What Us State Is Closest To Africa

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What Us State Is Closest To Africa

What Us State Is Closest To Africa

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Africa Is Splitting In Two

The easternmost point of the Sunshine State, a place called Singer Island (from West Palm Beach), is about 4,085 miles from Guerguerat, a small village in the Western Sahara.

Maybe it’s North Carolina if Cape Hatteras goes out into the Atlantic? It’s closer, but at 3,625 miles from Tarfaya, Morocco, it’s still not the closest.

The eastern edge of the cape is closer than Cape Hatteras, 3,532 miles from El Bedouza, Morocco, but still not the closest.

We’ll get to the point: The title of “closest US state to Africa” ​​belongs to Maine, and specifically to a peninsula called Cuddy Head.

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His quaint little lighthouse, Quoddy Head Light, is located at the easternmost point in the United States. It is also the closest point to Africa, about 3,154 miles from El Bedouza.

So if you’re ever inclined to take a nice long swim to the sand-covered shores of northwest Africa, you might want to start in Maine. Country Index Countries from A to Z Sovereign States Dependent Territories Countries by Territory Country Population Island Countries Countries in the Islamic World Third World Human Development First, Second, Third World by Countries by Countries by Corruption Countries and Freedom of the Press Countries Flags Currencies

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What Us State Is Closest To Africa

The monastic island of Mont-Saint-Michel. The Gothic-style Benedictine monastery in Normandy was built between the 11th and 16th centuries. Mont Saint-Michel and its bay have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.

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Europe is the second smallest continent and can be described as a large peninsula or as a subcontinent. Europe is the western part of the Eurasian landmass and lies entirely in the northern hemisphere. Several larger islands belong to Europe, such as Iceland or the British Isles with Great Britain and Ireland.

Area With an area of ​​10.2 million km² (3,938,000 sq mi), Europe is 20% larger than the contiguous United States of America. The European Union has an area (excluding Great Britain) of over 4.23 million km² (1.6 million square miles).

Europe is divided by 50 countries. By conventional definition, there are 44 sovereign states or nations in Europe. Several countries are not included, namely Turkey, which occupies only a small part of Eastern Thrace on the European Balkan Peninsula.

The Faroe Islands, an archipelago between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, are a self-governing territory of the Kingdom of Denmark.

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It is estimated that around 747 million people live in Europe. The most populated country in Europe is the European part of Russia with a population of 110 million people, followed by Germany with 83 million inhabitants and Metropolitan France with 67 million inhabitants (in 2020).

Northern Europe refers to the part of Europe lying north of Western Europe, the English Channel and the Baltic Sea; it also includes the Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Note: EU countries are marked with an asterisk (*); EFTA member countries are marked with a plus sign (+)

What Us State Is Closest To Africa

The almost symmetrical pyramidal peak of the Matterhorn (height: 4,478 m). The famous mountain in Switzerland is located in the Pennine Alps between the Swiss city of Zermatt and the Italian alpine city of Braille-Cervinia.

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Western Europe is the western part of Europe; It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the English Channel and the North Sea to the north, and the Alps to the south.

The entrance to the baroque Wilanów Palace in Warsaw. The palace is one of the most significant monuments in Poland; it was built for King Jovan III Sobieski at the end of the 17th century.

Conventionally, Eastern Europe is the geographic region east of Germany and west of the Ural Mountains. The United Nations Geoscheme lists ten countries, including the former Eastern Bloc countries of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia), Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, the former Soviet republics of Belarus and Ukraine, and European Russia.

According to the United Nations Population Division, approximately 293 million people live in Eastern Europe (in 2021), including the population of the western part of the Russian Federation.

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View of Lisbon from Parque Eduardo VII, with the Tagus River in the background. Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal, the westernmost country of continental Europe.

Southern Europe or Mediterranean Europe refers to the mainly subtropical southern part of the continent. The region borders the Mediterranean Sea to the south. There are 13 sovereign countries in Southern Europe; seven of these countries are members of the European Union.

View of the Mont Blanc massif. Mont Blanc at 4,808.7 m (15,777 ft) is the highest mountain in Western Europe.

What Us State Is Closest To Africa

With a height of 5,642 m, Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe. The dormant volcano is located in the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia.

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Mont Blanc with 4,808 m is the highest mountain in Western Europe and the highest peak of the Alps.

Lake Lagoda northeast of St. Petersburg in Russia is the largest lake in Europe with an area of ​​17,700 km². Lake Onega, located northeast of Lake Lagoda in European Russia, has an area of ​​9,700 km². Other large lakes are Lake Venern in Sweden (the largest lake in Western Europe) and Lake Saimaa in Finland.

Lake Balaton in Hungary is the largest lake in Central Europe with an area of ​​592 km².

The longest river in Europe is the Volga, with a length of 3,530 km (2,190 mi); the catchment area of ​​the river is almost entirely within Russia. The river flows into the Caspian Sea.

Spain / Morocco

The second longest river in Europe is the Danube, with a length of 2,850 km (1,770 mi), the longest river in the EU region, flowing through ten countries and emptying into the Black Sea.

The main geographical regions in Europe are Scandinavia and the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the British Isles, the Great European Plain, the Central European Highlands, the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Italian Peninsula and the Apennines, the Pyrenees Mountains. The Peninsula, the Pyrenees, the Balkans and the Balkan Peninsula, the Black Sea and the Caucasus.

The most important languages ​​in Europe are English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Nordic languages ​​and Eastern European languages. (see also: Languages ​​of Europe)

What Us State Is Closest To Africa

Keywords: European countries, European population, destination Europe, travel to Europe, capitals Europe, Central Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe. According to a March 23 report in The Siberian Times, Russian Railways Chairman Vladimir Yakunin proposed a plan for a massive Trans-Siberian highway that would connect his country’s eastern border with the US state of Alaska, passing through a narrow stretch of the Bering Sea. which separates Asia and North America.

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Called the Trans-Eurasian Development Belt (TEPR), the project calls for the construction of a major road along the existing Trans-Siberian Railway, along with a new rail network and oil and gas pipelines.

“This is an interstate, intercivilizational project,” Siberian Times quoted Yakunin as saying. “The project should transform into a “future zone” in the world and be based on leading, not catching technologies.

The road will cross all of Russia and connect with existing road systems in Western Europe and Asia.

Yakunin said the road would connect Russia to North America through Russia’s far eastern Chukotka region, across the Bering Strait and into Alaska’s Seward Peninsula.

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The road will likely enter Alaska some distance north of the town of Nome, where the famous Iditarod sled dog race ends.

The shortest distance between the Russian mainland and the Alaskan mainland is approximately 88 kilometers (55 miles), according to the Alaska Public Lands Information Centers.

A theoretical drive (as imaginatively calculated by ) from London to Alaska via Moscow might cover about 12,978 kilometers (8,064 miles).

What Us State Is Closest To Africa

Relatively isolated, even by Alaskan standards, no road connects Nome to the rest of the state’s road system.

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About 836 roadless kilometers (520 miles) across barren terrain separate Nome from the nearest capital city and the road network at Fairbanks, the unofficial northern terminus of the Alaska Highway.

Assuming the road to Nome was ever built (the idea has been explored by the state of Alaska), the fantasy road from London to New York could cover a grueling but probably photo-laden 20,777 kilometers (12,910 miles). ).

Facebook posts from abandoned Siberian rest stops might make the trip worthwhile alone, though the trip would also easily set annoying new records for “Are we there yet?” complaints from kids.

However, according to Yakunin, the massive financial returns would be more

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