born a musical prodigy. He can play various instruments and produces and writes songs for his band. In contrast to his dolphin-like screams, Hueningkai has a growling voice that can be seen not only throughout TXT’s discography, but also on covers of songs like 5SOS’s “Youngblood” and Avril Lavigne’s classic hit “Sk8er Boi.” It is 185 cm tall

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(the youngest of the group) has an endless love for plush. You can often see his members stroking their bellies – what a sweet love language!

Hyuningkai is full of love and everything about him radiates positivity. If you visit TXT’s TikTok account, you’ll see his mini-vlogs as he takes us through a typical day. We love a giant baby who shows his love in small ways!

We use cookies to give you the best experience. By continuing, you accept our privacy policy and consent to our use of such cookies. Learn more here. We caught up with the members of TXT who spoke to Vogue Korea to open up about the group’s meaning and more. Scroll down to see what they had to say.

What Txt Member Do I Look Like

We look forward to March 2021, when TXT members will discuss their growth since debut, the group’s meaning, and more. In an interview with Vogue Korea, the group, which stands for Tomorrow X Together, revealed the reason behind the group, saying, “different people come together under a dream in the hope of creating tomorrow.” The interviewer asked each member what this “one dream” meant, and Taehyung replied, “I think the biggest dream is to promote music in a healthy way so that at least one more person can listen to our songs and feel comfortable. We’re about to starting now. I want to leave more potential. If that dream is 100, I think we’re around 3. I think it’s good that we have 97 percent of the potential.

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Eunjun explained their “a dream,” saying, “My dream is to make many people happy through our songs or performances. I felt it during our last comeback show, and I felt it when I spoke on Weverse, but there are people who are mentally or physically injured. What they always tell us is, ‘I became stronger and more patient by listening.’ I have nothing to be proud of.”

The interviewer brought up the group’s latest hit cover of SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’ and Yeonjun replied, ‘I was bad at dancing. I was really, really bad. This was before the worst in my academy. But I hated losing and letting others down, so I trained hard. If my teacher taught something, I would go ahead and record it after class. I would check and get feedback on what was strange or missing. That’s how I got better.”

When asked why he wanted to dance, Yeongjun replied, “There has never been one thing in my life that I have always worked so hard for. Dancing was my first job. I thought if I did that, I could live a really happy life.”

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TXT opened up about the pressure they have to deal with due to BTS’s massive worldwide success and how they use sunbemin’s advice to them. Read below to find out more about what Tomorrow X Together has to share about it.

As BTS continues to dominate the world with their music, Big Hit Entertainment’s new group, TXT aka Tomorrow X Together, is putting a lot of pressure on the Sunbaemins to succeed. In a 2019 interview with Variety, Big Hit