What Wnba Team Is Brittney Griner On

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When Britney Greiner joined the WNBA after a great college career with Baylor, the ground shook. Her presence was immediately felt.

What Wnba Team Is Brittney Griner On

What Wnba Team Is Brittney Griner On

She helped the Phoenix Mercury to a conference finals appearance in her rookie year. In her sophomore year, she was the first in wins for a team that included Diana Taurasi, leading Phoenix to the best regular season record in league history and their first championship.

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It seems like she can’t stop. It was clear that Greiner would destroy the world and bury it in the head of any aspiring basketball superhero on his way to collecting five or six WNBA championship rings.

But it wasn’t that simple. Since that initial success, Greener has looked less like the unknown, legendary giant he promised. Sometimes it had the effect of a big grain.

She has even led the team in Win Shares at times in recent years, but Parry’s success has faded.

Part of this is out of her control. Taurasi missed the entire 2015 WNBA season because UMMC Ekaterinburg basically let her go so she could focus on resting and playing in the Russian league. The all-time great, as she is widely known, still had a few injury seasons and Phoenix were a weak team as a result as other franchises moved into the WNBA universe and other players took revenge for Greiner’s early dominance. . The 6-foot, 9-inch center was requested to carry more cargo.

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Dewanna Bonner did her part to lead the win column for Phoenix in 2015 and they went 20-14 for the season – a fitting effort by the defending champions after losing a key scorer. But the team still appears to have been built primarily around the aging Taurasi. When she returned, Greiner was leading the team in scoring average, as they went 0.500 in two seasons.

Again, when Taurasi missed most of 2019 through injury, Greener took responsibility for one action, but the team only managed a 15-19 record.

This advanced stat does pretty much what it says on the tin. The Basketball-Reference defines win shares as “a measure of the number of wins contributed by a player”.

What Wnba Team Is Brittney Griner On

A combination of stat weights takes a team’s total number of wins and then calculates how many of those wins can be attributed to a single player from their box scores.

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No advanced stat is perfect, but win actions show how important a player is to a team beyond just looking at points per game.

Highlights from the regular season game between the Phoenix Mercury and New York Liberty in the WNBA

So, if Basketball-Reference assigns Brittany Greiner 6.8 wins during the WNBA’s best 29-5 Phoenix Mercury season in 2014, that would indicate the team’s success dropped 23.4% that year. Keep in mind that this was the best regular season record the W ever had.

If you only follow the men’s NBA, that’s the same level as Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors 73-9. If you follow the NFL, it’s Tom Brady in the 16-0 New England Patriots in 2007.

Griner’s Number And Initials On Wnba Courts As New Season Tips Off

Greiner was scoring 15 points, catching 8 rebounds and blocking 3.8 shots per game. The final count totaled 129 for the season. 129! This is the highest figure, and her closest rival that year was Jessica Berland. Do you know how old she was? 58. Not even half. Greiner was very good in 2014.

Since then, however, her performance hasn’t raised the bar and in recent seasons you could tell her heart wasn’t in the WNBA as she sometimes struggled with her mental health.

Sure, her points were strong—she had over 20 points and 7 rebounds for three straight seasons—but most of those came from mid-range jumpers. His blocks per game were halved and his rebound numbers barely made it into the league’s top 10.

What Wnba Team Is Brittney Griner On

A reminder: there are only 12 teams in the league, which means there are only 12 starting centers. Greiner is the league’s third tallest player – behind beloved Margo Didak, who died in 2011 – and rookie Bernadette Hitter played the batting role. If Greiner wasn’t one of the league’s top 10 rebounds as a starter, that means she was one of the worst rebounders in her position.

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When Diana Taurasi was injured in 2019, it was time to consider life after the GOAT. She could still dream of playing basketball, but the Phoenix Suns began to spin and build around Brittany Greiner.

Dewanna Bonner transferred to the Connecticut Sun last season. Mercury brought in Skylar Daggins-Smith to help Taurasi, 39, with point guard duties and perimeter scoring.

In addition, the team also saw the development of clumsy Sophie Cunningham to provide stamina in defense and shooting, as well as Ki Nurse, who is developing into a supporting role, perhaps mistaken for a co-star. . Time at New York Liberty.

Briana Turner is also playing well, Shay Paddy has proven she can hit the nail on the head and the team looks forward to the return of Bria Hartley in the upcoming games.

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It is understandable that players do not always leave when there is little chance of a championship. It’s hard to deny that Greiner has had a few dodgy seasons in recent years, but she looks different in 2021.

Maybe it’s coming from a championship with UMMC Ekaterinburg, or maybe the Olympic gold medal experience helped, but she seems more motivated and is averaging 9.6 rebounds – which she placed in the top five in the league. for the first time Time. Time – as a result. Greiner is also once again leading the league in blocks per game, scoring over 20 points after a slump last season and posting the second-best assist clip of his career.

In addition, he already has three dunks in the regular season this year. WNBA fans don’t watch the league to see the ball drop and the players who manage Duncan do so on wide-open counterattacks. Greiner was one jam away from a turnover last week, but his other two dunks this year have been in traffic and passing players. It’s fun to see the kidney crush, but it also shows how much energy she has and the intensity she brings to the team.

What Wnba Team Is Brittney Griner On

Greiner leads Parry in points per game, with Daggins-Smith close behind him. This is a good sign for Phoenix. Taurasi is still in contention, but she is averaging her third shortest minute and may not be on the same team as she was at the start of her career.

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The team is now built around Greiner and is up and running. They’re on a seven-game winning streak and in that span she has a 30-point, 12-rebound game, another four-block game, and one where she’s made it to the free-throw line 10 times.

Mercury are 16-10 and looking for a first-round bye in the playoffs, with a shot at their eighth straight win against one of the league’s worst teams when they face Indiana Fever, live at Sky Sports Mix and Arena. in this Saturday. from 6pm.

Greiner is once again leading the team to wins, but this is different from the years of decline when there was no championship in sight and his energy level was low.

This season, she looks like an all-powerful Thanos hunting for a ring, no different than 2014. Her impressive game is making an impact and Greener is putting herself firmly in the MVP conversation. Brittney Yevette Griner (born October 18, 1990) is an American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

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In 2012, the three-time All-American was named AP Player of the Year and Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four. Greiner is one of 11 women to win an Olympic gold medal, an NCAA championship, a FIBA ​​World Cup gold medal, and a WNBA championship.

In 2012, she won the ESPY Award for Best Female Athlete. In 2013, Greiner signed a Dormit contract with Nike.

At 206 cm tall, Griner wears a size 17 US shoe and has a 222 cm forearm.

What Wnba Team Is Brittney Griner On

Greiner was on the United States Olympic team in 2016, and they won the Rio Olympics.

Wnba And Nba Statement Regarding Brittney Griner

In 2020, Greener protested the Star Spangled Banner and said she would not be on the court when the national anthem was played during the game.

In 2021, Greiner was named to the United States Women’s National Team for the 2020 Olympics, where she won her second gold medal.

In February 2022, Griner was detained by Russian customs after the cartridges contained less than a gram of marijuana.