What Was The Chant At The Oregon Game

What Was The Chant At The Oregon Game – Shortly before the kickoff of last Saturday’s game between Brigham Young University and the University of Oregon, the BYU team streamed into Autzen Stadium. Presumably, there were few travelers – it was Oregon’s domestic crowd, after all. But as soon as fans saw the BYU Cougars on the field, many began to cheer and even applaud their opponents.

Why? Because one of BYU’s players — himself a transfer from UO — ran into an Oregon “O” flag and carrying the name and number of former Duck tight end Spencer Webb, who tragically died two months earlier in a fall. . The gesture was a nice tribute to Webb and an offer of condolences to the community mourning the loss of the duck. The unmistakable message was that fierce competition between teams does not erase our inherent connection with people.

What Was The Chant At The Oregon Game

What Was The Chant At The Oregon Game

But then the game happened. And for some fans of what is typically a UO student section, any such news is unheard of. Several videos are going viral on social media in which Duck fans chant abusive words and then “Mormons” show the world their disgusting and completely unacceptable nonsense. Anti-cougar games are a fair game; And anti-religion deserves the punishment of humiliation, hatred and ignorance.

Brigham Young University Addresses Apology Following Offensive Chant At University Of Oregon Football Game

While the Ducks reportedly won the game in heavy fashion on the field, Oregon took a total hit as news of the ugly incident spread nationally. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, Senate Republican Leader Tim Knope, UO, her and the student body’s interim president quickly and appropriately disapproved of the song, saying anyone who hears it hasn’t thought it meant Oregon.

Horrific behavior by sports fans isn’t new, and it’s not limited to Ducks fans — unfortunately, we see similar actions in high school sports. While social media incidents have helped uncover some cases, many others are never caught on video. And fantasy, like any group mentality, can quickly cross boundaries, preventing people from running away on their own.

For this reason, if UO – and other schools – really hate bigotry, they need to be consistent and clear in both communicating fans’ demands and taking quick action when fans are met. It means higher expectation of behavior; To make up for the mistake – ideally this is the case – and to account for it, removing them from the game. However, as an established institution, the UO also believes that youth have the power to correct such adolescent behavior. Given that this is an isolated incident by the students, the UO should teach its mission.

In a statement thanking the U.O. for its apology, BYU said: “We recognize that these isolated behaviors do not reflect the University of Oregon’s values. As we are all in the throes of e-mails that tell us We want to divide, we are grateful to those who are willing to build bridges of understanding.”

Oregon Ducks Football Position By Position Signing Day Grades: Offensive Line

Perhaps showing the same kindness in the face of similar humiliation is more than a lesson to all of us that we take a moment to take away otherwise we forget.

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What Was The Chant At The Oregon Game

If you order a product or place a purchase order through one of the links on our site, we may receive a refund. Oregon won the game 41–20. Troy Verinan – USA TODAY SPORTS

Oregon Byu Chant: 2nd Pac 12 School Shows Religious Bigotry

Oregon’s official student body apologized via Twitter for a classless chant given by some fans to BYU supporters during Saturday’s game between the teams.

A fan took some videos from an Oregon game of fans singing “F the Mormons.” Note that it contains a curse word.

Real classy songs from Oregon fans and students. Why do they sing about members of this specific religion? @oregonfootball @OregonGovBrown @Oregonian @uoregon @CNN @espn @FOXSports @CBSNews @NBCNews @FoxNews pic.twitter.com/ukhdP1hK7x – John Hopkins (@JohnHopkins2022) September 17, 2022

The official Twitter account of the Oregon Pit Crew, which is the Oregon Student Section, apologized after learning about the video.

Clay Travis @ @claytravis

We would like to apologize to all @BYUfootball fans listening to today’s game for the students’ antics. We do not condone unwanted speech against their religion, nor do we support those who are ashamed to participate in it. — Oregon Pit Crew (@OregonPitCrew) September 18, 2022

“To all @BYUfootball fans present in today’s (sic) game we apologize for the actions of the students in the audience. We do not endorse or support hate speech against their religion and we are ashamed of those who wrote it .

The Cougars’ loss to Oregon comes a week after their major loss to Baylor. It was also a big duck of victory, wiping out George in his opener. Oregon fans cheer during halftime against the Brigham Cougars at Augene Stadium in Eugene, Ore., on Saturday. Photos of Tom Hawk / Getty Files

What Was The Chant At The Oregon Game

A representative from the University of Oregon has apologized after a video posted on social media showed players showing a young Brigham University fan, a private member of the university’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, at a football game. Saturday is shown abusing.

College Football World Reacts To Vulgar Crowd Chant

Chantses shot members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known as Mormons, leading Utah Governor Spencer Cox to condemn the incident as “religious bigotry” on Twitter on Saturday .

“The University apologizes for the derogatory chants made by some University of Oregon fans during today’s football game with Brigham Young University,” Oregon interim student life president Chris Winter said in a statement Saturday night.

“There is no place for hatred, bigotry or hatred at the University of Oregon,” he said. “These actions are unacceptable. We will investigate and ask our students and the campus community to refuse to accept or tolerate this type of behavior.”

“We accept a sincere apology from the University of Oregon for the behavior of some fans at Autzen Stadium on Saturday,” a BYU spokesperson said in a statement. “We recognize that this isolated behavior does not reflect the good of the University of Oregon. As we all come together to share the electronic matters that find us, we are grateful to those who bridge the bridge of understanding. want to build.”

After Profane Student Chant During Byu Game, U Of O Apologizes

The Salt Lake City newspaper, The Riserate News, reported that the song was “similar to a song sung by USC fans at the BYU last November.” That incident also prompted the University of Southern California to apologize for the chants that were heard on ESPN’s national broadcast of the game.

USC’s athletic department tweeted at the time, “The offensive chants directed at our student class yesterday at the BYU football game does not align with our Trojan values.” “It was disgusting and we will reply by u.”

According to Deseret News, it is unclear whether chants from University of Oregon fans could be heard during Saturday’s televised game.

What Was The Chant At The Oregon Game