What Xbox Should I Buy In 2022

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Microsoft’s new game consoles are here and there, and whether you’ve already managed to get your hands on a new Xbox Series X/S, are ready to buy one soon, or are just building your favorite Xbox One game library, there’s plenty to be had. And while the new consoles won’t be discounted anytime soon, the fact that many games will still be available means you can find a deal at retailers now, or collect the best deals like Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold. in the near future.

What Xbox Should I Buy In 2022

What Xbox Should I Buy In 2022

So whether you’re looking for the new Xbox Series X or S, Xbox games, controllers, a Game Pass Ultimate subscription or accessories, there are great deals to be had this month.

Best Free To Play Xbox Games

Before we dive in, if you or someone you’re buying from has an Xbox Series S, it’s a digital console that can’t play discs. So you have to buy your games directly from the Xbox Digital Store or you can buy gift cards that can be redeemed to spend in store.

The Xbox Series X plays discs and consoles have been hard to come by in the past, but they remain in stock regularly. Microsoft has discounted the Xbox One S and X consoles after they were discontinued, but we recommend avoiding them and buying the Series S instead.

Almost two years on from its launch and it’s finally getting easier to find the Series X in UK stores. However, stock issues can easily resurface, so it’s best to act quickly if you find one online.

Amazon has had the Xbox Series X in stock since early March and is still in stock at the time of writing. There is also a 3 month Xbox Game Pass bundle available at Currys.

Xbox Series S Down To $250 And Includes A Free Xbox Controller

However, Xbox Series X inventory is still limited in the US, so we recommend bookmarking the Xbox Series X inventory update for updates on when new products and deals become available. Another quick way to stay updated is to follow Jelly Deals on Twitter.

The Xbox Series S is easier to get hold of and can be found in most major UK retailers. Some retailers are making their own bundles that include controllers and other accessories, while Xbox recently released a bundle that includes exclusive Rocket League and Fortnite skins for an RRP of £249.

With the console still in such high demand, we don’t expect to see any big discounts on the collection or S series consoles until next year, but you can find the best deals right here on the ground.

What Xbox Should I Buy In 2022

While many of the best Xbox games are available through Game Pass Ultimate, there are plenty of third-party titles you won’t find on the subscription service. Third-party games that end up on Game Pass also tend to drop in price, which is great if you don’t plan on becoming a regular member. Whether you’re looking to expand your game library or just want a real variety of games, check out the best Xbox game deals below.

What To Expect From Xbox In 2022

Even at full price, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals in the gaming world: access to more than 100 games for more than a tenner every month. That said, you can save a lot more on your payments if you know where to look.

If you’re new to the world of Xbox, you can get your first month of Game Pass Ultimate for free by signing up directly through Microsoft. After that you’ll be charged £10.99 per month or you can cancel and get one of the subscriptions below for less…

It’s not often that Xbox controllers drop below the RRP of £54.99, but some retailers do from time to time. We’ve rounded up the best deals on Xbox controllers below, as well as some great deals on third-party controllers.

If you have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, your console storage will dry up quickly. We recommend getting an external hard drive or SSD to store your games, which will save you from re-downloading them every time. You can just move them from the drive to the console.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Xbox Series X Console In 2022

While the PS5’s internal memory can be expanded using a compatible SSD with a heatsink, the only way to expand the Series X/S’s internal memory is with an official Seagate memory expansion card. It’s quite expensive, but it’s on sale for a slightly discounted price of £198.99 at the moment. It was cheap last month at £184.99, so we expect it to go back up in price in the future.

For more deals on the latest video game consoles, games and accessories, be sure to check out our Nintendo Switch deals and our PS5 deals. Also, if you’ve got what it takes, why not head over to our Jelly Deals Twitter page where we tweet about stock alerts, new deals and other goodies.

Buy stuff with people and other beautiful products in our store! View our store The Xbox Series X and Series S have been Microsoft’s best consoles yet. Slowly, more people are starting to notice the insane value that Xbox offers with its Game Console.

What Xbox Should I Buy In 2022

With the increasing number of consoles in the wild, people expect important accessories to come with their gaming setup to enhance the quality of gameplay.

Where To Get An Xbox Series X And Series S In Australia

Investing in good headphones has the power to completely change your immersion. Give it a second thought: what’s the point of a AAA game if you don’t have the experience the developer wanted.

First things first, these wireless headaches don’t require access to a dongle because they connect directly to the Xbox Series X/S. This may seem trivial, but the convenience of putting on a headset and going wireless saves time.

If you purchased a Dolby Atoms license for your Xbox Series X/S, you’re in luck. Arctis 9X has native support for most Dolby codecs while also supporting Xbox Windows Sonic Spatial Audio.

Also, depending on your region, Steelseries is offering a one-month Xbox Game Pass trial with the headset so you can try out your favorite games at home.

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Also, the build quality is second to none, with its steel frame construction and air-cushioned ear cushions. In the end, this would be our pick of all the great headphones.

It’s 2022 and the Xbox Series X/S controller still doesn’t have a rechargeable battery system. This can be extremely frustrating when you’re playing lifelong games, but then your AA batteries run out and you have no choice but to go out and buy new ones.

To remedy this, Xbox offers a rechargeable battery solution, the Play and Charge Kit. Horrible name aside, this should be one of the most important accessories in your arsenal for practical reasons.

What Xbox Should I Buy In 2022

Most importantly, choosing a rechargeable battery saves the world from waste. Buying large quantities of AA and regularly disposing of it creates a huge problem from an environmental point of view.

Die Besten Xbox One Spiele, Auf Die Man Sich 2022 Freuen Kann

If you’re looking to add more storage to your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console, the Seagate Storage Expansion Card lets you achieve the same performance as the @Xbox Velocity Architecture when playing games optimized for Xbox Series X |S.

If you’re looking to add more storage to your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console, the Seagate Storage Expansion Card lets you achieve the same performance as the @Xbox Velocity Architecture when playing games optimized for Xbox Series X |S. 📸: @Floxygen_ https://t.co/0ALVP5R5Ml

While it took Sony a year to add storage via software to the PS5, the Xbox has had it since launch. But the solution is proprietary. In partnership with Seagate, Microsoft released 512GB, 1TB and 2TB expansion cards for the Xbox Series X/S.

Using cards to expand your video storage is as easy as it gets. You must plug the card into the storage expansion slot on the back of the Xbox series consoles.

Best Gaming Consoles In 2022: Which One Should You Get?

You can use expansion cards like any other external media and move games and files between consoles and external storage. You can also install games directly on expansion cards, since they are designed to work like a built-in SSD.

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The Xbox Series X/S is well designed. Both have a good thermal solution in place. However, the Xbox Series X, in particular, has an exposed surface. It also happens to be where the console gets air.

What Xbox Should I Buy In 2022

When not in use, dust forms a cake on top of the console.

Can’t Find The Xbox Series X? Try Buying A Refurbished One From Microsoft Instead