What Type Of Hair Do I Have

What Type Of Hair Do I Have – Hair is perhaps the first thing people notice when they meet someone new. After all, it is one of the few parts of yourself that you can change as a source of self-expression and have complete control over it. Your hair gives you complete control over what you want to do with it. Is it braids, new color, bangs? Do you want to weave it or wig it? Choosing a hairstyle, hair color, haircut or hair length is the only way to freely express your individuality.

Whether it’s a wig or your natural hair, the length of your hair says more about your personality than you think.

What Type Of Hair Do I Have

What Type Of Hair Do I Have

Maintaining short and healthy hair requires frequent visits to the salon for a haircut. Therefore, it is not surprising that girls with a short haircut tend to be artistic and value self-expression more than others. A good example is Kenyan content creator Joy Candy. Those with a creative flair can use specialty products like hair dye or relaxer to style and style their hair.

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Girls with medium hair length are very logical and good-natured. They do not require much maintenance because their hair care does not require as many cuts as short hair or as much product as long haired ladies.

Women with longer locks value their freedom and usually have a carefree and carefree personality. Dreadlocks have become a popular hairstyle among African women, even here in Kenya. Long curls in particular were associated with great freedom for many women.

African women are predominantly born with black curly hair. But those who dye their hair blonde or other bright colors are considered confident and outgoing. Women who experiment with bolder colors like purple, green or pink are seen as bold, experimental and artistic.

Girls with straight hair tend to be pulled together when needed, but are also quick to relax and have fun.

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Curly girls are fierce in everything they do. They are passionate, generous, caring and quick to take initiative.

While other breeds can have straight, wavy or curly locks, most blacks have tight curls to some extent. It can be spirals, coils, loops, zigzags or other curves. That’s why it tends to grow up rather than down, and can create gravity-defying shapes like afros and puffs.

By this standard, black women’s personality can only be compared to their hair by the way they style it. Every woman is allowed to experiment and express herself as she sees fit.

What Type Of Hair Do I Have

Now that you know what message your hair is sending, why not try tweaking the signal a bit? You will be surprised how the world will react to your hairstyle change.

Styles And Cuts For Naturally Curly Hair In 2022

Melanie Khapisu is the founder and CEO of digital marketing agency DigiPath Africa. The agency helps companies and individuals navigate… It can take you time and money. It can be the moment you step outside in real weather. This can drastically change what others say “good hair” should do. Don’t care about all that.

Whether it’s fine, thick, long, short, matte, shiny, curly, curly or straight, your hair deserves respect. Get to know your hair’s curl, porosity, density and styling needs because healthy self-care includes your hair.

Your hair type is primarily based on the curls in your hair. The number of curls in your hair is determined by your hair follicle. The shape of your follicle determines whether your hair is:

You can change your curl pattern with heat or chemicals, your curl pattern may change slightly with the hormones or drugs you take, but your basic curl pattern is in your DNA.

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Andre Walker, known for decades as Oprah Winfrey’s stylist, is credited with developing a system that categorizes hair into one of four types of curls:

These types are further divided into subcategories based on the tightness or looseness of the curls and coils. This may seem simple, but like most attempts to define human characteristics, it is not.

You can have type 4C at the crown and 4A at the temples. Your hair can be straight at the root and wavy at the ends. The key is to understand what each type needs so you can style it properly and keep it healthy.

What Type Of Hair Do I Have

Type 1 hair does not have a natural curl. Individual strands can be thin or coarse, thick or thin, but they fall without hesitation from root to tip.

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Type 1 hair tends to get oily, which is why many stylists recommend checking the label to make sure the product you buy doesn’t add oil to your hair.

Stylist Christy Lovelace also advises avoiding greasy serums and oils. “For straight or fine hair, I would recommend using texturizing sprays. Dry shampoos are also a good idea,” she said.

Washing your hair too often can lead to an overproduction of sebum, so dry shampoo is suitable for owners of smooth oily hair.

“I usually recommend styles based more on face shape than hair type,” she said. “One style that’s very popular right now is the chin-length straight cut, which looks really good with straight hair.”

Things You Should Do If You Have Fine Hair

The natural state of hair type 2 is a delicate tousled texture. From roots to eye level, your hair is quite straight. And from eye level to the tips, you have a loose, undefined wave.

To avoid flattening this wave, stay away from oil or cream based products. Instead, stylists recommend strengthening the base with a light mousse or using a gel to shape the waves.

As with 2A, type 2B hair curls from the middle to the ends. Curls have a more defined S-shape. It might take a little more effort to fix, but it’s easy to create the beachy look with a sprinkle of salt.

What Type Of Hair Do I Have

Type 2B is ideal for balayage, where stylists hand color the outer layer of the hair.

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“When people come in with pictures of balayazh,” Lovelace said, “there will always be wavy hair in the picture because when this hair is curled, it gets volume in the back. People with wavy hair don’t have to go out of their way to style this look.”

The most pronounced S-shaped waves are of type 2C. The wave pattern may start close to the crown and descend. Type 2C hair is often thick and can become tangled in wet weather.

Lovelace recommends using a diffuser, a serrated device that snaps onto the end of your hair dryer to help get rid of frizz.

“I’m a big proponent of products, especially where there are environmental factors like hard water and salt water,” Lovelace said. “Anti-humidity products are huge.”

B Hair Type Guide: Everything You Need To Know

People with 2C hair can become frustrated with alternating daily straightening, which can damage their hair, and trying to find ways to improve and control their waves. The good news is that many light mousses now contain anti-moisture ingredients along with moisture.

On type 3A hair, S-shaped curls form loose loops. The curls have a circumference slightly wider than the large end of the conical light. An important styling note: Saving this type of hair can ruin the shape of the curls and lead to a frizzy mane.

Silvana Castillo, master stylist and founder of The Curl Whisperer, a Miami-based salon specializing in hair types 3 and 4, recommends styles and products that define natural curls. Her best advice? Drop your tail.

What Type Of Hair Do I Have

“It’s okay if you go to the gym,” Castillo said, “or if it’s necessary for work. But pulling hair into a ponytail causes curls to lose their shape. And if you keep pulling your hair into a bun or ponytail, you’ll also start to notice thinning and hair loss along the hairline.”

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This hair loss is caused by the weight of the ponytail pressing down on the front of the hair for a long time.

Type 3B curlers have a circumference about the same width as the barrel of a Sharpie marker. Curls grow from the roots and have sufficient volume. To maintain the characteristic spiral shape, these curls usually need moisture.

However, avoid silicone and sulfates in permanent products. They can temporarily tame frizz, but over time can dry out your hair and lead to breakage.

These curls are tight and bouncy – they would ideally wrap around a straw. To keep those corkscrew curls crisp, take a hands-on approach.

What Is 4c Hair? (natural Hair Types Explained)

Instead of brushing, which can lead to frizz and breakage, use a leave-in conditioner and comb through damp hair with your fingertips. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends air drying over a hair dryer.

“Type 4 hair is the most delicate,” Castillo said. “You have to be very careful with him and he needs a lot of moisture.” But getting moisture doesn’t necessarily mean you’re using oils. Deep conditioning masks, oils and creams are great ways to keep your hair healthy.

While some stylists swear by styles that hide brittle ends to protect them while they grow out, Castillo says these styles often do more harm than good. While the hair

What Type Of Hair Do I Have